Double Decker Carousel for Sale

The double-decker carousel sold by Beston Amusement Company is also called a double-decker carousel, a double-decker carousel, and a large carousel. They are classic family rides that consist of a rotating platform with a variety of seats or animals. This design adds extra excitement and visual appeal to the ride. It is the amusement equipment with the largest passenger capacity among carousels and most amusement equipment, and will bring higher ROI to customers in a single operation. Feel free to purchase your new double-decker carousel ride from Beston Rides today!

Double-deck carousel amusement rides for sale
Double-decker Carousel

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    Types of Double Decker Carousel Rides for Sale

    Beston Amusement offers double-decker carousel rides with various seating capacities, including 38 seats, 46 seats, 60 seats, 68 seats, and 88 seats. The shapes and sizes of the horses on each model can be customized according to customer preferences. Additionally, they provide different themed double-decker carousels for customers to choose from, including classic European themes, ocean themes, popular internet-inspired themes, and a variety of other classic themes.

    68 Seats Grand Carousel Ride With Two Story
    68 Seats
    68 Seaters Ocean Theme Carousel Ride
    68 Seats
    38 Seater Double Decker Carousel
    38 Seaters
    60 Seaters Double Decker Carousel Rides
    60 Seats
    68 Seats Indoor Double Decker Carousel Amusement Rides
    68 Seats
    European Style Double Decker Carousel Ride
    68 Seats

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      Application of Double Decker Carousel Rides

      Double-decker carousel rides are suitable for amusement parks, children’s palaces, squares, theme parks, fairground, funfairs etc. Double Decker carousel rides are made of glass fiber reinforced plastics. With its environmental protection, safety, corrosion resistance and good stability, our double layer carousel rides become more and more popular. Welcome to buy or customize your own special double Decker carousel rides.

      Double-decker carousel suitable for amusement park
      Amusement Park
      Two story carousel ride suitable for carnivals
      Double-deck carousel ride for shopping mall
      Shopping Mall

      Video of Beston Double Layer Carousel

      The double-decker carousel is a luxuriously decorated carousel whose upper and lower floors rotate synchronously. It’s reflecting the classical and luxurious decoration style of the European royal family, which is attractive with its appearance and lighting system. The turntable of the double-layer carousel is surrounded by decorative flower panels. The ceiling and inner wall are inlaid with colorful reliefs, and the topped crown spire rushes into the sky. At the same time, it is equipped with changing lanterns. The shape of the double-decker carousel is spectacular and gorgeous. Horses and palace-style carriages of this grand carousel have colorful floral decorations, and built-in stairs lead to the second floor. See its working videos here:

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        Material Selection and Production Process of Double-layer Carousel

        In our choice of fiberglass, flooring, and steel materials, we prioritize using higher-quality materials to enhance the attraction of our equipment while ensuring the quality and prolonging the lifespan of the double-decker carousel.


        Fiberglass for double decker carousel ride

        Our fiberglass materials ensure quality, using Grade 191A platinum cloth for increased flexibility. We employ a production process involving 3 layers of mat and 2 layers of cloth, followed by meticulous polishing and painting. This results in a smooth surface, vibrant colors, and long-lasting durability. We produce our fiberglass in-house and offer customization options.


        Exquisite Painting for double-decker carousel ride
        Exquisite Painting

        Our painting process involves certified professionals and typically uses two coats of primer, one topcoat and two coats of clearcoat. This will produce vibrant, long-lasting color that is resistant to fading and increases the life of your double decker carousel rides. Clear coating further enhances the brightness, aesthetics and visibility of the amusement rides.


        Steel for double deck carousel amusement ride

        We use high quality Q235B steel which meeting national standards, ensuring ample material thickness for the double decker carousel ride. Laser cutting guarantees smooth edges, enhancing user comfort and experience.

        Shot Blasting Rust Removal

        Shot blasting rust removal for Beston carousel rides
        Shot Blasting Rust Removal

        The shot balsting rust removal increases paint adhesion and extends the paint’s lifespan. Typically, after 5 years, products may start to rust, but with shot blasting treatment, their lifespan can be extended for at least 10 years.


        Wooden floor for double-decker carousel ride
        Wooden Floor

        Our double-decker carousel floors are made of solid wood, specially treated to be non-toxic and highly decorative. They are resistant to corrosion, ensuring long-lasting durability and extending the lifespan of the flooring.

        Features of Double Layer Carousel Rides

        With novel appearance and attractive colors, Beston double layer carousel rides are warmly welcomed and loved by young people. When the carousel rides start to turn, the turntable will rotate at a constant speed. Various forms of carousel horses will rotate up and down. Passengers will feel that they are whip and flying in the battlefield. Here are some benefit for installing a double-decker carousel ride:

        Landmark Equipment

        Compared to regular single-level and simple double-decker carousels, they offer distinct advantages by being eye-catching and attracting visitors at the entrance of the park, making them a city landmark.

        Aesthetic Appeal

        With upscale designs, our carousel rides are more appealing to tourists than single-level carousels. Passengers ride on horses with various colorful and unique forms, creating a sense of excitement.


