Completion of the Algeria Park Project Delivery

Congratulations on the completion of the Algeria project delivery! From receiving the customer’s inquiry email in October 2022 to having all the equipment operational in Algeria by July 2023, the entire project lasted for a little over 9 months. The customer expressed satisfaction with our company’s design, equipment quality, and service. Currently, all the amusement equipment is running smoothly. Let’s delve deeper into the details of this project:

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    Understanding and Communicating About the Project

    Following the receipt of the customer’s inquiry, our project manager promptly initiated a telephone conversation with the customer. They inquired about the pricing of equipment such as trains and bumper cars, and upon understanding the specifics of the customer’s location, conducted a site analysis together with the customer. This collaborative effort aimed to provide the customer with a tailored solution.
    Site conditions for Algeria amusement park

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      Project Solution and Design

      In late October to early November 2022, our project manager engaged in detailed discussions with the customer based on the site and budget. They recommended suitable equipment and, in particular, presented a comprehensive design proposal for the customer’s interest in the bumper cars. The project manager showcased our company’s successful cases, which garnered the customer’s approval.

      Bumper Car Playground Solution for Customer
      Bumper Car Playground Design

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        Order Confirmation and Equipment Production

        In November 2022, discussions with the customer concluded with the final equipment selections. After receiving the customer’s order, we further verified technical specifications, colors, voltage requirements, and other details with the customer. Production commenced, and by March 2023, all equipment manufacturing was completed.

        We provided the customer with documentation such as pictures and videos of the production process and equipment testing. Subsequently, SGS testing was conducted, and all tests met the required standards. A comprehensive inspection report was then issued.

        Pirate Ship Rides Production for Algeria

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          Shipping and Installation

          In April 2023, all the equipment met the shipping standards, and preparations for packaging and shipping began. By June 2023, the customer had completed the installation of all the equipment and initiated the equipment testing and debugging process. Once the testing and debugging were successfully completed, the customer made preparations for trial operations.

          Packing and Shipping of Bumper Cars to Algeria

          Packing and Ship of Pirate Ship Rides to Algeria

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            Project Operationalization

            Until July, all the customer’s equipment had been successfully debugged and met the operational standards. The customer’s facility was opened for operation. As of now, the amusement project has been operational for approximately three months, with all equipment running smoothly. The customer expressed great satisfaction with our bumper car facility design.

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