Carnival Carousel Rides With 24 Seats

Carnival Carousel for Sale

Carousel rides gets popular in the carnival. When we hold a large carnival, we need to buy lots of amusement rides, such as Ferris wheel, roller coaster, trackless train rides, pirate ship rides and etc. But usually we choose carousel rides for the carnival, because they are popular and more classic than other amusement rides. Welcome to buy carnival carousel for sale from Beston Amusement Equipment.

Amusement park carousel rides for sale
BNBC-16G Colorful Carousel Ride


Model: BNBC-16G
Diameter: 6×3.5m
Power:  3.5KW
Voltage: 380V
Capacity: 16 persons

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Carnival Carousel Rides With 24 Seats
BNBC-24A Carnival Carousel Rides


Model: BNBC-24A
Diameter: φ9.5m*6.7m
Power: 16KW
Voltage: 380V
Capacity: 24 persons

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There are many different kinds of carnival carousel rides for sale in our factory, carnival carousel with 3-6 seats are suitable for kids and usually used in the shopping centers and little stores. Carnival carousel rides with 12-24 seats are more popular used in the fairground, large squares, usually the carousel horses with these large carousel are much larger than the mini carousel rides with 3-6 seats. We also have large carousel rides which is suitable for carousel, they are double decker carousel rides with 36 or even 48 carousel horses. Welcome to choose the different carousel models according to your requirement and usage.

Features of Beston Carnival Carousel Rides for Sale

  • We use quality fiberglass for making high quality carousel rides for our customers.
  • We product all kinds of carnival carousel rides with different capacity.
  • Appearance and capacity can be customized according to your requirement.
  • Colors and decorations of these carnival carousel rides can be customized.
  • Beston has rich experience in producing and manufacturing carnival carousel rides.

About Beston Amusement Equipment – Carnival Carousel Rides for Sale

Beston Amusement, as one of the most professional amusement park rides manufacturer in China, We had involved in this industry for more than 20 years, our exporting business of carnival carousel rides has reached more than 30 countries all over the world. Our carousel rides can be used for carnivals, fairground, shopping centers, amusement parks, theme parks and other places. If you are new to this industry, we also provide designing services. There are many models of new carnival carousel rides for sale in our factory, we also accept customized order. Welcome to buy carnival carousel rides from Beston Amusement Equipment! Fast Delivery and Best Service Will Be Provided to You!


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