Coin Operated Kiddie Rides for Sale Australia    

As a large amusement rides manufacturer, Beston also produce different kinds of coin operated rides for kids. Our rides are popular is different countries, especially Australia. We have sold many sets of coin operated kiddie rides for sale to different customers for commercial and backyard use. Here attached some coin operated rides lists which is popular in Australia:

Mini carousel with 3 kids
BNBC-3N 3 Kids Carousel


Model: BNBC-3N
Diameter: 1.4m
Power:  1.5-3KW
Voltage: 380V
Capacity: 3 kids

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    Beston coin op amusement kiddie rides are popular among kids, just like other coin operated storefront kiddie rides. They are popular used in the small store and shopping center funfairs in Australia, these types of coin operated amusement rides are small, usually accommodated by one or two kids at the same time. They are easy to operated and maintain. Kids could insert a coin and then press the start button to enjoy them. If kids want to take off from the rides, there is a stop button, once press on it, the rides will be stopped immediately. If you are looking for some coin operated rides for your business or backyard in Australia, Just contact Beston Amusement Group. We had exported many sets of coin operated kiddie rides to different towns in Australia.

    Advantages of Coin Operated Kiddie Rides

    • These coin operated kiddie rides are cheap which with low investment and high returns if you imported from Beston.
    • They are made of fiberglass which is environmentally, safe, durable and stable.
    • These coin operated kiddie rides are easy to control, so coin rides owners doesn’t need to look after these rides, once insert coins, they will start with press the start button, and this is easy for kids. Efficient and Cheap for Australia.


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