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Carousel ride, one of the most beloved and iconic amusement attractions from our factory, suitable for both children and adults. Our carousels for sale are renowned for their innovative design, precision craftsmanship, and top-tier material quality, consistently placing customer enjoyment and safety at the forefront by adhering to the strictest safety standards. If you’re seeking to not only enhance your business but also captivate and engage customers, our carousels are undoubtedly your ultimate choice. We offer customizations in appearance, size, lighting, logos, and more to suit your specific venue requirements. Interested in investing in a newly designed carousel for sale for your outdoor amusement park? Feel free to contact Beston Rides for the latest price quote!

Different Models of Carousel Rides for Sale

As a professional amusement equipment manufacturer, we offer a variety of carousel models for sale, including single-deck and double-deck carousels, ranging from 16 to 88 seats. These options cater to different occasions and budgets, and some of our carousel models are available in stock for customers with more urgent demands. Here are some of the carousel designs:

Single Decker Carousel Rides

Single-story carousels are a popular amusement park attraction. They come in a variety of designs and seating capacities to suit different preferences and environments. They are suitable for a variety of occasions, whether indoors or outdoors. There is little concern about the height of the venue. Too restrictive. Here are some details about the single-story carousel ride:

16 Seats Carousel Ride

24 Seats Carousel Ride

30 Seats Carousel Ride

36 Seats Carousel Ride

Double Decker Carousel Rides for Sale

Double-decker carousel rides are more elaborate and typically have two levels, offering a unique and visually impressive ride experience. Some of the themes for double-decker carousel rides include:

Ocean Theme Double Decker Carousel Ride

European Style Double Decker Carousel Ride

Classic Theme Double Decker Carousel Ride

Application of the Carousel for Sale

Carousel rides are popular attractions at amusement parks, carnivals and other entertainment venues because of their timeless appeal and versatility. They serve a variety of purposes and applications and cater to a wide range of audiences. We can also customize it according to the needs of customers. Tell us whether you want to use it in a park, a square, or an indoor paradise. We can recommend or customize the carousel equipment with the appropriate shape according to your needs.

Carousel ride for amusement park
Carousel for amusement parks

Amusement Park

Carousel ride for funfair
Carousel for funfairs


Carousel for theme parks
Carousel ride for theme parks

Theme Park

Working Videos of Carousel Rides

As a manufacturer dedicated to creating enchanting experiences and spreading joy, we proudly present working videos of our meticulously crafted carousel rides. These videos offer an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the engineering marvel and artistry that goes into each of our carousel creations. From the precision of the mechanical components to the intricate hand-carved details, we showcase the craftsmanship that brings our carousel rides to life. Witness how our rides effortlessly rotate, how the music fills the air, and how riders of all ages revel in the magic we’ve carefully designed. These videos embody our commitment to quality, safety, and the timeless wonder that carousels for sale bring to amusement parks, entertainment venues, and special events worldwide.

30 Seater Carousel Ride
36 Seater Carousel Ride
24 Seater Carousel Ride

Material Selection and Production Process for Carousel Rides

The material selection and production process for carousel rides are critical to ensuring the safety, durability, and visual appeal of these popular amusement attractions. Here’s an overview of the typical steps involved in material selection and production:

Eaves for carousel ride


All handrails are made of stainless steel with textured surfaces for anti-slip purposes. The material for the lantern holders can be metal or plastic. Metal holders are aesthetically pleasing and durable but come at a higher price. Therefore, plastic holders are generally used for the lower rotating part of the ride.

Steel Materials for carousel ride

Steel Materials

All steel materials are sourced from well-known domestic brands. They undergo professional polishing, anti-corrosion paint spraying, and a final coat of paint to prevent corrosion and rust on the equipment.

Fiberglass Horses for carousels

Fiberglass Horses

The fiberglass thickness can reach up to 5mm. Embedded iron pieces are placed inside to ensure durability. Experienced painters apply 3-5 layers of paint based on different temperatures to ensure the colors are vibrant and long-lasting.

Lighting for carousel ride


The carousel’s lighting is sourced from Guangzhou LED lights, which provide a stunning visual effect. Even after three years of use, the lighting does not diminish. The lights are made from high-quality materials, are 100% waterproof, so there are no concerns about damage due to rain or snow.

Handrails for carousel ride


The eaves have an elegant design and can be customized with patterns according to the customer’s requirements. The installation of the eaves is done piece by piece, making transportation and installation convenient. They are made of fiberglass, and the roof is also made of fiberglass.

Chassis for carousel ride


The chassis of the carousel ride is made of patterned steel plates or aluminum embossed plates with an anti-slip surface pattern. Additionally, a layer of bamboo plywood is added underneath the patterned plate to effectively reduce noise from the equipment.

Advantages of Choosing Carousel Rides from Beston Rides

Attractive Design

The design is innovative, with relatively simple mechanical structures, and each component is labeled upon leaving the factory for easy installation and transportation.

Quality Materials

All steel materials are sourced from well-known domestic brands, with a preference for Chinese standard Q235B steel.

