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Indoor Playground Equipment for Sale In Dubai

Indoor playground equipment for Sale In Dubai comes in various shapes, sizes, and designs to create a fun and engaging environment for children. It is currently one of the most popular indoor investment projects in Dubai and a frequent destination for families on weekends. If you are interested in investing in an indoor playground project in Dubai, feel free to contact Beston Rides!

Popular Indoor Playground Equipment Themes In Dubai

Indoor playgrounds offer a variety of themes to create engaging and entertaining environments for children. The choice of a theme can influence the overall atmosphere and play experience. Here are some popular indoor playground equipment themes that is popular among Dubai kids and families:

Ocean Themes Indoor Playground

Ocean style indoor playground equipment for Dubai

Ocean Themed
Indoor Playground Equipment for Dubai

Dive into a world of aquatic wonder with our Ocean-themed indoor playground equipment. From colorful sea creatures to shipwrecked adventures, children can explore the depths of imagination while developing motor skills. Our engaging designs bring the magic of the ocean indoors, creating a safe and exciting play environment.

Forest Theme Indoor Playground

Forest theme indoor soft play equipment for Dubai

Indoor Playground Equipment for Dubai

Step into the enchanting world of the forest with our themed indoor playground equipment. Children can swing from vines, climb treehouses, and embark on imaginative journeys through lush greenery. Our forest-inspired designs blend the thrill of outdoor exploration with the safety and comfort of an indoor setting, fostering creativity and physical development.

Ice Theme Indoor Playground

Ice theme indoor playground equipment for Dubai

Indoor Soft Playground Equipment for Sale

Chill out with our Ice-themed indoor playground equipment, where frosty adventures await. Children can slide down icy slopes, navigate frosty mazes, and build snowman friends in a winter wonderland setting. Our cool and captivating designs provide a unique play experience that combines the joy of winter activities with the warmth of indoor play, ensuring a frosty delight for kids.

Space Theme Indoor Playground

Space themes indoor playground equipment in Dubai

Indoor Playground Equipment for Sale

Embark on an intergalactic adventure with our Space-themed indoor playground equipment. From rocket ship climbs to alien encounters, children can explore the cosmos in a safe and imaginative play environment. Our space-inspired designs encourage curiosity and physical activity, making indoor play a thrilling journey into the vast unknown. Let the stars be the limit for your child’s playtime fun!

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Application of Indoor Playground Equipment In Dubai

Commercial indoor playground equipment in Dubai is versatile, serving various purposes. Malls incorporate play zones to attract families, while hotels enhance guest experiences with themed play areas. Family entertainment centers provide recreational options, and educational institutions prioritize motor skill development. Fitness and recreation centers offer family-friendly facilities, and corporate spaces may include play zones for employees’ families. These equipment applications contribute to creating engaging and family-oriented environments in commercial settings.

Shopping Mall
Shopping centers

Shopping Mall

Business centre
High-end business center

Business Center

Residential area
Residential places

Residential Area

Design and Opening Videos of Indoor Playground for Dubai Market

Step into a world of wonder and excitement at our state-of-the-art indoor playground in Dubai and other places! Our customer’s indoor playground opening video invites you to witness the magic unfold as vibrant colors come to life, thrilling slides twist and turn, and laughter echoes through the air. Immerse yourself in the joyous atmosphere where children explore, play, and create unforgettable memories. Join us in redefining fun in Dubai’s ultimate indoor playground experience!

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Indoor Playground In Saudi Arabia

Material Selection and Production Process of Beston Indoor Playground Equipment

The meticulous selection of materials and the meticulous determination of the production process for indoor playground equipment entail thorough consideration of key factors: safety, durability, aesthetics, and cost. Our stringent control over material choices for play structures, encompassing steel, slide materials, rope netting, paint, and more, ensures strict adherence to safety standards. Below outlines some of the materials utilized and the production process:

Slides for Kids Indoor Playground

Fiberglass Slides

Crafted from imported LLDPE (Linear Low-Density Polyethylene) using rotational molding, our slides adhere to GB/T 4454-1996 standards. With a plastic wall thickness surpassing 6mm, they boast vibrant hues and a diverse range of shapes, providing customers with an array of choices.

