Eagle Amusement Park Installation In Nigeria

Recent news! the Eagle Amusement Park in Nigeria has successfully been operational for an extended period. The journey from its initial installation to its grand opening spanned roughly a year. At present, the project continues to operate seamlessly, and it has garnered the affection of numerous visitors in the local vicinity, generating substantial revenue for its stakeholders. Let’s delve into a comprehensive overview of the project’s service journey.

Basic Information About The Installation Case

Amusement Park In Nigeria
Multiple Amusement Rides
Outdoor City Park
Delivery Time:
May 2022
Installation Time:
October 2022
Installation Methods:
Video Installation Guidance

Video of Eagle Amusement Park Installation Details

Whole Project Solution for Dream World Amusement Park

Understanding and Communication About the Eagle Amusement Park

In early July 2021, we received an inquiry from a client in Nigeria expressing interest in constructing a new amusement park in Nigeria. After a period of communication with the client, we gained a clear understanding of their specific requirements.

Whole Park Project Design

After a period of understanding and communication, by December 2021, we developed the project design based on the client’s requirements and our understanding of the project. After several revisions, the final design was ultimately confirmed.

Production of the Amusement Equipment

Upon receiving the client’s deposit and payment confirmation, we commenced the equipment production phase. From February 2022 to March 2022, we initiated equipment production and testing as per the contract requirements. Within approximately two months, all equipment was manufactured at our factory, installed, and rigorously tested to ensure their integrity and minimize any potential issues during the installation process.

tea cup rides manufacturing process

Equipment production

Trackless train rides for Eagle park

Packaging and Shipment of the Equipment

In June 2022, after several months of production and preparation, we initiated the packaging and transportation process in accordance with our agreement with the client. Once all equipment was properly packaged, it was promptly shipped to Nigeria.

Packing details of Eagle park amusement rides
Shipping details of amusement rides to Eagle park
Installation Methods and Details

In August 2022, the customer received all the equipment and chose to install all the devices themselves. Although our company has an installation team that offers equipment installation services, the customer decided to install the amusement equipment themselves after careful consideration. However, our company provided online video installation instructions, making the installation process very smooth.

Tea cup rides installation in Eagle park

Carousel rides instalaltion in Eagle park

Amusement rides installation in Eagle park

Customer Feedback from Nigeria

In October 2022, after comprehensive testing, all the equipment reached operational status, and the customer’s amusement park had a grand opening. In the initial stages of the opening, Eagle Amusement Park attracted numerous visitors, both adults and children, who were all very delighted. Currently, the park is running smoothly, and the customer is highly satisfied with our company’s service and equipment.

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