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Indoor Playground Equipment for Sale

Attractive and new-design indoor playground equipment for sale you can buy from Beston Rides – different sizes larger than 100 square meters. It is designed for kids who is between 3- 12 years old and not tall than 1.3 meters. Indoor playground has become one of the most popular investment project these days which is not restricted by size of the venue and with small investment and high returns. If you are planning to invest in indoor playground business,welcome to contact Beston Rides for whole project solutions!

Types of Indoor Playground Equipment for Sale from Beston

Indoor playground equipment, also called naughty castle. It refers to a new model of children’s activity center and toys that integrates amusement, sports, puzzle and fitness through a three-dimensional combination of science. It is a new type of comprehensive and extremely strong children’s paradise. It is designed for kids who is between 3-12 years old who like to drill, climb, slide, roll, sway, swing, jump and shake. Naughty castles can cultivate children’s independent personality, exercise, brain and brain puzzle. It is characterized by randomness, no power, interaction and safety. It is not restricted by the venue (indoor only) or irregular. It can be installed, simple management, no power equipment and convenient maintenance.

Popular Indoor Playground Equipment Themes

Single-story carousels are a popular amusement park attraction. They come in a variety of designs and seating capacities to suit different preferences and environments. They are suitable for a variety of occasions, whether indoors or outdoors. There is little concern about the height of the venue. Too restrictive. Here are some details about the single-story carousel ride:

Forest Theme Indoor Playground

Forest themed indoor playground equipment for sale

Forest Themed
Indoor Playground Equipment for Sale

Explore the enchanting world of our Forest Theme Indoor Playground! Kids can climb through treehouse structures, encounter friendly forest animals, and navigate log-shaped tunnels. With moss-covered stepping stones and canopy netting, it’s a woodland adventure indoors.

Ocean Theme Indoor Playground

Ocean style indoor soft play equipment for sale

Kiddie Indoor Playground Equipment for Sale

Dive into excitement with our Ocean Theme Indoor Playground! Featuring submarine climbing structures, fish-shaped swings, and wave-like slides, children can embark on an underwater journey. Coral reef obstacle courses and seashell play areas add to the aquatic fun.

Space Theme Indoor Playground

Space themed indoor play equipment for kids

Indoor Soft Playground Equipment for Sale

Blast off into space exploration with our Space Theme Indoor Playground! Rocket ship climbing structures, alien play elements, and galactic netting create an out-of-this-world experience. UFO-shaped tunnels and astronaut climbing walls enhance the cosmic adventure for young space enthusiasts.

Macaron Theme Indoor Playground

Macaron theme kiddie playground equipment for indoor

Indoor Playground Equipment for Sale

Indulge in sweetness with our Macaron Theme Indoor Playground! Giant macaron-shaped play structures, candy-colored climbing walls, and cupcake-shaped slides offer a delectable play experience. Children can navigate sweet-themed obstacle courses and enjoy lollipop-shaped play features, creating a whimsical and delightful atmosphere.

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6 Popular Play Areas for Indoor Playground

As a professional manufacturer of amusement equipment, we can produce a variety of indoor playground games, including but not limited to slides, trampolines, ocean balls, slide tubes, rainbow slides, climbing walls, coconut trees, carousels, inflatable trampolines, water slides, interactive projections, pirate ships, mini turntables, and animal rockers. We can provide you with reasonable combinations of gaming projects based on your site, or you can customize the combination according to your requirements. Here are the most common six amusement projects:

Slide Area

Kiddie Slides Area for Indoor Playground

Slide Area for Kids
In the Indoor Playground

The slide area is constructed using high-quality fiberglass, featuring custom-designed and extended slides that are aesthetically pleasing with vibrant colors. Children’s limb coordination and overall physical abilities receive continuous and comprehensive exercise while playing in the slide area.

Trampoline Area

Trampoline Area for Indoor Playground

Trampoline Area
For Kiddie Indoor Playground

The trampoline area utilizes eco-friendly materials, imported Oxford fabric, steel structure, high-elasticity springs, and has a high safety factor. With diverse play options and a wide age range, it helps exercise the body and improve coordination.

Climbing Area

Climbing areas for indoor playground

Climbing Area
For Kids Indoor Playground

The climbing area primarily employs a steel structure with a combination of PVC soft packaging and special rock points, reaching a height of 2.8 meters (customizable). The rock points have a strong load-bearing capacity, training children’s hand-foot coordination.

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Electric Toys Area

Electric toys for kids indoor playground

Types of Electric Toys
For Indoor Playground

The electric gaming area offers a variety of electric gaming projects, including electric coconut trees, candy merry-go-rounds, Maya adventure ball joy treasures, etc., making it more attractive to children. It uses large silent motors.

Video Games Area

Video games area for indoor playground

Video Games
For Indoor Playground

The interactive area features simple and fun game operations, bringing joy and a sense of achievement to children. They can use their hands to crush game elements in the gaming scene, enhancing the sense of participation.