Ocean Balls

Ocean Balls

Beston Rides’ ocean balls are crafted from robust, eco-friendly PE plastic material with a diameter of ∮80mm and a weight of 9g. Manufactured in accordance with the GB 6675-2003 standard, these balls come in a variety of colors, allowing customers to choose their preferred hues.

Platform Board

Platform Board

The inner layer comprises multi-layer boards with a substantial foam sponge layer (re-foamed in accordance with the GB 6675-2003 standard). The outer layer is enveloped in imported high-quality PVC for enhanced durability and resilience.

High-Quality Steel Pipe for indoor playground

High-Quality Steel Pipe

Utilizing hot-dip galvanized pipes with a 48mm diameter in adherence to the international standard GB/T244-97. The coating exhibits uniformity, robust adhesion, superior corrosion resistance, ensuring an extended service life.

3D Carving Printer

3D Carving Printer

Leveraging 3D printing technology enables the creation of diverse shapes tailored to customer specifications, allowing for the customization of materials to craft indoor playground equipment in any desired form.

Packaging Pipes

Packaging Pipes

Our chosen packaging pipes are designed to combust without open flames. In the event of burning, they emit white smoke for added safety.

6 Features of Beston Indoor Playground Equipment for Dubai Customer

Safety Standards

Beston Indoor Playground Equipment for Dubai customers prioritizes safety with robust designs, quality materials, and adherence to international safety standards, ensuring a secure play environment for children.

Customization Options

Tailored to suit diverse preferences, Beston offers customizable indoor playgrounds, allowing Dubai customers to choose themes, colors, and play elements that resonate with their vision and brand identity.


Built to withstand heavy usage, Beston’s playground equipment is crafted from durable materials, ensuring long-lasting performance even in high-traffic areas, meeting the demands of Dubai’s dynamic and bustling environment.

Innovative Designs

Beston stands out with innovative and visually appealing designs, incorporating the latest trends in indoor play. Dubai customers benefit from unique and attractive play structures that captivate children’s imaginations.

Multi-functional Spaces

Beston understands the need for versatile spaces. Their indoor playground equipment offers multifunctional zones, accommodating various activities and age groups, making it adaptable for different purposes within Dubai’s diverse entertainment landscape.

Ease of Maintenance

Designed with practicality in mind, Beston’s playground equipment is easy to maintain, reducing downtime for cleaning and repairs. This feature is particularly valuable for Dubai customers aiming for seamless operations and consistent play experiences.

Successful Cases of Beston Indoor Playground Equipment In the World

Beston Indoor Playground Equipment has achieved global success with installations in various countries, including Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Renowned for safety and innovation, Beston’s playgrounds offer engaging environments for children. From Riyadh to Dubai, these installations have transformed recreational spaces, providing thrilling and secure play experiences. Beston’s commitment to quality and creativity is evident in its international portfolio, making it a trusted choice for diverse cultural and commercial settings.

3 Factors that influence the price of Indoor Playground Equipment in Dubai

The price of an indoor playground in Dubai can be influenced by various factors. While specific costs can vary based on individual circumstances and requirements, here are three general factors that can influence the pricing:

Size and Complexity of the Indoor Playground

The size and complexity of the indoor playground play a significant role in determining its cost. Larger and more intricate playgrounds with advanced features, unique designs, and specialized equipment will generally have higher costs. Elements such as the number of play structures, types of play equipment, and the inclusion of additional features like trampolines, climbing walls, and interactive elements can contribute to the overall cost.

Quality of Materials and Safety Standards

The quality of materials used in the construction of the indoor playground and adherence to safety standards can impact the overall cost. High-quality materials that meet safety regulations and standards may be more expensive but are crucial for ensuring the safety of children using the playground. Compliance with local and international safety standards may also affect the cost, as adherence to these standards often involves additional testing, certifications, and inspections.

