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Indoor Amusement Rides for Sale

Buy Indoor amusement rides for sale here in Beston factory! So many different types of new amusement rides that is suitable for indoor places. So what is indoor amusement park rides? Generally speaking, indoor amusement park rides is designed for indoor use, but some of them could also be used for outdoor use. Because of the weather or some other factors, indoor use amusement rides has lots of advantages, we will introduce these advantages later. There are many kinds of indoor amusement rides for sale, mini, small or even large rides.

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For example, some of the coin operated rides could be installed in a store, because of its small size. Lots of passengers for these indoor amusement rides are kids, but some of them are not, for example, we can purchase a trackless train ride for a shopping mall, or a large indoor amusement park, this indoor train ride is installed as a travel tool. Kids and adults can ride them to visit the shopping mall or park. This is convenient for adults and novelty for kids.

Indoor Rides for Kids in Beston Amusement:

Beston, as a professional amusement park rides manufacturer, manufacture large rides like disco rides, ferris wheels, roller coasters, pirate ship rides for outdoor use, but we also produce many kinds of kiddie rides for indoor use, for example, mini pony carousel rides, self-control plane rides, electric bumper cars, inflatable bumper cars, trackless and track train rides, kids battery cars, robot amusement rides, human gyroscope rides, plastic slides and other rides which is suitable for indoor use. Indoor amusement rides are attractive to kids from Beston Amusement, we produce quality amusement rides with colorful and bright appearance, novel design indoor rides. We have a large variety of amusement rides which also including the inflatables, bounce houses and some indoor playground equipment for commercial use.

Three Models of Indoor Rides for Kids from Beston:

  • Indoor Bumper Car Rides for Sale from Beston Amusement:

Most of bumper cars could be used for indoor, there are mainly two kinds of bumper cars, some of them are electric powered, some of them are battery powered, these electric powered bumper cars should be installed based on a floor while battery powered bumper car could be use freely by itself. Generally speaking, indoor bumper cars including the inflatable bumper cars, water bumper cars for pool use, vintage bumper cars and some spin zone bumper cars. As bumper cars are popular in the carnivals, amusement park and funfairs, they are cheaper than large amusement park rides, so lots of new amusement park rides business owners will invest in sets of bumper cars to begin their business. As for Beston, our bumper cars are suitable for indoor and outdoor use and we are trying our best to provide quality but cheap bumper cars for our customers.

  • Indoor Coin Operated Rides for Shopping Malls and Stores:

Before the small stores and in the shopping malls, we often see some rides for kids, these rides is designed for one kids use, once you insert coins, the equipment will swing with sweaty music, some of these kiddy rides are decorated with beautiful lights. These kids’ rides are attractive to kids, most of them are made according to different animals, like sheep, cow, dog, cat, dolphin and some other cute animals. These rides for indoor use are cheap, even little store could buy one for their business, they could set one before their store, these rides could solicit business to them, and also bring them some additional income, we called these rides – coin operated amusement rides. They are suitable for kids.

  • Indoor Mini Carousel Rides for Kids:

Carousel is the most traditional amusement rides in the amusement industry. So there are many kinds of carousel rides, fiberglass carousel rides, double decker carousel, indoor ocean carousel, grand carousels and mini carousel. Mini carousels mainly refers to the carousel with a diameter of 4 or less and with 6 horses or less. These mini carousel can be used for a store, shopping mall or even backyard. It is easy to carry and install. A perfect indoor rides, isn’t it?

  • Beston Le bar Car Rides for Indoor Use:

Le bar car is a carriage that could be used for carrying people to any places they want to, but the premise is they be powered. Adults or kids can drive it easily by handling the bar. Most of le bar car rides are designed for two person use at the same time, it is suitable for lovers, couples, sisters or brothers.

Advantages of Indoor Amusement Park and Carnival Rides:

  • Smaller in size and cheaper than other rides.
  • Lots of kiddie rides are available in our factory.
  • We produce quality and novel design indoor use kid’s rides.
  • We accept customized orders.
  • We provide installation video and all round post and pre-service.
  • We supply different payment and transportation methods.
  • We provide different additional decorations to our customers.

How to Choose Indoor Rides for Your Indoor Amusement Parks?

Unlike the large outdoor theme park, indoor parks mainly open its business to kids. So attractive to kids in very important for these indoor amusement rides. But how to achieve this goal?

  • First of all, choose a reliable amusement rides manufacturer. A reliable manufacturer will supply quality service and equipment.
  • Then, choose bright and colorful indoor rides. Kids love the novel things, bright and colorful rides are attractive to kids. Before your order, check the painting. Quality of paints depending on the appearance of the rides.
  • Third, large manufacturers have many moulds in stock, if you need, they will make the rides you need sooner.

Indoor Amusement Rides Manufacturer and Supplier – Beston Amusement

We have exported many sets of amusement rides to the world, for example, America, UK, Pakistan, Palestine, Romania, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Brunei, Laos and some other countries. Our indoor amusement equipment have drawn lots of attentions in ny, people in this city likes to open indoor carnival or funfair, some of our rides like bounce houses, indoor carousel rides for kids and some indoor playground are attractive in these places.

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