Indoor Carousel Rides for Sale

With the development of the amusement industry, carousels are used more and more widely. Due to weather conditions, more and more investors are turning to indoor amusement projects. The indoor carousel can be said to be one of the most popular amusement equipment with a wide variety of shapes. Not only does the investment cost be low, but the floor space can be adjusted according to the venue. It is undoubtedly a very suitable investment equipment for indoor projects. Want to invest in the indoor carousel rides? Contact Beston Rides for quotation.

Indoor Carousel Amusement Rides for Sale
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    Different Models of Carousel Rides Suitable for Indoor

    The carousel is currently our company’s best-selling amusement equipment. Beston Rides produce carousel equipment in a variety of shapes and different number of rides for customers to choose from, and we have been updating the application technology and appearance of the carousel to make it more attractive to tourists and bring more profits to customers. In terms of the number of seats, we have 16-seat, 24-seat, 34-seat, 36-seat, 48-seat, 60-seat, 88-seat and other capacity carousels for customers to choose from. In terms of the number of carousel levels, we have single-level and double-level carousels for customers to choose from. Double-decker carousels are also popular for taller investors with larger indoor space.

    Single Decker Carousel Ride

    Single Decker Carousel Ride for Indoor Use
    Our Single Decker Carousel Ride is the perfect blend of tradition and modernity. Each horse is meticulously crafted with exquisite details and ornate decorations, offering a delightful riding experience for visitors. Its standout feature is its suitability for guests of all ages, making it an ideal choice for family entertainment.

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      Double Decker Carousel Ride

      Double Decker Carousel Rides for Indoor Use
      The Double Decker Carousel Ride represents the pinnacle of interactivity and visual impact. With its two-tiered seating arrangement, it provides guests with more options to enjoy the scenery from different heights. Each level boasts unique features, making it a highlight in family entertainment centers.

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        16 Seater Indoor Carousel Ride

        Indoor carousel rides with 16 horses
        Our 16 Seater Indoor Carousel Ride is the perfect choice for indoor entertainment. Its standout feature lies in its adaptability to various weather conditions, providing a warm and dry environment for guests. Whether it’s a family outing or a gathering, this equipment meets your needs while offering high throughput.

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          24 Seater Indoor Carousel Ride

          24 Seaters Indoor Carousel Amusement Rides
          If you require more seating, the 24 Seater Indoor Carousel Ride is the ideal option. Its standout feature is the diversity of seating and the high-quality craftsmanship and decoration. This equipment is suitable for large indoor amusement venues, accommodating more guests and providing a top-notch entertainment experience.

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            36 Seater Indoor Carousel Ride

            36 Seats Indoor Carousel Amusement Rides
            Our 36 Seater Indoor Carousel Ride is an outstanding choice for indoor entertainment venues. Its standout feature is its large seating capacity without compromising on aesthetics and details. Guests will immerse themselves in the splendid decorations and enjoy an unforgettable riding experience. It’s the ideal choice for attracting large families and visitor groups.

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              68 Seater Indoor Carousel Rides

              68 Seats Indoor Carousel Ride for Sale
              For large indoor entertainment venues, our 68 Seater Indoor Carousel Rides represent superlative entertainment. Their standout feature is their immense seating capacity, accommodating large-scale audiences. Despite their colossal scale, they maintain high-quality decorations and exceptional safety standards, ensuring that guests can enjoy a safe and delightful experience.

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                Application of Indoor Carousel Rides

                The carousel is a widely used amusement ride that is not only suitable for outdoor amusement parks, theme parks, carnivals, and more but can also be used in various indoor settings, including: Indoor carousel rides can be found in a variety of places and serve as attractions in different settings. Here are some common places where indoor carousel rides are often located:

                Indoor Carousel Rides for Shopping Mall
                Shopping Mall
                Indoor carousel rides for family centers
                Indoor Family Centers
                Indoor carousel rides for Carnival

                Indoor Carousel Rides Running Videos

                Welcome to our Indoor Carousel Rides Running Videos showcase! Here, we invite you to experience the sheer delight and enchantment of our carousel rides in motion. As a leading manufacturer of carousel entertainment, we take immense pride in crafting these timeless attractions that bring joy to people of all ages. Our videos capture the magic and grace of our indoor carousel rides, allowing you to witness firsthand the meticulous craftsmanship, exquisite details, and captivating designs that make our carousels stand out. From the elegant Single Decker Carousel to the visually stunning Double Decker Carousel, and the spacious 68 Seater Indoor Carousel, each video offers a glimpse into the unique features and charm of these rides.

                Successful Cases of Indoor Carousel Rides to the World

                Explore our successful export cases of Indoor Carousel Rides to the world! We take immense pride in sharing our achievements, and two remarkable instances stand out – our installations in Ethiopia and Turkey. In Ethiopia, our beautifully crafted Indoor Carousel Ride has become a centerpiece of family entertainment, delighting visitors of all ages. Likewise, in Turkey, our Carousel has added a touch of elegance and joy to a bustling indoor amusement park. These cases exemplify our commitment to delivering carousel magic worldwide. Join us in celebrating these successes and consider our indoor carousel rides for your next amusement project.

                Indoor Carousel Rides to Ethiopia

                Indoor carousel rides in Ethiopia funfair

                Indoor Carousel Ride In Turkey Playground

                Carousel Rides for Sale In Turkey Indoor Playground

                Materials Used for Indoor Carousel Rides


                Chassis for Indoor Carousel Rides from Beston

                We use patterned steel plates or embossed aluminum plates to create the chassis, which features a slip-resistant texture. Additionally, we add bamboo plywood beneath the patterned plate to effectively reduce equipment noise.


                Quality fiberglass for indoor carousel rides

                We have our own fiberglass production workshop, and all fiberglass components are manufactured in-house with a thickness of up to 5mm. Each fiberglass part is embedded with iron pieces to ensure their strength and durability.


                Steel for indoor carousel rides

                All steel materials for indoor carousel rides are sourced from well-known domestic brands and undergo professional polishing, rust-resistant paint coating, and a final finish to prevent corrosion and rusting.


                Lighting system for indoor carousel rides

                We procure LED lights from Guangzhou to make the carousel’s lighting more dazzling. These lights maintain their brightness even after three years of use, are 100% waterproof, and are not affected by rain or snow.


                Eaves for indoor carousel amusement rides

                Our eaves have an elegant design and can be customized with patterns according to customer preferences. The installation of eaves is convenient, done piece by piece, and they are made of fiberglass, matching the canopy seamlessly.

                Indoor Carousel Rides Prices

                The prices of indoor carousel rides can vary significantly depending on several factors, including the size of the carousel, the materials used, the complexity of the design, and the manufacturer. Additionally, factors such as location, installation, and any customizations or special features can also influence the price. The price mainly ranging from US$20,000 to US$200,000. For price of the carousel rides for indoor use, you can contact us for details.

                Indoor Carousel Rides Manufacturer and Supplier – Beston Rides

                Beston Rides is a well-known manufacturer and supplier of indoor carousel rides. We specialize in designing, manufacturing, and supplying a wide range of amusement park rides, including carousel rides, for both indoor and outdoor use. Beston Rides is known for its high-quality and innovative amusement rides.

                Customization Team

                Beston Rides can customize carousel rides to meet the specific needs and themes of their customers. This includes the choice of materials, colors, and decorative elements.

                After-Sales Service

                Beston Rides provides comprehensive after-sales service, including installation, maintenance, and technical support, to ensure the longevity and smooth operation of their carousel rides.

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