Dream World Amusement Park Solution In Nigeria

Great news! The city park project for our Nigerian client has been successfully installed and is now operational. The client is highly satisfied with our entire installation process and has sent us numerous feedback photos. Apart from the Fantasy World Amusement Park project, we have several other amusement park projects in Nigeria, including the Warmilan Hotel Park, Boraji Park, Kunle Park, and more.

Basic Information About The Installation Case

Amusement Park In Nigeria
Multiple Amusement Rides
Outdoor City Park
Delivery Time:
May 2022
Installation Time:
October 2022
Installation Methods:
Video Installation Guidance

Video of Dream World Amusement Park Installation Details

Whole Project Solution for Dream World Amusement Park

Introduction of the Dream World Amusement Park

Dream World Amusement Park is a newly constructed amusement park in Nigeria. Initially, the client reached out to Beston Rides through our website by submitting an inquiry. Our project manager promptly established contact with the client and learned that they intended to create a new park in Nigeria. The project location had been confirmed, funds were allocated, but they required the expertise of a professional amusement facility company to provide a comprehensive park solution. This solution encompassed project design, equipment manufacturing, shipping, installation, and operational services. After exploring our official website, the client swiftly reached out to us.

Beston Outdoor Park Project In Nigeria
Design for the Whole Park Project

Upon receiving the client’s comprehensive requirements for the park project, our company’s team of designers collaborated with the client’s park designers to establish the overall park solution. This process took approximately a week. Throughout this week-long exchange, we made five rounds of modifications to the project proposal and finalized the plan with the client’s confirmation.

Dream World Amusement Park Project Design
Selection of the Amusement Equipment

Before providing park solutions to clients, our team has an in-depth understanding of Nigeria’s weather, culture and customs in advance. Based on the above information, we will provide customers with the most suitable project solutions for their local area. In the end, according to the park solution and customer needs, we provided customers with 12 sets of amusement park equipment for the operation of the entire amusement park. These devices can be divided into two types, including thrill rides and children’s rides.

Pirate ship ride for Dream World Amusement Park
Pendulum ride for Dream Worl d Amusement Park
Disco Ride for Dream World Amusement Park
Double face mini ferris wheel for Dream world amusement park
Chair swing ride for Dream World amusement park
Kiddie plane ride for Dream World amusement park
30 meters ferris wheel ride for Dream World Amusement park
Top spin ride for Dream World amusement park
Production and Delivery

In the production process of all amusement equipment, we strictly control every manufacturing step, including cutting, welding, assembly, painting, etc., to ensure that all amusement equipment can be completed efficiently and smoothly. And according to the weather conditions in Nigeria, our project manager suggested that the customer should waterproof the equipment. Our project manager has visited Nigeria many times, so he knows that there are rainy days in Nigeria. For this reason, we recommend that customers waterproof the purchased amusement equipment.

Installation Methods and Installation Details

After the production of all amusement equipment is completed, we arrange delivery for customers in time. When the customer receives the goods and installs the equipment, although our company provides installation services, after many considerations, the customer finally chooses to install the amusement equipment by himself. But during the installation process, our installation engineers provided video installation guidance to customers in time to ensure smooth equipment installation.

Installation of pendulum ride in the Dream world park
Pirate ship ride in the Dream world park
Installation of top spin ride in the Dream world park
Installation of swing ride in dream world amusement park
Installation of flying chair ride in the Dream world park
Elephant train installation in the Dream World park
Carousel ride installation in Dream World park
Double face mini ferris wheel ride
Current Situation and Follow-up Arrangements for the Project

At present, Dream World Park has been in operation for a period of time. As soon as the amusement park opened, it was welcomed by nearby customers, and the number of visits is very large every day. After the opening of the park, we also continue to provide customers with necessary technical support to ensure the smooth operation of the customer park.

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For further details about the Dream World amusement park project and to receive support regarding the indoor and outdoor playground project, you can reach out to us through our website or by phone. Our team will reply you in 12 hours!