Indoor Play Equipment for Sale Saudi Arabia

Discover a world of excitement with our Indoor Play Equipment for Sale in Saudi Arabia! Elevate playtime to new heights with our diverse range of safe, engaging, and imaginative equipment. From colourful play structures to interactive games, our collection is designed to captivate young minds. Ensure hours of fun while prioritizing safety. Perfect for a shopping mall, business centre, flat, or other recreational spaces, our play equipment transforms any environment into a haven of joy. Don’t miss the chance to create unforgettable memories. Explore our collections for indoor play equipment for sale in Saudi Arabia today and redefine play in Saudi Arabia!
Indoor play equipment for sale Saudi Arabia

Types of Customizable Indoor Playground Equipment

With the popularity of indoor playground in Saudi Arabia, more and more investors start to invest in this business, so an attractive indoor playground will play an important role. Beston Rides, as a professional indoor playground equipment manufacturer and supplier, offer customers from the Saudi Arabia with attractive and quality design to help customers success! Customizable indoor playground equipment comes in various themes to create engaging and imaginative play environments for children. Here are 4 types of customizable indoor playground equipment that is popular among our Saudi Arabia customer:

Ocean Theme Indoor Playground Equipment

Ocean theme indoor playground equipment for Saudi Arabia customer
Dive into an ocean of fun with our customizable indoor playground equipment. From wave-like climbers to interactive sea creature games, our Ocean Theme captivates young minds with the wonders of the deep blue. Watch as children embark on aquatic adventures, fostering creativity and active play in a safe and enchanting environment.

Snow Theme Indoor Playground Equipment

Snow theme soft play equipment sale Saudi Arabia
Bring the magic of winter indoors with our Snow Theme Playground Equipment. Featuring frosty slides, snow-capped play structures, and interactive snowball zones, this customizable theme transforms any space into a snowy wonderland. Let imaginations soar as children engage in winter-inspired play, creating memories of joy and laughter.

Forest Theme Indoor Playground Equipment

Forest theme indoor playground equipment in Saudi Arabia
Step into the heart of nature with our Forest Theme Indoor Playground Equipment. From treehouse-inspired structures to forest animal climbers, this customizable theme blends the charm of the outdoors with the safety of indoor play. Nurture a sense of exploration and imaginative play as children discover the enchanting world of the forest within your space.

Space Theme Indoor Playground Equipment

Space theme inside playground equipment Saudi Arabia
Ignite the imagination with our Space Theme Indoor Playground Equipment. Featuring rocket ship slides, planetary climbers, and interactive cosmic games, this customizable theme propels children into an intergalactic adventure. Spark curiosity and creativity as young explorers take off on a journey through the cosmos without leaving the safety of your indoor play area.

Recent Transaction Cases of Indoor Ground in Saudi Arabia

Attractively designed themes, high-quality materials, and a customer-friendly experience are pivotal factors determining the success of indoor playground businesses. These elements play a crucial role in creating an engaging and enjoyable environment for customers. Beston Rides is dedicated to providing customers with the most competitive project solutions.

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Materials of Beston Indoor Soft Playground Equipment for Saudi Arabia

As a professional manufacturer of indoor play equipment for sale Saudi Arabia, Beston Rides rigorously controls the selection of materials, striving to ensure that each product complies with international safety standards, achieving a harmonious blend of amusement and safety. We are committed to ensuring the safety of children and providing our customers with long-term returns. The following are some of the material standards for our products.

Steel Pipes

Steel Pipes from Beston Rides
The steel pipes for indoor playground used are primarily made of galvanized steel with a diameter of 48mm, adhering to the international GB/T244-97 standard. They boast high quality and have a long service life for the whole indoor playground project for our customers.

Ocean Balls Materials

Ocean balls for indoor playground
The ocean balls are primarily molded from CHS-350mmPP material through blow molding. In order to prevent the risk of children swallowing, the specifications require soft balls with a diameter of ∮80mm. Customization is also available based on customer requirements.

Multicolour Floor Mat

Multi-color Floor Mat
The ground mats are made from environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and odorless EVA mats exported from Japan. The thickness ranges from 2-8cm, and customization of color and thickness is available based on customer preferences and site requirements.


The internal structure of the platform board consists of multiple layers of plywood, with a central layer containing high-density foam sponge (compliant with GB 6675-2003 standards). The outermost layer is wrapped with imported high-strength PVC horizontally woven with a cross-grain pattern, providing excellent strength and safety performance.

Protective Net

Protective Net
The safety net is made using marine-grade cable rope, known for its resistance to aging and protection against sun and rain exposure. The core of the net rope is composed of chrome-plated steel wire, providing a sturdy and durable structure. The net is meticulously handwoven, available in a variety of colors, and the material has a shiny appearance.

Plastic Pipes and Slides

Plastic Pipes and Slides
The plastic slide is crafted using a one-time rolling molding process with imported LLDPE (Linear Low-Density Polyethylene) from South Korea. It complies with the requirements of GB/T 4454-1996 and meets international food-grade standards. The plastic has a thickness of over 6mm, vibrant colors, and possesses excellent UV resistance (UV level 8).

Top 3 Reasons for Investing In Indoor Playground Business in Saudi Arabia

Investing in an indoor amusement park in Saudi Arabia offers several advantages for customers, encompassing three key aspects, including weather considerations. These factors contribute to a positive and consistent customer experience, mitigating the impact of external weather conditions on the operations of indoor playground in Saudi Arabia.

Year-Round Entertainment

One significant advantage is the ability to provide entertainment throughout the entire year. In Saudi Arabia, where temperatures can be extremely high during certain seasons, having an indoor amusement park ensures a consistent and comfortable environment for visitors. This year-round accessibility can contribute to a steady stream of customers, as they can enjoy the park regardless of external weather conditions.

Climate Resilience

The indoor setting offers protection against extreme weather conditions such as scorching heat or unexpected rain, which are common challenges in Saudi Arabia. This climate resilience ensures that the park can operate smoothly without disruptions caused by adverse weather. Customers can have a reliable and enjoyable experience without concerns about discomfort due to outdoor weather conditions.

Diversification of Entertainment Options

Investing in an indoor amusement park allows for a diverse range of entertainment options under one roof. Beyond traditional rides, such parks can incorporate various attractions, such as arcades, themed areas, and interactive experiences. This diversity can appeal to a broader audience, offering a comprehensive entertainment experience that caters to different age groups and interests.

Indoor Play Zone Equipment Prices in Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia, indoor play zone equipment prices vary based on factors such as size, design complexity, and materials used. Basic setups may start from $10,000, while larger and more intricate installations can range upwards of $50,000 or more. Factors influencing costs include customization, safety features, and additional amenities. It’s advisable to consult with suppliers for accurate quotes based on specific requirements.
Indoor playground equipment price

Beston Rides + Service

Beston Rides offers a comprehensive package for indoor playground customers in Saudi Arabia. Our range includes high-quality, innovative rides and play equipment designed for maximum enjoyment and safety. We prioritize customer satisfaction through reliable services, timely delivery, and professional installation. Our team ensures compliance with international safety standards. Explore our diverse selection and experience top-notch support to create an engaging and secure indoor play environment in Saudi Arabia.

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