Flying Saucer UFO Rides for Sale

Flying saucer UFO ride is a unique amusement park equipment that is designed and developed by Beston amusement rides. Total height of this equipment is 52 meter, the operating height is 38 meter and the carrying capacity is 50 passengers. It is one of the most popular tower rides in the amusement parks. Welcome to contact us for price list now!

Flying Saucer UFO Amusement Rides
BNFS-52A Flying Saucer UFO Rides

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    BNFS-52A Thrill Flying Saucer UFO Rides

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      Technical Parameters of Flying Saucer UFO Ride

      Name Flying Saucer UFO Rides
      Height of the Equipment 52m
      Working Height 40m
      Seat 25
      Load Capacity 50 person
      Power 175KW
      Area 26m
      Running Time 180s

      Flying saucer UFO ride is a special amusement park ride of our company, with independent intellectual property led lights, carrying 50 people per times. The interplanetary UFO has two rotation systems of the rotation system and the revolution system, and the seat of the equipment will swings left and right under the rotation coupling of the rotation system and the revolution system of the rotation system. The amusement park equipment incorporates multiple sets of safe operation detecting devices, such as one-button start, wire rope loosening detection and alarm device, etc., which can effectively ensure the safe operation of the equipment. The flying saucer UFO equipment is driven by the reducer to rotate, and the lift pulley mechanism realizes the lifting movement, and the cockpit adopts machinery. The mechanism is locked, and the block is equipped with a fall arrester and a bottom cushioning device. The performance of the whole equipment is stable, the color is bright, and the experience is excellent.

      Details of The Flying Saucer UFO Rides

      The flying saucer UFO ride is a new type of amusement equipment developed by Beston Amusement. It is made of superior steel and has a new structure, convenient maintenance, high adjust-ability, labor cost savings and considerable economic benefits. There is also a new type of safety device with emergency stop device. Once an emergency occurs, it can be manually braked. This new equipment is small in size and has strong carrying capacity. Let visitors experience the joy of rotating up and down. The seat stretch cushion seat and compression cushion seat fully ensure the safety of the occupants, improve the comfort and experience of play, and have a reasonable layout and high transmission efficiency. Fixed installation, low maintenance costs, but can bring considerable economic benefits. Flying saucer UFO ride is a new and thrill amusement park ride which similar with the drop tower rides. If you want to install a new ride like this, just contact us for details. Our sales manager will send you details soon.

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