Amusement Rides for Sale in South Africa

We had cooperated with many countries in South Africa. For example, Botswana, Madagascar, Zimbabwe, Somalia and so on. Our bumper car rides, pirate ship rides, carousel rides and other kiddie rides has been exported to these countries. Some of them are purchased for private use, some for mall, some for stores, while most of them are used for amusement parks.

Golden Bumper Cars from Beston Group

Bumper Cars for Sale

Welcome to buy bumper cars for sale with reasonable prices from Beston Amusement Rides! Bumper cars, as the most popular ...
Beston Amusement Park Carousle Rides

Amusememt Park Carousel Rides for Sale

Amusement park carousel rides for sale, as the most popular and stable amusement rides in the amusement park. We also ...
Samba Baloon Rides

Samba Balloon Rides for Sale

As the name shows us, samba balloon rides is designed according to the samba balloon. It is a kind of ...
Beston Swing Chair Rides

Swing Rides for Sale

Amusement park swing rides for sale, also called chair–planes, flying chair rides, swing chairs, swinger. Among of which flying chairs ...
Beston Amusement Park Train Rides for Sale

Park Train Rides for Sale

Want to buy new amusement park train rides? Amusement park train rides for sale from Beston Amusement, popular kiddie rides ...
NBSC-8A Kiddie Plane Rides For Sale

Kiddie Self-control Plane Rides for Sale

Self-control plane ride also called “UFO chasing” in the amusement rides factory. Self-control plane rides in the amusement park are ...
Beston Electric Track Trains for Sale

Kids Electric Track Trains for Sale

Kiddie Electric Track trains for sale in Beston Factory also called kids train, children's train, electric train rides. It is ...
Amusement park trackless train rides for sale

Ocean Theme Trackless Train for Sale

For tourist train rides, amusement park rides manufacturer has designed many sets of trackless and track train rides. Here we will ...
Amusement park octopus rides for sale

Octopus Amusement Park Rides for Sale

As the name shows us, octopus amusement park rides are invented according to the sea animals “octopus”. There is a ...

Kiddie Rides for  South Africa

The many kinds of kiddie rides which sold to South Africa has been given a highly praised by our customer. Lots of customer will come back again when they need new rides for their business. Our kiddie rides comes in variety of models, coin operated, self-control, electric, battery powered children’s rides are in stock in our factory.

Coin Operated Kiddie Rides for South Africa

Coin operated rides comes in different models, sizes, appearances and colors. They specialized for kids and popular used in the shopping centers, stores and other indoor playgrounds. Coin operated used by one person or kids at the same time. Once insert one or more coins, the machine will turn on with moving forward or backward, up or down, jump or spinning. Different movements makes these small rides more attractive to kids. Coin operated horse rides, coin operated boar rides, electric cars, excavator rides, train rides and the helicopter rides are in great demand from our factory.

Carousel Rides for South Africa

Carousel rides with 3, 6, 9, 12, 24, 36, or even 48 seats has been designed by our designer. Single deck and double decker carousel rides present our customer more choices. A very fairground and amusement park use rides in the amusement rides industry.

Electric Bumper Cars for South Africa

Bumper cars for sale are made in different types, electric and battery bumper cars, water bumper cars, indoor and outdoor use bumper cars, duet and single bumper cars, inflatable or fiberglass bumper cars. These bumper cars gives our South Africa customer more choices. They had chosen several sets of bumper cars for private and public use.


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