Customization and Theming

The level of customization and theming requested by the client can influence the price. Some clients may desire a unique and customized indoor playground design that aligns with a specific theme or branding. Customization might involve tailored play structures, branding elements, and themed decorations. The more intricate and customized the design, the higher the cost, as it may require additional design work, engineering considerations, and specialized manufacturing.

ROI Analysis of Indoor Playground for Dubai Customer (1276㎡)

Park Operating Budget Analysis Form (for reference only)
Project Name1276㎡ Ocean Themed Indoor Playground Equipment for Saudi Arabia
This is a new indoor project with 1276 square meters that is installed in Saudi Arabia. The total style of this indoor playground is ocean theme.
Charging ModelSingle chargeExpected Operating Life3
Project Overview
*Basic data needs to be filled in according to site conditions and design plan
Site OverviewSite Area
Venue rental
Effective operation throughout the year (days)Average daily operating hours
average fare
Facility OverviewFacility capacity
Maximum capacity
Average play time
total power consumption
electricity bill
Passenger flow analysisweekday traffic
weekends day traffic
Average daily passenger flow
number of employees
average salary
operating costTotal investment in equipment
payroll expenses
Electricity expenses
publicity expenses
Decoration cost
Total project revenue964285.71total
fixed cost
operating cost
Theoretical limit value
*For reference only, no calculation basis
Maximum passenger capacity during peak hours
3402.67Maximum single-day revenue (yuan)51040
Revenue AnalysisAverage monthly net income67246.03Average annual
net income
806952.38Expected return
time (month)
First year
net income

Indoor Playground Equipment Manufacturer for Dubai – Beston Rides

Beston Rides, a premier indoor soft playground equipment manufacturer and supplier headquartered in China, has expanded its global presence with over 6 offices and exhibition halls worldwide, including locations in Dubai, Nigeria, Malaysia, Indonesia, and more. Tailoring our services specifically to the Dubai market, we provide comprehensive localization services. If you’re contemplating starting an indoor playground business in Dubai, we encourage you to connect with Beston Rides for expert assistance. Contact us today to explore the thrilling possibilities that await!

Kids Indoor Playground Equipment for Sale

Provide customers with one-stop indoor park solutions, including project design and planning, equipment production, delivery, localized installation, operation and after-sales, etc. Check the video to see more about our factory:

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Feature Service for Indoor Playground In Dubai

Designer Team for Indoor Playground

Designer Team

Our skilled designers bring creativity to life, crafting vibrant and engaging indoor playground spaces that captivate young minds.

On-site Installation Team

On-site Installation Service

Efficient and precise, our installation team ensures the seamless setup of your indoor playground, turning designs into reality with expert precision.

After-sales team

Maintenance Team

Dedicated to preserving the quality and safety of your indoor playground, our maintenance team conducts regular checks and swift repairs, ensuring a secure and enjoyable environment for all.

FAQs for Indoor Playground Equipment in Dubai from Beston Rides

Do you have installations in Dubai?

Yes, we have successful installations in Dubai and several other locations, including Saudi Arabia. Please contact us, and our business manager can provide you with case study materials.

Can your indoor playground equipment be customized?

Certainly, for Dubai and other UAE countries, we can add special architectural features, representative symbols, logos, etc., according to your requirements.

What theme is most suitable for indoor playgrounds in Dubai?

Most Dubai clients prefer blue and green themes. We would recommend ocean-themed play structures, and due to the hot weather, ice and snow themes are also popular among our Dubai clients. We can suggest suitable themes, or you can choose based on your preferences.

What are the most beloved indoor playground games for children in Dubai?

According to feedback from Dubai clients, ball pits, slides, and trampolines are highly popular among children. These are often considered standard features for indoor playgrounds by our clients.

What is the warranty period for Beston Rides’ indoor playground equipment?

Our indoor playground equipment typically comes with a warranty period, and the details vary based on the specific product. Please check with our customer service for warranty information.


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