1320㎡ Indoor Playground Project In Saudi Arabia

It is an indoor project in a shopping mall located in Saudi Arabia. The name of the shopping mall is Central Park hotel. It is still under construction. The construction of the shopping mall is mainly to attract more people and promote the development of customers’ hotel business. Local in Saudi Arabia, the climate is hot, so people generally like the ocean and ice and snow. We recommend the ocean theme to the client, which is more popular with the local people and more conducive to the long-term operation of the client’s project.

Location Shopping Mall In Bisha, Saudi Arabia
Project Cover Area 1320㎡
Theme Ocean Theme
Installation Time October 2022
Installation Methods On-site Installation

Customized Design for the Project

Our project manager has discovered during discussions with the client that the main purpose of investing in this indoor amusement park is to drive their hotel business. In terms of project positioning, this will be the first large-scale indoor amusement park in Bisha, Saudi Arabia, making it relatively upscale. Due to the hot weather in Saudi Arabia, people are more inclined towards ocean and ice-themed attractions. Hence, our sales manager suggested a blue ocean theme to the client, as it is more appealing to the local population. The following is the final project plan agreed upon with the client.
Ocean theme indoor playground equipment design for Saudi Arabia customer

Production Details of the Equipment

After signing the contract with the customer and receiving the deposit, we initiated the production arrangements for the entire project’s equipment. Due to the project’s significant scale, the entire equipment fabrication process took approximately two months, with the overall equipment being completed in early July. Following the agreed-upon schedule with the customer, we arranged for the delivery in mid-September, and the customer received the goods within a month.

Indoor playground equipment production

Production of the indoor playground equipment

Packing & Shipping

Packaging: We verify and control the packaging and delivery process of equipment in accordance with packaging standards, reduce unnecessary wear and tear during transportation, and ensure the integrity of the goods.
Shipping time: delivered to the customer at the end of August 2022.

Delivery of indoor soft playground equipment

Packing of indoor playground equipment for Saudi Arabia customer

On-site Installation Service

Once the customer received all the items, we mutually agreed upon an installation timeline and promptly dispatched our installation engineers to Saudi Arabia to oversee the installation of the naughty castle. The installation process began on October 21st and was successfully completed on November 18th. During the entire installation phase, the customer expressed great satisfaction with both our company’s service and the equipment provided.

The indoor playground equipment has been installed

On-site installation of indoor playground equipment in Saudi Arabia

Music slide installation in Saudi Arabia

Indoor playground installation

Indoor playground equipment on-site installation

Door of ocean park installation details

Customer Feedback from Saudi Arabia

After a period of project operation, we received the operation video from the customer, and the customer was very satisfied with the whole project.

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