How Much Do Amusement Rides Cost?

How much do amusement rides cost? There are many factors that influence the price of these different types of amusement park rides.

First of all, size of the amusement park rides is the first important factors. Price will be ranges if you choose large or small rides. Yes, you will pay more for roller coasters, ferris wheel rides, but pay less for bumper cars, bumper boats.

Ferris Wheel Amusement Rides
BNFW-42A Ferris Wheel


Model: BNFW-42A
Size: 25*22m
Power: 11kw
Speed: 0.18m/s
Weight: 53t
Total capacity: 96 persons

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    Second,  if you buy the same rides, price will also decided on the capacity. Large capacity of the amusement park rides will also be expensive than the small capacity rides.

    Third, grand or simple design will change the price. For 24 seat carousel ride, grand appearance carousel will expensive than the simple appearance carousel.

    Fourth, raw materials manufacturer will also change the price,  raw materials from large professional factory will be expensive than the raw materials from small factory.

    Last but not least, large professional company will offer higher price of these amusement park rides that the smaller factory. Large factory will give us more promise and they have rich experience on producing all kinds of amusement park rides. They manufacturing high quality amusement park rides, they also sell service. These will save you much cost on maintain.


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