150m² Indoor Playground Equipment Shipped to Saudi Arabia

Good news! Beston 150m² Indoor Playground Equipment Shipped to Saudi Arabia snow indoor playground has been shipped to Saudi Arabia, and it has been installed in the Avalanche Riyadh Snow park in Riyadh. It has been shipped to Saudi Arabia in September 2021. Without the 150 square meter indoor playground, our customer also bought a Mirror Maze and a Climbing Wall for their indoor playground. Now the indoor park has officially started business.

Design of Beston Indoor Playground
Beston Indoor Playground to Saudi Arabia

Details of The Project In Saudi Arabia

This indoor funfair is a hemispherical building with a diameter of 50m. The construction area of this building lies about 1900 square meters. The equipment Beston provides to customers are 150m² ice and snow themed indoor playground equipment, rock climbing walls(5 meters high, 15 meters wide and a mirror maze(120m²), but the mirror maze is not shown in the video of customer feedback. They are satisfied with the appearance and experience of our indoor playground.

Indoor Playground Design to Saudi Arabia
Indoor Playground Design

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150㎡ Indoor Playground to Saudi Arabia
Design of 150㎡ Indoor Playground

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How They Find Us

The customer find us on the website, they attracted by our snow theme indoor playground equipment scheme which fits the theme of the indoor playground very well. Our sales manager contact with the customer’s middleman, who is fully responsible for purchasing. We have the ability to customize the colour of the indoor playground and other amusement equipment. We show our customers that our design solutions and finished novel products. Customers from Saudi Arabia have a good impression of our company.

Operation Video of The Snow Theme Indoor Playground In Saudi Arabia

This is an operational video for our client at the Saudi Snow Mischievous Castle. From the video, it is evident that children thoroughly enjoy this themed mischievous castle and have a great time inside. The client is highly satisfied with the entire project’s design and is also very pleased with the product quality.

Packing & Shipping & Installation of the Indoor Playground

  • Shipping time: September 26, 2021
  • Arrival time: October 26, 2021
  • Qingdao Port— Dammam
  • The local engineer install the indoor playground according to the installation instructions, and our after-sales guide customers to use the correct method.
Packing of Beston Rides
Packing Details
Shipping of Beston Amusement Rides
Shipping Details
Shipping of Beston Rides
Shipping of Beston Rides

Problems During the Communication

  1. Colour. It is a challenge for us and the factory to change the design scheme and overall colour according to the customer’s logo colour. Later, the customer’s requirements were completed by adopting UV printing with a more complicated process.
  2. Shipping. At that time, it was difficult to book space by sea and the delivery time was tight, but when we faced this situation, our professional shipping team still tried our best to book a suitable position, and finally successfully shipped.
  3. Installation. Due to the epidemic, we cannot go to the local area to guide the installation, but we insist on providing customers with very detailed installation instructions and online guidance, finally, it has been finished and running well.

Beston Team is good at problem-solving, behind each of the order, there exist problems, but Beston will never give up. And we insist on providing customers with better service. Choose Beston! Choose Success!

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