How to Install Grand Carousel Rides

Large luxury carousel amusement equipment is usually installed by the technicians on-site, but for operators, it is also beneficial to know and master some installation methods. If you need to change the site someday, you can install it yourself, sometimes, the supplier will offer installion videos.

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      Steps for Installing Carousel Rides

      • Place the base horizontally in the center of the site, and the electric wire outlet should be placed according to the position of the electric control box you set.
      • Connect the big plate with the tire to the base according to the corresponding number, and then install the fan-shaped big plate according to the number to ensure that all screw connections are tight and reliable.
      • Install the chain well to ensure that the card is in place.
      • Place the center pole in the center of the base, tighten the screws, then install the umbrella stand stand on the top of the center pole, install the triangular umbrella stand on the umbrella stand pole, and connect the outer arc link with the straight line Install the pole in the middle of the triangular umbrella stand, then stretch the umbrella cloth and fasten the straps.
      • Install the eight poles of the umbrella frame between the triangular umbrella frame and the large plate, and tighten the screws.
      • Install the carbon brush plate on the fixing bracket on the side of the conductive ring (middle of the base), press down the carbon brush, connect the screws of the motor wire to the carbon brush holder, and connect the wire end under the base to the electric control box. At the terminal post under the motor connector, connect the main power cable head to the main switch. Check that all connectors must be fastened without looseness, eliminate possible hidden dangers, and start after connecting the power (the voltage of the two-phase power cannot be lower than 180V).
      • After the boot can be started normally, the horse can be installed on the horse’s bobbin, and then the horse can be installed on the periphery, the horse can be installed on the inner ring, the screw can be tightened after adjusting the angle, and the installation work is basically finished.

      Looking at the messy grand carousel amusement equipment, in fact, it is not troublesome to install. It looks complicated mainly because there are many decorations, and the installation of the decorations is simpler, but it is a bit tedious.

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