Quality Fiberglass

The fiberglass body consists of three layers of resin and two layers of fabric, offering a smooth, durable surface with a vibrant paint finish. Customized designs are available.

LED Lights

High-quality LED chips are used for colorful illumination, accompanied by a premium audio system to enhance the riders’ experience.


Low maintenance costs, good safety performance, comfortable ride experience, and a long equipment lifespan.

High Quality

A high-end product with a strong return on investment, boasting a high occupancy rate and excellent quality.

Successful Cases of Beston Carousel Rides to the World

Beston Rides is a renowned amusement park equipment manufacturer, including carousel ride facilities. Our carousel for sale have been supplied worldwide, including to over 100 countries such as Nigeria, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Russia, Uzbekistan, and more. Here, we will showcase some recent successful installations of Beston carousel rides.

3 Advantages of Choosing Carousels for Sale Ride to Your Project

As a classic amusement ride, carousel equipment offers several investment advantages:

Timeless Appeal and Attraction

Carousel rides have a universal and timeless appeal that attracts visitors of all ages. The classic design, beautifully crafted horses, and enchanting music create a nostalgic and magical atmosphere. This broad appeal ensures a consistent flow of visitors, making carousel rides for sale from Beston Rides a reliable and attractive addition to your project.

Versatility in Theming and Customization

Carousel rides can be customized to fit the theme and aesthetic of your project. Whether you’re running an amusement park, shopping mall, or special event, carousels can be themed to complement your overall ambiance. You can choose from a variety of decorative elements, horse designs, and lighting options to create a unique and visually stunning attraction that fits your project’s branding.

Revenue Generation and High Return on Investment

Carousel rides are not only a crowd-pleaser but also a revenue generator. They are known for their high occupancy rates and quick turnover of riders, leading to a substantial return on investment. Whether through ticket sales, tokens, or ride passes, carousel rides contribute to your project’s financial success.

ROI Analysis of Carousel Ride (36 seats carousel)

Profit Analysis of Beston Double Layer Carousel Ride

For reference only, specific analysis based on local conditions.
Site TypeAmusement ParkSite Rent450$/month
Cost of the Ride325,000 $
Site Area250
Maximum Capacity68Operating cost720$/month(electricity,etc.)
Average passenger flow1500p/dayStaff salary300$/month
Ticket Price3$
5 days on weekdays700 people × 3$ × 5 days = 10500$
Weekend 2days1000 people x 3$ x 2 days = 6000$
Weekly profit10500$+6000$=16500$
Monthly net profit16500$×4 weeks-450$-720$-300$=64530$/month
Calculation of annual profit (effective operation for 9 months of the year)64530$×9month=580770$

Carousel Rides for Sale Manufacturer – Beston Rides

Beston Rides is a leading manufacturer and provider of Carousel Rides for sale, offering an extensive range of these timeless and enchanting amusement attractions. With a reputation built on innovation, precision engineering, and superior material quality, Beston Rides has established itself as a trusted source for carousel rides that capture the hearts of riders of all ages. Our Carousel Rides are known for their exceptional design, attention to detail, and unwavering commitment to customer enjoyment and safety. Beston Rides adhere to the strictest safety standards to ensure a secure and memorable riding experience for all. Whether you are looking to enhance your amusement park, theme park, shopping center, or children’s playground, our customizable carousel rides can be tailored to meet your specific needs, including appearance, size, lighting, and logos.

Beston Carousels

Check the video to see more about our factory:

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Our Service for Carousels for Sale


We have a professional design team capable of creating various designs of carousels tailored to our customers’ specific usage requirements.

On-site Installation

In addition to detailed instructions, videos, manuals, and online guidance, we can also send professional engineers to assist with the installation process.

After-sales Service

We offer one year of free warranty for the carousels you purchase. During the warranty period, we provide spare parts and accessories free of charge.

FAQs for Carousel Rides

Materials used for the frame and structure of carousel rides?

Carousel frames are typically constructed from durable and corrosion-resistant materials like steel. Steel is chosen for its strength and longevity, ensuring the safety and stability of the ride.

Are there options for customization in terms of design and theming for carousel rides?

Yes, carousel rides can be customized to suit the theme and aesthetic of the customer’s project. This includes the design of decorative elements, horses, lighting, and more.

How do you ensure the safety of carousel rides?

Safety is a top priority. We follow industry standards and regulations for amusement rides. Conduct regular inspections, maintenance, and safety checks to ensure the ride’s safety. In addition, safety features such as restraints and emergency stop systems are incorporated into the design.

What type of maintenance does a carousel require? How often does maintenance take place?

Regular maintenance is essential for the smooth operation of carousel rides. This includes inspections of the mechanical and electrical components, lubrication, and cleaning. The frequency of maintenance depends on usage and environmental conditions.

Can you provide assistance with the installation of carousel rides?

Yes, we offer on-site installation services. Our professional engineers can be dispatched to assist with the installation, ensuring that the ride is set up correctly and safely.

Do you provide warranties and after-sales support for your carousel rides?

Yes, we offer warranties for our products. Typically, carousel rides come with a one-year warranty. During the warranty period, we provide free replacement parts and support for any issues that may arise.


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