Happy Flying Aircraft for Sale

Happy flying aircraft for sale, new design kiddie rides for sale you can buy from Beston Amusement Equipment. Beston happy flying aircraft rides, also called crazy plane, flying car, crazy car,  super speed car. It is one of the newest rides that is designed for kids in Beston factory.

Happy Flying Aircraft Rides for Sale
BNHA-16A Happy Flying Aircraft


Model: BNHA-16A
Parameters: 6m*9m*2.2m
Weight: 1.5T
Power: 6.5KW
Swing angle:  36°
Total capacity: 16 people (*75kg = 1200kg)

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    Parameters of  Happy Flying Aircraft Rides

    No. Item Specification
    1 Capacity 16 people (*75kg = 1200kg)
    2 Rotating Speed 6rin/min
    3 Swing Frequency 20tims/min
    4 Swing Angle 36°
    5 Orbital Radius 6.5m
    6 Taxiing Speed 1.8m/s
    7 Rail Length 5.6m
    8 Width 4.3m
    9 Space (L*W*H) 6m*9m*2.2m
    10 Power 6.5KW
    11 Voltage 220V/50~60HZ
    12 Capacity 16~20 person
    13 Weight 1.5T
    14 Space (L*W*H) 6m*9m*2.2m
    15 Delivery One 40HQ
    16 Spare Parts One set for Free

    Buy New Happy Flying Aircraft Rides

    This extreme speed aircraft is suitable for kids and adults which is over 1.2 meters. Features of this happy flying aircraft rides, it is a combination of circular rotation and sliding along the track. The appearance is beautiful, color is bright and the FRP model is vivid and beautiful. This ride is grand new, welcome to buy your new rides from Beston Amusement Now!


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