12 seat kangaroo jump amusement park rides for sale

Amusement Park Kangaroo Jump Rides for Sale

Looking for new kangaroo jump rides for sale for your amusement park? “Kangaroo Jump Amusement Park Ride” is a novel amusement ride which is beloved by kids. It is made up 6 couple of kangaroo seats, there are 12 kangaroo seat in all. This kangaroo jump ride is vivid, it looks like some real kangaroos, passengers could sit in the belly and when the rides operate, passengers on the ride will feel like they are jumping with the kangaroo. Welcome to buy new kangaroo jump rides from Beston Amusement.

12 seat kangaroo jump amusement park rides for sale
BNKJ-12A Kangaroo Jump Park Ride


Model: BNHK-12A
Diameter: 6 m
Height: 3m
Voltage: 380V
Power: 11kw
Capacity: 12 persons

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Kangaroo jump rides belongs to the bounce amusement rides, it is similar with the techno jump rides (jump and smile rides), self-control planes rides and so on. Passengers in the bag of the kangaroo, enjoy the irritation and happiness when the kangaroo jumping. Kangaroo jump rides are suitable for kids and adults, but they shouldn’t be ride for the people who are with dizziness.

Details of Our Kangaroo Jump Amusement Park Rides:

kangaroo seats in our factory

Kangaroo seats cabins for our rides

Our kangaroo jump rides with lights

Our rides

Application of Kangaroo Jump Rides:

Happy kangaroo jump rides is a kind of mechanical rides which is popular used in the amusement parks, shopping centers, supermarket, funfair, kindergartens and other public places. Kids could enjoy the happiness, at the same time, they could exercise their participate ability.

Name Amusement Park Kangaroo Jump Rides
Diameter 6m
Capacity 16 passengers
Power 11kw
Rotary Diameter 5m
Height 3m
Voltage 380v

Materials of Happy Kangaroo Rides

Material of the kangaroo jump rides surface are fiberglass, its metal structure is made of quality hot-rolled plate and steel pipe, after molding, by rust, phosphate, painting, rust oil, high temperature paint makes it high performance rust.

Features of Amusement Park Kangaroo Jump Rides

  • Small footprint, easy to move which is suitable for amusement parks and funfairs in the big, medium or even small cities.
  • Grand structure promise excellent stability which is adapt to different sites and harsh environments.
  • Novel and cute appearance of the kangaroo rides, equipped with colorful led lights and music box.

With colorful appearance, environmental protection, safety, corrosion resistance and other characteristics, clients could select the modes freely we could also customized according to the special requirement or the cover area. With its cartoon animals and other images, Beston kangaroo jump rides has been more and more popular in this industry.


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