Amusement Rides for Sale In Egypt

As a professional amusement rides manufacturer and supplier, Beston provide whole park solution and amusement rides for investors who want to start business in Egypt! Want to purchase new amusement rides for your amusement park project in Egypt or want to start a new attractive amusement park? Welcome to contact Beston Amusement to start our cooperation!

Popular Amusement Rides for Egypt

We have different types of amusement rides that is suitable for Egypt market, including ferris wheel with 20 to 100 meters, roller coasters with 3 to 7 rings, carousel rides with 16 to 88 seats, chair swing rides with 16 to 48 seats and many other amusement rides that is popular used in the amusement park.

Beston Large Roller Coaster Rides for Sale

Roller Coaster Rides for Sale

Suitable Roller Coaster Rides for Amusement Parks Roller Coaster Rides for Sale Buy roller coaster rides for sale for your ...
89 Meter Ferris Wheel Rides for Sale

Ferris Wheels for Sale

Suitable Ferris Wheel Rides for Amusement Parks Ferris Wheel Rides for Sale Welcome to buy ferris wheel forsale from leading ...
Beston Pirate Ship Rides for Sale

Pirate Ship Rides for Sale

Pirate ship rides for sale in Beston Amusement comes with different shapes and capacity and can be customized according to ...
Beston Double Decker Carousel for Sale

Double Decker Carousel for Sale

The double-decker carousel sold by Beston Amusement Company is also called a double-decker carousel, a double-decker carousel, and a large ...
Fruit Worm Roller Coaster Rides for Sale

Backyard Roller Coaster for Sale

Backyard roller coaster for sale are hot sale in our factory. They are smaller in size and really popular with ...
Beston Swing Chair Rides

Swing Rides for Sale

Amusement park swing rides for sale, also called chair–planes, flying chair rides, swing chairs, swinger. Among of which flying chairs ...
24 person disco rides for park

Disco Rides for Sale

Welcome to buy Beston Disco Rides for sale Now! Disco ride in the amusement park, also called “Flying UFO” in ...
40 Meter Swing Tower Rides for Sale

Swing Tower Rides for Sale

Swing Tower Rides for Sale Swing tower rides for sale, also called tower swing, vertical swing and flying tower rides ...

Working Videos of Beston Rides

During the operation of our equipment, we have captured numerous videos showcasing our amusement rides. These videos provide convenient access for customers to gain a deeper understanding of our equipment. If you would like to learn more about Beston Amusement’s rides, please feel free to click on these videos for more information.

Features of Beston Amusement Rides

Incredible Variety

Beston amusement rides cover a broad range of rides targeting different age, including carousel, bumper cars, ferris wheel, roller coaster, swinging chair, pendulum, flying chair, pirate ship, trackless train and more.

Amazing Design

Beston Amusement Rides brings ideas for unique and attractive designs for all our rides to insist on providing a unique, special experience to our customers from Egypt and all over the world.


Great Quality

Beston Amusement Rides strictly follow high quality control of each amusement ride to meet our customer’s needs from Egypt.

Reasonable Price

Beston Amusement offers quality amusement rides at competitive prices to meet Egypt customer’s budgets.

Easy Maintenance

Beston provide optional maintenance services and efficient processes to facilitate the maintenance process.

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Beston Amusement is a well-known company in the amusement park industry, offering a wide range of amusement park rides and amusement park solutions. We have successfully completed numerous projects around the world, contributing to the development of the global amusement park sector. Here are some projects of Beston Amusement in the world:

Double decker carousel ride to the Philippines - Beston Amusement

Double Decker Carousel to the Philippines

Latest news, the ocean-themed double-decker carousel ordered by our Philippine client has been shipped and once the equipment arrives in ...
220m² Indoor Playground Equipment to Malaysia

220m² Indoor Playground Equipment to Malaysia

Good news! A new indoor playground equipment that covers an area of 220㎡ has been installed at Malaysia by Beston ...
Installation Feedback Picture from Uzbekistan

Feedback of 1500m² Indoor Playground from Uzbekistan

Congratulations! The 1500 square meter indoor fun center has installed at Tashkent, Uzbekistan by Beston Amusement. Installation of the whole ...
"Beston Design the Miracle City Park

Beston Amusement Rides in the “Miracle City” Park in Moldova

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Beston Amusement Rides to Kenya

Beston Dragon Roller Coaster to Kenya

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3 Amusement Rides Shipping to Yemen

3 Amusement Rides Shipping to Yemen

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Top 5 Reasons for Investors to Start Park Project In Egypt

Government Support

The Egyptian government recognizes the importance of tourism as a significant contributor to the national economy. It has taken steps to attract investments in the tourism sector and has implemented policies to support and facilitate business ventures, including tax incentives and streamlined administrative processes.

