Ferris Wheel Ride for Sale In Saudi Arabia

Ferris wheel ride for sale in Saudi Arabia is a great attraction in the amusement parks, funfairs, squares and many other places. A large Ferris wheel is not just a ride at an amusement park. It can also serve as a landmark architectural feature. Having a unique Ferris wheel is crucial for creating a distinctive and memorable amusement park experience. Beston Rides offers customers Ferris wheel equipment of varying heights and also accepts customization requests for aspects such as lighting, logo placement, height, and cabin configuration. We are excited to provide you with a Ferris wheel that will be the most popular attraction in Saudi Arabia.

Ferris Wheel Ride Types from Beston Rides

The Ferris wheel consists of a large rotating wheel placed on two major column supports. From a distance, it looks like a colorful giant wheel with several gondolas hanging evenly along its circumference, each gondola accommodating 4–8 people. Currently, there are various types of Ferris wheels for Saudi Arabia customers to choose that is available in Beston factory:

Big Ferris Wheel

104 meters big ferris wheel ride for sale

Size: Big Ferris Wheels typically have a larger height, usually ranging from 50 meters (164 feet) and above.
Capacity: They are designed to accommodate a larger number of passengers per cabin or gondola, often ranging from 10 to 30 people.
Experience: Big Ferris Wheels offer a more grand and panoramic view due to their height. They usually provide a longer ride duration.

Medium Ferris Wheel

Medium Ferris Wheel With 50 Meters

Size: Medium Ferris Wheels have a moderate height, generally ranging from 30 to 50 meters (98 to 164 feet).
Capacity: They can accommodate a moderate number of passengers per cabin or gondola, typically ranging from 6 to 10 people.
Experience: Medium Ferris Wheels offer a balanced experience, providing a good view and ride duration that falls between big and small Wheels.

Small Ferris Wheel

20 Meters Small Ferris Wheel Ride

Size: Small Ferris Wheels have a relatively lower height, typically ranging from 20 to 30 meters (65 to 98 feet).
Capacity: They accommodate a smaller number of passengers per cabin or gondola, often ranging from 2 to 6 people.
Experience: Small Ferris Wheels provide a more intimate and close-up view, with a shorter ride duration that is still enjoyable for riders.

By Height There are 5, 20, 30, 42, 50, 65, 88, 120 meters ferris wheel ride for sale in our factory, and so on.
By Structure There are truss structure, support arm and spoke structure, and full spoke structure, among others for customers to choose.
By Cabins The gondolas for ferris wheel ride usually made up with regular iron cabins, fiberglass cabins, aluminum alloy cabins, basket-style cabins, and high-end space capsule-style cabins.
Accept customize On color, logo, configuration, etc.

Price of Ferris Wheel Ride In Saudi Arabia

The price of a Ferris Wheel ride for sale in Saudi Arabia can vary depending on several factors, including the height of the Ferris Wheel, the features and customization options, and other considerations. Additionally, the transportation costs to Saudi Arabia, installation expenses, maintenance requirements, and any additional services or features requested can also impact the overall price. For detailed price about the Ferris wheel ride, you can contact Beston Rides right now!

Profit Analysis of 50 Meter Ferris Wheel Ride

For reference only, specific analysis based on local conditions.
Site TypeAmusement ParkSite Rent4000$/month
Cost of the Ride359,000 $
Site Area1120
Maximum Capacity128Operating cost820$/month(electricity,etc.)
Average passenger flow1000p/dayStaff salary600$/month
Ticket Price4$
5 days on weekdays300 people × 4$ × 5 days = 6000$
Weekend 2days600 people x 4$ x 2 days = 4800$
Weekly profit6,000$+4,800$=10,800$
Monthly net profit10800$×4 weeks-4000$-820$-600$=37780$/month
Calculation of annual profit (effective operation for 9 months of the year)37,780$×9month=340,020$

Features of Beston Ferris Wheel Rides


The Ferris Wheel Rides have a beautiful and stunning exterior design. The cabins can be customized with attractive spray-painting and exquisite decorations. The lighting is vibrant, and the music adds to the overall enjoyable experience.


Beston Ferris Wheel Rides prioritize safety by using high-quality materials sourced from renowned domestic brands. They strictly adhere to both domestic and international safety standards.



The cabins can be customized according to specific requirements, including custom spray-painting, the open or closed cabins, customizable lighting effects, and the ability to add logos.


The Ferris Wheel equipment has a lifespan of 8 years, and components such as motors and tires can last for more than 3 years, ensuring long-term durability and reliability.


The Ferris Wheel Rides are designed for ease of operation, with a low failure rate. The drive system is located in the lower part, making maintenance and repairs convenient.

Related Ferris Wheel Case in the World

Being a professional amusement park rides manufacturer and supplier, Beston Rides has exported many sets of ferris wheel rides to the world, such as 20 meters ferris wheel to Guyana, 30 meters ferris wheel ride to Tanzania, 65 meters ferris wheel ride to Kazakhstan, etc. Some of them are used in the amusement parks, while others are used in the squares. Here is a part of them:

30 meter ferris wheel installed in Tanzania
30 Meters Ferris Wheel In Tanzania
50 Meter Ferris Wheel Ride In Mexico
50 Meters Ferris Wheel In Mexico
65 Meters Ferris Wheel to Kazakhstan
65 Meters Ferris Wheel In Kazakhstan

Reason to Build a Ferris Wheel In Saudi Arabia

Boost Tourism

Saudi Arabia has been actively promoting tourism and opening up to international visitors through initiatives like the “Vision 2030” plan. Building a Ferris Wheel can be a significant attraction for tourists, offering them a unique and exciting experience. It can enhance the country’s tourism offerings, attract more visitors, and contribute to the growth of the tourism industry.

Iconic Landmark

A Ferris Wheel ride has the potential to become an iconic landmark in the amusement parks, funfairs and squares in Saudi Arabia, symbolizing progress, modernization, and innovation. It can serve as a recognizable symbol that represents the development and transformation of the country, which will also bring more benefits for your business.

Family Entertainment

Saudi Arabia places a strong emphasis on family values and providing recreational activities for families. A Ferris Wheel offers a family-friendly entertainment option, allowing people of all ages to enjoy panoramic views of the surroundings and create lasting memories together. It can become a popular destination for locals and residents, providing them with a recreational space to relax and unwind.

Buy a Ferris Wheel for Saudi Arabia – Beston Rides

If you are interested in purchasing a Ferris Wheel ride for Saudi Arabia market, you can consider contacting Beston Rides. We are a well-known manufacturer and supplier of amusement rides, including Ferris Wheels, and designer of amusement park project, including indoor and outdoor park. We offer a variety of models and configurations to choose from, including different heights, structures, and cabin designs. You can reach out to Beston Rides directly to inquire about our products, pricing, and any specific requirements you may have for your Ferris Wheel purchase in Saudi Arabia.


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