Double Decker Carousel for Sale

Double decker carousel for sale from Beston Amusement, also called double layer carousel rides, double carousel, grand carousel. It is one of the most grand carousel that made in our Factory. We, Beston offer two types of double decker carousel for sale with 68 seats now. Different themes which including old European themes, ocean themes and other beautiful themes can be customized according to your requirement. Welcome to buy your new double decker carousel rides now!

Beston Double Decker Carousel for Sale
BNDC-68A Beston Double Decker Carousel

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    Grand Double Layer Carousel
    BNDC-68A Grand Double Layer Carousel

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      Product Details of Double Decker Carousel

      The double-decker carousel is a luxuriously decorated carousel whose upper and lower floors rotate synchronously. It reflecting the classical and luxurious decoration style of the European royal family which is attractive with its appearance and lighting system.

      Turntable of the double-layer carousel is surrounded by decorative flower panels. The ceiling and inner wall are inlaid with colorful reliefs, and the topped crown spire rushes into the sky. At the same time, it is equipped with changing lanterns. The shape of the double decker carousel is spectacular and gorgeous. Horses and palace-style carriages of this grand carousel have colorful floral decorations, and built-in stairs lead to the second floor.

      Video of Beston Double Layer Carousel

      Features of Double Layer Carousel Rides

      With novel appearance and attractive colors, Beston double layer carousel rides are warmly welcomed and loved by young people. When the carousel rides start to turn, the turntable will rotates at a constant speed. Various forms of carousel horses will rotates up and down. Passengers will feel that they are whip and flying in the battlefield.

      Lighting System Display

      Components of the Double Layer Carousel Equipment

      Components of the double decker carousel ride is different from other carousel ride, such as 16 seat carousel, 36 seat single layer carousel and mini carousels. The double-decker luxury carousel is mainly composed of a central column, a transmission part, a truss support system, a roof structure, a crankshaft connecting rod mechanism, a turntable, etc.

      Double Layer Carousel from Beston
      Beston Double Layer Carousel

      Technical Parameter of 68 Seat Double Decker Carousel

      Parameters Item
      Capacity 68
      Carousel Horse No. 60
      Carriages No. 2
      Turntable Diameter 12m
      Swing Diameter 11 m
      Floor Height 3 m
      Equipment Height 11.5m
      Turntable Speed 3.6 rpm
      Operating Height 5m
      Maximum Operating Speed 7.4km/h
      Driving Power  9.2kW*2
      Lighting Power 3kW*2
      Installed Capacity  35kVA

      Composition and Working Principle of the Electrical Control System

      The electrical control system is composed of electrical control cabinet (including sub-controller, lighting control box, isolation transformer, frequency converter, etc.), brush group, lighting group, etc. Its function is to control the running time of the carousel, lighting and so on. Working principle of this part: turning on the power and preset the running time. After the passenger is seated and stabilized as required, when the indicator light of the pre-bell is flashing, you can press the pre-bell button first. After the pre-bell rings, press the start button again. Set the time, the bell rings and the game is over. After the passengers get off the bus, enter the next round of the game. If there is any abnormal situation during the operation (to ensure the safety of passengers), the stop button can be pressed to end in advance. In case of emergency, the emergency stop button can be pressed to ensure the safety of passengers.


      Price of Double Decker Carousel Rides

      Double decker carousel rides price will ranges from $ 100,000 to $ 250,000. We have 36, 48, 68 and even 88 seats double deck carousel rides for sale. But now, you can get two models of 68 seat double carousel from Beston Amusement. If you want to know the price. Contact us, we will reply you soon.

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      Application of Double Decker Carousel Rides

      Double decker carousel rides is suitable for amusement parks, children’s palaces, squares, theme parks, fairground, funfairs and etc. Double Decker carousel rides are made of glass fiber reinforced plastics. With its environmental protection, safety, corrosion resistance and good stability, our double layer carousel rides become more and more popular. Welcome to buy or customize your own special double Decker carousel rides.

      Carousel Rides Manufacturer – Beston Amusement

      Beston Group, one of the most professional carousel rides manufacturer in this amusement industry. We manufacturing all kinds of carousel rides in our factory, such as kiddie carousel rides with 3 to 6 seats. Normal carousel with 16 to 36 seats and these double decker carousel rides with 36 to 88 seats. You can choose whatever you want. Beston double decker carousel rides can be customized according to your requirement. Beston amusement rides has been exported to many different countries, South Africa, Nigeria, Pakistan, Russia, and etc. Want to get amusement park rides for your amusement parks or funfair? Choose Beston Amusement.

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