Drift Racing Car for Sale

Drift racing car which is different from the common bumper car rides. Drift racing car doesn’t need special places, flat cement floor is enough for this kind of cars. Drifting racing car is a kind of participatory rides in the amusement parks. Passengers drive these car personally not remote control or carried by others. Touch, rub, left and right bit other cars on the track which is very hard to detect.

Drift Racing Cars for Sale
BGK-1A Drift Racing Cars


Model: BGK-1A
Diameter: 1.98*1.45*0.97m
Weight: 145kg
Maximum Load: 200kg
Capacity: 1 passenger

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    There are mainly two usage for drift racing car rides. One is for racing, the other one is for riding. First of all, most of businessman purchase several set of drift cars for their arena. Tourists who loves cars usually loves riding these cars, they could racing with their friends, parents, brothers, sisters or other partners. When racing, participants should have experienced skills. Second, you can purchase these cars just for riding in the amusement parks or other funfair, they are cheaper than ordinary bumper cars and lighter than these bumper cars too.

    Features of Drift Racing Car Rides

    • Different colors of drift racing cars are available in our factory.
    • As an amusement rides manufacturer, we have several sets of drift cars in stock.
    • Environmental, corrosion, novel appearance, a wide range of venues makes our racing car outstanding.
    • Battery powered makes these cars more convenience for passengers.
    • We provide durable batteries for drift racing car rides with cheap prices.
    • Easy to operate, lighter than the battery bumper cars which is easy to carry.
    • A perfect battery car for kids and adults.
    • We use the quality steel and standard parts which are made by the regular manufacturer, all our fiberglass products are painted by automotive, smooth, delicate and bright colors makes the workmanship meticulous, safe and reliable. Our drift racing car rides are popular welcomed by our customers.
    Name Drift Racing Car Rides
    Color Pink, red, blue and others
    Weight 30-40kg
    Battery Two battery with 12v for each
    Speed 12 mile/h
    Time 40 minutes
    Others Battery charger

    How to Drive Drift Racing Cars

    This equipment is easy to operate, once press the start button, three grades of the speed are optional for passengers, high, medium and low, the beginner could learn how to ride the drift car with the lowest speed, this is so convenience for people who want to learn new things. Tread the accelerator and accelerate forward, turn the steering wheel for turn left and right. Pull the shift lever, you will drift, and if you want to stop, only thing you need is tread the brake. A simple but interesting rides for kids and adults, yes?


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