Successful Completion of Russia Amusement Park Project

Latest news! The outdoor park project for Russian customers in Tambov has been successfully installed and delivered. This project is located in Tambov, Russia, and is primarily aimed at providing leisure and entertainment for the local residents. Therefore, the equipment installed is mainly targeted towards families and children, consisting of various family-oriented amusement facilities. The project has been completed and is now operational, receiving positive feedback and love from the local children and families. Now, let’s go through the process of the project:

Requirements Communication and Project Confirmation

At the end of May 2022, we received an inquiry from the customer and initiated the process of understanding their requirements, beginning to provide solutions based on their needs. In December 2022, the project solution was finalized, and both parties signed a contract. After receiving the customer’s advance payment, you started arranging the factory for equipment production.

Production and Shipment

In March 2023, all equipment will be produced and fully tested to meet transportation standards. Next, preparations for shipment began. After all the amusement equipment was packaged according to packaging and transportation standards, it was shipped and prepared to be sent to Russia.

Production of kiddie roller coaster track

Production of the kiddie roller coaster ride

Packing of the amusement ride

packing details of amusement rides to Russia

Receiving and Installation

By July 2023, all the equipment purchased by the customer had arrived at the customer’s site. The customer initiated the inspection process, and we worked together to schedule the installation. Our engineers were then dispatched to provide on-site installation guidance. In August and September 2023, we sent engineers to provide on-site installation guidance, perform equipment debugging, and bring all the equipment to an operational state. The project is now open and operational.

Installation of kiddie excavators

Installation of the bumper car ride

Installation of kiddie roller coaster ride

Installation of wild mouse roller coaster ride

Feedback of the Project Operation

After all the equipment was installed and debugged, and reached the operational state, all equipment was quickly put into trial operation. This is part of the operational feedback from the customer. The customer is very satisfied with our equipment and installation service.

Wild mouse roller coaster ride in the Tambov park

Kiddie cup ride in the Tambov park

Kiddie bumper cars in the Tambov park

Rainbow slide in the Tambov park

Kiddie amusement ride in the Tambov park

Kids excavator ride in the Tambov park

Beston Rides – Whole Park Project Solution Provider

Beston Rides offers comprehensive solutions for entire amusement park projects, including: Ride and Attraction Selection, Park Layout and Design, Equipment Production, Installation and Testing, Staff Training, Ongoing Maintenance, Project Management, etc. We are dedicated to assisting our clients in building popular indoor and outdoor amusement parks, not only bringing joy to the public, but also enhancing the profitability of investors.

Successful Outdoor Park Project In the World

At present, our project portfolio extends to over 80 countries worldwide, including Russia, Uzbekistan, Nigeria, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and more. Clients’ success is our success. If you are planning to invest in a new indoor and outdoor park project in Russia and other countries, welcome to contact Beston Rides, we will provide one-stop solution to you!

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Wild mouse roller coaster ride in the Tambov park

Successful Completion of Russia Amusement Park Project

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