16 Seat Carousel Feedback from Botswana

Good new, Beston 16 seat carousel has been installed in an kiddie entertainment center at Botswana. And the kiddie center is officially open recently. Here Beston will show you some pictures and videos of this carousel which is offered by our customer in Botswana. Beston Team hope the project of Botswana customer running smoothly. Now let’s get more information about this carousel ride.

Beston 16 Horse Carousel for Botswana
16 Horse Carousel for Botswana

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    Details of Amusement Carousels for Botswana

    The 16-seat carousel is a kind of kiddie rides which is widely used in amusement parks, kiddie parks, funfairs, shopping centers and other kids area. Because of its suitable size, beautiful appearance and reasonable price, it has been a popular kiddie rides investment for amusement park owners In addition, it belongs to the spinning equipment, so it is an inspection-free equipment that does not require a license to operate. At the same time, the operating threshold is lower than usual.

    16 Horse Carousel Rides to Botswana
    16 Horse Carousel Rides to Botswana
    16 Horse Carousel to Botswana
    16 Horse Carousel to Botswana

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      Technical Parameters of 16 Seat Carousel Rides

      Product Name 16 Seat Carousel
      Equipment Size Φ6.5m*5.5m
      Total Power 3.5KW
      Operating Height 1.4 meters
      Running Speed 4 r/min
      Area Φ8 meters
      Passengers 16
      Voltage 380V/220V
      Max Load 70KG/ horse

      Videos of Beston Carousel Rides

      Some Features of 16 Horse Carousels

      • The 16-seat carousel adopts the principle of upper transmission (can also be made into lower transmission), which makes the equipment run with less noise, smoother up and down operation, and bring passengers stronger floating feeling.
      • The exterior of the 16-seat carousel from Beston is fully wrapped in FRP, and the mechanical parts of the equipment are hidden.
      • The color matching and paint selection of FRP are handled by professional technicians. The car spray painting process is used for this carousel, which looks bright in color and feels very smooth.
      • The RGB lighting decoration of the 16 seat carousel is also designed and planned by professionals, nested on the glass fiber reinforced plastic, and the circuit layout is reasonable. When the carousel equipment runs with soothing music, the lighting and the appearance of the equipment will complement each other. It is so beautiful.

      Product Details

      Carousel Horse
      Details of 16 Seat Carousel Horse
      16 Seat Carousels Details from Beston
      16 Seat Carousel Cornices Details
      16 Seat Carousels Details
      16 Seat Carousel Column Details

      Selling Point of Beston 16 Seat Carousel

      This 16 seat carousel is hot-sale in our factory, because of its high quality, reasonable price, timely installation and all-round post services. It is a type of kiddie equipment that with high price–performance ratio in Beston Amusement.

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      Why Choose Carousel Rides from Beston Amusement

      Beston Amusement is a professional amusement park rides manufacturer and supplier in China. We have many different types of carousel rides for sale in our workshop which including kids mini carousels with 3 horse and 6 horses, 16 seat carousels and 24 seat carousel, double decker carousels, themed carousels and some other customized carousel rides. Complete carousel types will give you more choices. Are you looking for a carousel ride for your business in Botswana? Contact Beston for more information now!

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