Family-oriented Culture

Egyptian society places high value on family and community. Family outings and leisure activities are deeply ingrained in the culture. An amusement park can serve as a hub for families to spend quality time together, offering a wide range of attractions and entertainment suitable for all age groups.

Favorable Weather

Egypt’s predominantly warm and sunny climate throughout the year is conducive to outdoor activities, making it an ideal location for an amusement park. Visitors can enjoy rides, shows, and other attractions comfortably for an extended period.

Limited Competition

While Egypt has numerous historical and cultural attractions, the country has relatively few large-scale amusement parks. This provides an opportunity for investors to enter a market with limited competition, establishing a unique and attractive entertainment destination.

Strategic Location

Situated in North Africa, Egypt enjoys proximity to Europe, the Middle East, and other African countries. This advantageous location makes it easily accessible for regional and international tourists, further enhancing the potential customer base for the amusement park.

How Much Does It Cost to Build an Amusement Park In Egypt?

The cost of building an amusement park in Egypt can vary significantly depending on various factors such as the size of the park, the number and types of attractions, the level of theming and landscaping, infrastructure requirements, and location. Beston Amusement advise our customer: it is important to note that the following estimates are rough ranges and can vary based on specific project details and market conditions:

Small-Scale Theme Park

A smaller amusement park with limited attractions can cost anywhere from $5 million to $20 million. This type of mini amusement park may include a few amusement rides that are suitable for kids, family-friendly attractions, and basic facilities.

Medium-Scale Theme Park

A medium-sized amusement park with a moderate number of attractions, some theming, and additional facilities can range from $20 million to $50 million. This may include a mix of thrill rides, family rides, water rides, themed areas, and other entertainment offerings.

Large-Scale Theme Park

A large-scale theme park with extensive theming, a wide range of attractions, multiple themed areas and infrastructure can require investment ranging from $50 million to several hundred million dollars. The cost can vary greatly depending on the size and scope of the park.

Profit Analysis - 6000м² Suburban Park Design
Charging ModeSingle chargeOperation Age8
Project OverviewSite OverviewSite Area
Site Rent
Effective Yearly Running Time (Day)Average Daily Running Time
(Hours / Day)
Average Consumption
Equipment OverviewAmusement Rides Number
Rated Capacity
Fully loaded Capacity
Power Consumption
Electricity Fees
Passenger Flow AnalysisWeekday Passenger Flow
(Person-time / Day)
Passenger Flow on Rest Days
(Person-time / Day)
Average Daily Passenger Flow
(Person-time / Day)
Staff Number
Average Wage
Operational CostsEquipment Investment
Personnel Salary
Electricity Bills
Publicity Expenses
Infrastructure Cost
Total Project Revenue3240000Total Fixed Cost1500000Total Operating Cost646400
Theoretical Limit Value
Peak Load
(Person-time / Day)
5120Maximum Daily Revenue (RMB)179200
Revenue AnalysisAverage Monthly Net Revenue200508.33333333Average Annual Net Revenue2406100Estimated Time of Return on Investment (Month)6.940160394818
Net Revenue of First Year

Tip: The table is theoretical calculation data for reference only. The specific operating budget varies according to the site location, facilities and operating costs.

Amusement Rides Company In Egypt – Beston Amusement

Beston Amusement, a renowned amusement rides company, operates globally and offers a wide range of rides and equipment suitable for various amusement parks and entertainment venues. Our amusement rides are available for purchase and installation in amusement parks within Egypt.

Extensive Product Portfolio

Beston Amusement provides a diverse range of amusement park rides and equipment, including thrill rides, family rides, kiddie rides, water rides, inflatable rides, and more. They also offer customized solutions to meet the specific requirements of different amusement park projects.

Global Presence

Beston Amusement has a global presence, with projects completed in various countries across Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, and South America. Their rides and equipment have been installed in amusement parks, theme parks, carnivals, and other entertainment venues worldwide.


Safety Standards

Beston Amusement is committed to producing high-quality rides and equipment, adhering to strict safety standards. We prioritize the safety of riders and ensure that their products comply with international safety regulations. We conduct rigorous testing and quality control procedures to deliver reliable attractions.

Customization Options

Beston Amusement understands that each amusement park project is unique, and offer customization options to suit specific requirements. Whether it’s theming, color schemes, or ride modifications, we work closely with clients to deliver personalized solutions that align with their vision and target audience.

After-Sales Support

Beston Amusement provides comprehensive after-sales support for customers in Egypt, including installation guidance, training, maintenance, and spare parts services. We are aiming to build long-term relationships with our clients by offering reliable support throughout the lifespan of the amusement park equipment.


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