        Visitor Flow

        Passengers on the second level gain a higher vantage point, allowing them to have a comprehensive view of the park’s layout. During leisure time, they can plan their next attractions to visit, contributing to increased traffic.

        Large Capacity

        Customers can choose from double-decker carousels with seating capacities ranging from 38 to 88 seats. With high occupancy rates, they reduce waiting times and provide a substantial return on investment.

        Mature Technology

        Our company’s double-decker carousel equipment is manufactured using mature processing techniques and high-quality materials, and it can even operate normally at temperatures as low as -35°C.

        Installation Cases of Beston Double Decker Carousel Ride In the World

        Our double-decker carousel rides have already been exported to several countries around the world, including Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, the United States, Canada, Nigeria, the Philippines, Malaysia, and more. Here is some export case information for some of our double-decker carousels:

        68 Seater Double Decker Carousel to Russia

        68 seater double decker carousel installed in Russia park
        This is our 68-seat double-decker carousel with a European theme that we exported to Russia. It was installed in a Russian customer’s park in March of this year and is currently operational, receiving much love from numerous visitors.

        46-seat Carousel to the Philippines

        46 seater ocean theme double dekcer carousel ride to the Philippines
        This is our 46-seat double-decker carousel with an ocean theme that we exported to Manila, the Philippines. The carousel’s horses, designs, lighting, and other features were customized according to the customer’s requirements. It has already been shipped.

        Price of Double Decker Carousel Rides

        Double-decker carousel rides price will range from $100,000 to $250,000. We have 36, 48, 68 and even 88 seats double-deck carousel rides for sale. But now, you can get two models of 68 seat double carousel from Beston Amusement. If you want to know the price. Contact us, we will reply you soon.

        Profit Analysis of Beston Double Layer Carousel Ride

        For reference only, specific analysis based on local conditions.
        Site TypeAmusement ParkSite Rent450$/month
        Cost of the Ride325,000 $
        Site Area250
        Maximum Capacity68Operating cost720$/month(electricity,etc.)
        Average passenger flow1500p/dayStaff salary300$/month
        Ticket Price3$
        5 days on weekdays700 people × 3$ × 5 days = 10500$
        Weekend 2days1000 people x 3$ x 2 days = 6000$
        Weekly profit10500$+6000$=16500$
        Monthly net profit16500$×4 weeks-450$-720$-300$=64530$/month
        Calculation of annual profit (effective operation for 9 months of the year)64530$×9month=580770$

        Professional Double Decker Carousel Rides Manufacturer

        Beston Rides, one of the most professional carousel rides manufacturer in this amusement industry. We’re manufacturing all kinds of carousel rides in our factory, such as kiddie carousel rides with 3 to 6 seats. Normal carousel with 16 to 36 seats and these double-decker carousel rides with 36 to 88 seats. You can choose whatever you want. Beston double-decker carousel rides can be customized according to your requirement. Beston amusement rides has been exported to many different countries, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, the Philippines, Russia, etc. Want to get amusement park rides for your amusement parks or funfair? Choose Beston Amusement.

        Designer Team

        Designer Team for double decker carousel ride
        This team is responsible for designing the double-decker carousel rides, including the overall look, theme, aesthetics, and layout. They work on creating attractive and visually appealing carousel designs that meet the specifications and preferences of our customers from all over the world.

        Installation Team

        Installation Team

        The installation team is in charge of assembling and setting up the double-decker carousels at various locations, such as amusement parks, fairs, or other entertainment venues. They ensure that the equipment is safely and properly installed, ready for operation.

        Maintenance Team

        Maintenance Team
        The maintenance team is responsible for the ongoing care and upkeep of the double-decker carousels. This includes routine inspections, repairs, and servicing to ensure that the rides remain in good working condition. Regular maintenance helps extend the lifespan of the equipment and ensures the safety of riders.

        FAQs for Double Decker Carousel Ride

        1.Production cycle of your double-decker carousel?

        2.5-3 months

        2.Installation cycle of your double-decker carousel?


        3.Themes of your double-decker carousel ride?

        We have ocean theme, European theme, classic theme and other customized themes two story carousel rides for sale.

        4.Can your double-decker carousel be used indoors?

        Yes, 0ur double-decker carousels can be used indoors, such as shopping malls, business districts, airports, etc., as long as the height of the venue is sufficient.

        5.Components of the double-decker carousel ride?

        Components of the double-decker carousel ride are different from other carousel ride, such as 16 seat carousel, 36 seat single layer carousel and mini carousels. The double-decker luxury carousel is mainly composed of a central column, a transmission part, a truss support system, a roof structure, a crankshaft connecting rod mechanism, a turntable, etc.

        6.Operating principle of double-decker carousel ride?

        After the carousel ride is started, the upper transmission drives the top motor to drive the slewing bearing to rotate, thereby driving the bevel gear to rotate. The crankshaft connecting rod connected to the bevel gear moves up and down, making the operation smooth and comfortable.

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