Shipment Of 1100 Square Meters Indoor Playground Equipment To Uzbekistan

Good news! The 1100 square meters of indoor playground equipment for the Uzbekistan customer has been successfully installed and has been in operation for some time. This project is located within a shopping mall in Uzbekistan. Below are the shipping details for this project:
Forest theme indoor playground equipment for Uzbekistan

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    Indoor Playground Design for the Project

    After receiving the customer’s inquiry, our Uzbekistan market manager promptly contacted the customer. After understanding the customer’s site conditions, they provided a design proposal for an indoor forest-themed amusement park based on the customer’s specific requirements. This design included areas for slides, trampolines, interactive zones, ball pits, climbing volcanoes, adventure and exploration equipment, and an electric toy zone, among other features. These gaming elements have been well-received by the local children.
    1100 square meters forest theme indoor playground design

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      Shipping Details of the Equipment

      After the completion of the production of all equipment, we began to arrange the shipment according to the contract terms to ensure that our customer would receive the indoor amusement park equipment for smooth installation. In terms of delivery, Beston Rides strictly adhered to packaging, container loading, and transportation guidelines. The entire Uzbekistan Forest Inflatable Castle project required a total of 3 trucks for transportation. Here is some shipping information:

      Packing details of indoor playground equipment

      Loading details of indoor playground equipment

      Shipment of indoor playground equipment

      Indoor playground equipment shipping

      Indoor playground equipment packing for Uzbekistan

      Indoor playground equipment loading

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        Installation Support for Uzbekistan Customer

        After all the goods arrived at the customer’s site, the customer commenced the installation process. While we offer on-site installation services, the customer decided to use their own installation team. However, our technical team provided the customer with video installation guidance, and we also provided installation videos, installation drawings, and other materials during the shipment to ensure a smooth installation process.

        installation support for indoor playground in Uzbekistan

        Indoor playground equipment installation support

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          Beston Playground not only provides customers with indoor inflatable castle equipment but also offers a one-stop indoor amusement park solution. This includes site measurement, design and planning, equipment selection, delivery, installation, operational advice, and more. If you are interested in investing in an indoor amusement park, please feel free to contact Beston.

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