Carnival ferris wheel rides for sale for fun

Carnival Equipment for Sale

Carnival equipment for sale in our factory, also called amusement rides. You know what? As times goes on, more and more carnival rides has been designed by some amusement park rides manufacturers. These rides are suitable for kids and adults. They comes from different sizes, small, medium or even huge. As a large manufacturer, we have swing rides, disco rides, windmill rides, pirate ship rides, Ferris wheels and all kinds of equipment for sale. These carnival equipment have several models to choose for our customers, they can also be customized. Welcome to Buy Now!

Ferris Wheel for Carnival With 45 Meter
BNFW-45A 45 Meter Ferris Wheel for Carnival


Model: BNFW-45A
Size: 21.5*16 Square Meters
Capacity: 96 person
Power: 16KW
Running Time: 8rmp
Voltage: 380v
Structure: Truss

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Large Carnival Equipment for Sale in Our Factory: (Here Show Our Hot-sale Carnival Rides)

Carnival swing ride which is similar with the carousel rides, but the main difference is swing rides are made of a large structure and many suspended chairs. It is one of the most traditional amusement rides which were present at the earliest amusement parks, funfairs and carnivals. In our factory, we have made many sets of swing carousels for our customer, the watermelon swing rides, mickey swing rides and grand swing chairs. The capacity can be ranging from 12 to 32 person. Mainly present at 12, 16, 24 and 32 chairs.

Carnival swing rides for sale with 32 seats
BNFC-32B 32 Seat Swing Chair Rides


Model: BNFC-32B
Turntable Diameter: 10M
Rotary Diameter: 15M
Height: 8M
Voltage: 380V
Power: 15KW
Capacity: 32 persons

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Carnival disco ride, a huge equipment in our factory. This thrill carnival ride will carry 24 passengers at the same time, but comes in different appearance. A huge disc will do circular motion on a large track.

24 seat disco rides for carnivals
BNDR-24C Carnival Disco Rides


Model: BNDR-24C
Height: 8M
Voltage: 380V
Power: 37KW
Speed: 11m/s
Capacity: 24 persons

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Carnival windmill ride, look like a huge windmill with six arms and can be hold 30 passengers at the same time. Passengers will rotate 360 degree on the ride.

30 seats thrill windmill rides for sale
BNW-30A Carnival Windmill Ride


Model: BNW-30A
Size: 15*10m
Capacity: 30 persons
Power: 30KW
Voltage: 380v

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Carnival pirate ship rides have two models in our factory, portable mini pirate ship rides with 8-12 seats. The mini pirate ship will be placed on the trailer, then we can move it anywhere easily. Large models also available in our factory.

Carnival ferris wheel, as the most classic rides in the amusement parks, funfairs and carnivals, is playing a vital role in this places. There are small ferris wheel, we call them observation wheel for kids, large ferris wheels with 30-120 meters in our factory. Cabins for these wheels can be customized according to your requirement and our sales manager will send you many choices.

Features of Beston’s Carnival Equipment for Sale

  • Two kinds of power mode for our customer, portable or fixed equipment for carnivals.
  • Focus on designing and manufacturing large and small carnival equipment.
  • 12 month warranties for our quality equipment.
  • Carnival rides for sale with cheap prices which is lower than other suppliers.
  • Plastic film pack and wooden case promise you a good package condition.
  • Installation terms included: installation video, foundation drawing and operation instruction.
  • Some of equipment will be with LED lights and eco-friendly friendly FRP materials.
  • Detailed pictures of the equipment you have chosen will be sent to you.
  • High quality equipment with advanced delivery.
  • We are manufacturer, we have our own factory. We have rich exporting experiences.

What is Carnival & Which Kinds of Equipment Should We Prepared for This Event?

It is a Western Christian festive season that will be holding before the liturgical season of Lent, in the February or early March! There are two kinds of carnivals, one is fixed, the other one is mobile, and we often call them the travelling carnivals. For the travelling carnivals, people often purchase some portable amusement rides which are moveable. Because only in this way, can they move these rides easily. They could move these rides to the place that they are going to holding a carnival. This kind of portable rides and the smaller amusement rides, for example mini carousels with 3-6 horses, carrying robot, bumper cars and etc. are popular with the travelling carnivals. But for the fixed carnivals, owners usually purchased some large equipment, they cannot be portable and hard to move. They are safe and will provide more enjoyment for kids and adults.


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