2023 Promotion Plan for Christmas

Great news! Beston Rides’ 2023 Christmas promotion is here! The promotional lineup features four main attractions: carousel ride, swing chair ride, trackless train ride, and teacup ride. Throughout the promotional period, we’re offering substantial discounts, multiple denominations of cash vouchers, and various complimentary gifts! Below are the details of our promotional scheme:
Christmas theme carousel ride from Beston Rides

Promotion Plan for These 4 Rides

  • Free color/theme customization
  • Extended warranty to 18 months
  • Limited quantity coupon distribution
  • Priority production scheduling for Christmas order
  • Free inflatable rocking chair or inflatable rocking horse as a gift

Swing ride for Christmas
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    Tea cup ride for Christmas
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      Why Choose to Buy These equipments During the Promotion?

      • Mass production, fully guarantee the delivery time.
      • The third quarter is the most cost-effective period of the year for shipping.
      • Little force majeure, ensure the products arrive and opened on time.
      • Trial operation and gain benefits in advance.
      • Big discount: $500/$1000/$2000 coupon.
      • Special gifts: standard tool box, bouncy boat/bouncy horse

      Christmas theme trackless train ride for sale

      Freight Forecast Trend Chart

      Here is the comprehensive trend chart of our company’s customs data for overall shipping costs in 2023. As shown in the graph, it’s most cost-effective to place orders during this phase. Moreover, our company is currently running extensive promotional campaigns, offering double discounts. For you, it’s undoubtedly a suitable time to make purchases for amusement park equipment! If you are considering the idea of purchasing such equipment, please feel free to reach out to us for a detailed quotation!
      Freight Forecast Trend Chart for 2023

      Time Analysis Table

      For customers, preparing the equipment needed for Christmas before the holiday season requires careful planning of the procurement timeline. Advanced planning can help mitigate unforeseen issues during the entire procurement process, ensuring timely receipt of goods and preventing disruptions to the Christmas festivities. Below is a reverse countdown procurement schedule for the equipment required during the Christmas period.
      Inverted schedule for Christmas

      ROI Analysis

      During the Halloween and Christmas seasons, amusement parks experience a peak in visitor numbers. For investors, adding new amusement equipment can attract a larger audience. Below is a Return on Investment (ROI) analysis table for our train equipment. We also provide ROI analysis tables for additional equipment such as swing chairs, carousel rides, and spinning cups. Please feel free to contact us for more information.
      ROI for Trackless Train

      Customer Feedback

      As of now, our company’s top-selling equipment includes carousel rides, spinning cups, swing chair rides, and train rides. These devices we manufacture have garnered unanimous praise from our extensive customer base. Many clients have provided feedback, stating that these select pieces of equipment are highly popular within local parks.

      Beston Rides Customer Feedback

      Customer Feedback

      Beston Rides

      Beston Rides- professional amusement park rides manufacturer and supplier, manufacturing different kinds of amusement rides for amusement parks, funfairs use, including carousel rides, bumper cars, trackless trains, ferris wheel rides, pirate ship rides, pendulum rides, swing rides and many other kiddie and thrill rides. We also boast a dedicated team of professional designers who collaborate with our project managers to create suitable solutions for park projects. If you are planning to invest in indoor or outdoor amusement project, please feel free to get in touch with us.

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