Ferris Ring Car Rides for Sale

Ferris ring car rides for sale also called the ring of fire ride and ferris wheel ring cars. Ferris ring car rides is very attractive to the people at all ages. It is similar with the ferris wheel. The seats is setting in the middle and track to do regular circular motion. The orbit is round, the rotating arm is supported by the central shaft and the speed is driven by the friction between the wheel and the circular track. The trolley of the car is swirling 360 degree along the track. There is no danger to the passengers.

Ferris Ring Car Rides for Sale With 12 Seats
BNFR-12A Ferris Ring Car Rides

Technical Parameters:

Model: BNFR-12A
Height: 10M
Voltage: 380V
Power: 35KW
Speed: 10m/s
Capacity: 12 persons

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    The Small Ring of Ferris Ride

    The ferris ring car rides mainly consists of two circular tracks that were adjoined by a motor powered pole in Beston Rides, and there is a support post which contacted a vehicle in each circular track. When the motor get started on the equipment, the vehicle will be drove and moved fast but safely, people on the ride will feel exciting and thrilling which will never lose pleasure to the roller coasters and swing tower rides.

    Technical Parameters of Beston Ferris Ring Flying Car Rides

    Name Ferris Ring Flying Car Cover Area 8*12M
    Height 10M Diameter 11.5M
    Angle 360 Degree Running Speed 10M
    Speed 8r/m Power 35KW
    Capacity 12 Passengers Electronic Control Fully Automatic

    Features of Ferris Ring Car Rides

    • Ferris ring car rides cost lower requirement for the space.
    • Safety designs will promise every passenger’s safety, and our after-sale team will help every customer with installation.
    • Quality products at cheap prices will be provided to each of customer.
    • Ferris ring car rides in the fixed orbit to do a regular circular motion. When the speed to the reach the top of the track. Head of human focus down is the most exciting point to passengers.
    • An interesting three-dimensional amusement park ride to this industry.

    The Ferris Ring Car Rides Manufacturer – Beston

    Beston is a leading amusement rides supplier which has been founded decades ago. Beston focus on updating the ferris ring car rides, the rides produced by Beston Amusement were sold to the customers who were very satisfied by our service and products.


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