Swing Rides for Sale

Amusement park swing rides for sale, also called chair–planes, flying chair rides, swing chairs, swinger. Among of which flying chairs is the most appropriate name. Because it is a kind of amusement park ride which is made up 12-48 suspended chairs. These chair will be spinning in the chair when the equipment is operating. It is a type of large capacity amusement rides with a little thrill that suitable for kids and adults at the same time. Swing ride is one of the most popular equipments in playgrounds and has a super high return on investment. Contact us to get more information about the chair swing rides now!

Large Capacity Amusement Park Swing Rides for Sale
Large Capacity Amusement Park Swing Rides

Classification of Beston Chair Swing Rides

Top of the swing rides structure are same with the carousel rides, but in the bottom, we all know, carousel rides are made up of several sets of horses for people to ride. But as for the chair swing rides, there hanged a few chairs for people to sit. Swing rides are the most novel design rides in the amusement rides industry. 12 to 48 chairs swing rides for sale in Beston Amusement is available.

Large Swing Chair Rides

For large swing rides, we usually design two turntables, in this way, these chairs will fly away with a maximum angle. People could enjoy the rides and have a relax during the process. Large swing rides are popular used in large amusement parks, theme parks, funfairs, large squares and other outdoor activities, such as 30-seat, 36-seat and 48 seats swing rides.

48 Seats Ocean Theme Swing Rides for Sale
48 Seats Ocean Theme Swing Rides

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    30 seats carnival swing rides for sale
    30 Seats Carnival Swing Rides

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      Watermelon Swing Rides for Kids

      16 seats watermelon chair rides, the first fruit theme amusement rides. All chairs for passengers are made of watermelon, it looks that each of watermelon was cut into two parts. Each part of watermelon will be hanged with chains. It is made for kids.

      16 Seater Watermelon Kiddie Swing Ride
      16 Seater Watermelon Kiddie Swing Ride

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        Kiddie watermelon swing ride for sale
        Kiddie Watermelon Swing Ride

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          Parameters of Beston Chair Swing Rides

          Capacity Diameters Height Power Voltage
          16 Seats 5m 7m 4kw 380v
          24 Seats 7m 8m 7kw 380v
          30 Seats Φ16m 11m 32KW 380v
          36 Seats φ14m 8.6m 13.5kw 380v
          48 Seats Φ20m 15m 50kw 380v

          Working Principles and Videos of Swing Rides

          The rotating flying chair ride for sale from Beston Rides is a kind of flying tower amusement equipment. The rotation movement under the action of the slewing bearing causes the passengers suspended by the chain to rise and spin under the action of centrifugal force. The rotation adopts motor-driven cycloidal pin-wheel reducer type, with a speed of 12 rpm. The lifting part adopts oil cylinder to lift vertically, the transmission is easy to control, and the operation is smooth.

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            Top 6 Features of Swing Rides for Sale

            The equipment produced by our company not only comes in a wide variety of models but also offers numerous advantages and distinctive features. These include multiple safety safeguards, exquisite paint and lighting configurations, and easy day-to-day maintenance. These qualities make our flying chair equipment highly responsive to market demands and yield substantial profits for our customers. Beston’s flying chair ride These features collectively make swing rides attractive and reliable options for amusement park and fairground owners, while also providing an enjoyable and safe experience for riders.

            Eye-catching Appearance

            Fibreglass is made of beautiful appearance, and the paint colour is bright, attracting people, and can be customized.

            Gorgeous Lighting

            Colourful LED lights, all over the columns, ceilings, and cornices, gorgeous and more attractive.

            Quality Assurance

            Our flying chair equipment uses high-quality materials, first-class technology, and meets international standards.

            Safe and Reliable

            The flying chair has triple safety guarantees, including safety bar with seat belt and high-quality steel wire rope to ensure the safety.

            Mature Technology

            Many years of production experience, withstanding the test of time, low failure rate, no need to worry about after-sales service.

            Convenient Maintenance

            There is an access door on the fibreglass column of the flying chair ride, so workers can directly enter the interior for maintenance.

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              Installation Cases of Swing Rides

              As a popular amusement park ride, flying chairs have become one of our company’s best-selling attractions, alongside carousels. Flying chairs in various designs have garnered the admiration of customers from multiple countries. Currently, we have exported them to more than 30 countries worldwide. Here are some selected examples of our company’s projects.

              36-seat Swing Ride

              36-seat Swing Ride in a mountain park in Almaty, Kazakhstan
              This flying chair amusement ride is located in a mountain park in Almaty, Kazakhstan, the total capacity of this swing ride is 36 seats. The customer chose this larger-capacity flying chair to attract visitors to the park.

              36-seat Swing Ride

              36 seats carnival swing ride in Tajikistan
              This 36 custom-made flying chair ride were purchased by a customer in Tajikistan and installed in a local city park. The customer made some customizations on the swing ride in terms of lighting, appearance, and configuration.

              16 Seats Swing Ride

              16 seats kiddie swing ride in Moldova
              The 16-seat watermelon-themed flying chair ride is installed in an amusement park in Moldova. In addition to this flying chair ride, we also provided many other amusement equipment for the entire project.

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                Manufacturing Process of Flying Chair Rides for Sale

                After reviewing installation cases of our flying chair equipment in various countries, the next step is to understand certain aspects of the workflow, including material selection for the flying chair equipment, the trial run upon completion of equipment production, and the packaging and loading phase for equipment shipment. Throughout the manufacturing process of Beston Rides, safety is a top priority, as amusement park rides must meet strict safety standards to protect riders and ensure a positive customer experience.


                Materials for the seats of swing rides
                We ensure the quality of our fibreglass raw materials and follow a production process that involves using a combination of three layers of felt and two layers of fabric. We strictly adhere to amusement ride standards, resulting in a smooth, flat, and durable product that is resistant to deformation.

                Trial Run

                Running test of swing ride in our factory
                Before the swing chair ride leaves the factory for delivery, we conduct a trial run to ensure the proper functioning of the equipment. This includes five no-load tests, 80 load tests, and five partial-load tests, which means subjecting the swing amusement ride to a static load for 80 hours.

                Packing and Shipping

                Packing and Shipping of Beston flying chair ride
                After the successful trial run, we proceed with packaging and shipping based on the customer’s requirements. During the shipping process, we strictly adhere to packaging and delivery standards to ensure that the flying chair equipment remains free from damage during transportation.

                Amusement Park Swing Rides Manufacturer – Beston Rides

                As a professional swing rides manufacturer, we had exported many sets of flying chair rides, 16 seats swing rides to Nigeria, 10 seat Mickey Mouse swing chair rides, 24 and 36 chairs to Nigeria, Brazil, Kenya, Tanzania, Guinea, Liberia, Ghana, Zambia, Angola, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Mozambique, Botswana, Namibia, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos and many other countries. Our chair swing rides are popular in their amusement parks.

                If you are interested in our chair rides, contact us now, we have swing rides in stock, we also customize rides for you. If you are new to this industry, we provide amusement park rides design for your business. Choose Beston Rides, you will win in this industry. We have participated the Russia and Dubai Show this year, we had got lots of orders on the show. We are aiming at producing the best amusement rides for our customer.

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