Interactive Area

Interactive games for indoor playground

Interactive Games
For Indoor Playground

In the electronic gaming area, we provide customers with state-of-the-art interactive video game types, including simulators, lottery machines, amusement machines, frame machines, game machines, etc., with high quality and affordable prices.

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Application of Kids Indoor Playground Equipment

The indoor playground project has a very broad application range. Essentially, as long as there is a suitable venue and an ideal flow of people, it can be used for indoor mischievous castles. This primarily includes various indoor and outdoor locations such as shopping malls, supermarkets, amusement parks, parks, hotels, residential areas, youth centers, etc. It is a hot investment project suitable for children aged 1-13.

Shopping Mall
Shopping centers

Shopping Mall

Business centre
High-end business center

Business Center

Residential area
Residential places

Residential Area

Design and Opening Videos of Indoor Playground

Beston Rides is a professional manufacturer specializing in the design and production of indoor and outdoor amusement park equipment. Our indoor playgrounds come in a variety of styles, and we provide customers with a one-stop indoor playground solution. Below are some design proposals and operational case study videos of projects undertaken by our company.

Large Indoor Playground Design
Indoor Playground In Vietnam
Indoor Playground In Kuwait

Material Selection and Production Process for Indoor Playground Equipment

Selecting materials and determining the production process for indoor playground equipment involves careful consideration of factors such as safety, durability, aesthetics, and cost. We rigorously control the selection of materials for our play structures (steel, slide materials, rope netting, paint, etc.) to ensure they meet safety standards. Here are some of the materials involved and the production process:

Slides for Kids Indoor Playground


The slide is made of imported LLDPE (Linear Low-Density Polyethylene) through rotational molding, in compliance with the requirements of GB/T 4454-1996. The plastic wall thickness is above 6mm, featuring vibrant colors, and offering customers a variety of shapes to choose from.

Ocean Balls

Ocean Balls

Beston Rides’ ocean balls are made of thick, high-quality ∮80mm 9g environmentally friendly PE plastic material, processed according to the GB 6675-2003 standard, and are available in various colors for customer selection.

Platform Board

Platform Board

The inner layer is made of multi-layer boards, with a thick foam sponge layer (re-foamed according to the GB 6675-2003 standard), and an outer layer covered with an imported super PVC.

High-Quality Steel Pipe for indoor playground

High-Quality Steel Pipe

Adopting 48mm diameter hot-dip galvanized pipes that comply with the GB/T244-97 international standard. The coating is uniform, has strong adhesion, high corrosion resistance, and a long service life.

3D Carving Printer

3D Carving Printer

3D printing technology can carve various shapes according to customer requirements, customizing materials for indoor playground equipment of any shape.

Packaging Pipes

Packaging Pipes

Our packaging pipes are selected to burn without open flames, and even if burned, they emit white smoke.

Advantages of Indoor Playground Equipment

Attractive Design

A large numbers of models for you to choose. We have ocean theme, pirate ship theme, candy theme, space themed and other different types of indoor playground equipment for sale.

High Quality

We use high quality, endurable, safe and green materials. And each set of the indoor playground equipment will be rigorously tested before we delivery it to your side.

Attractive Design

We make it more engaging. We hope our indoor playground set will be attractive to each kids and also adults. We hope our indoor playground is suitable for family use.

High ROI

Suitable for different customers with different budget levels. We have large and small indoor playground sets to sell in our factory. And we can also customized one for you if your site is unique.


Low maintenance of our indoor playground set. We try our best to use high quality materials and tested before it leave the factory to reduce the maintenance frequency.

High Quality

A high-end product with a strong return on investment, boasting a high occupancy rate and excellent quality.

Successful Installation Cases of Beston Indoor Playground Equipment

Being a professional indoor playground equipment and outdoor equipment manufacturer and supplier, Beston Rides has established many indoor play centers for customers from all over the world, including Saudi Arabia, the Philippines, Panama, Turkey, Indonesia, Russia, Uzbekistan and more than 120 countries. We have got lots of positive feedback from our customer. Most of them give us return orders. Let’s learn more about part of these cases:

3 Reasons to Investing In Indoor Playground Business

Investing in an indoor playground business requires careful planning, a focus on safety measures, and creating an engaging environment for children. However, with the right strategy, it can be a rewarding investment with the potential for long-term success. Here are several reasons:

Growing Demand for Family Entertainment

With changing lifestyles and an increasing focus on family-oriented activities, there is a growing demand for indoor playgrounds as a safe and entertaining space for children. Parents are often looking for indoor spaces where their children can play, especially during inclement weather or in urban areas with limited outdoor play options.

Diverse Revenue Streams

Indoor playgrounds can offer various sources of revenue, including admission fees, party packages, concessions, and even merchandise sales. Hosting events such as birthday parties, school outings, and other celebrations can contribute significantly to the business’s revenue stream.

Year-Round Operation and Weather Independence

Unlike outdoor playgrounds, indoor playgrounds are not weather-dependent. This allows for year-round operation, providing a steady stream of income regardless of seasonal changes. The climate-controlled environment makes it a comfortable option for families, attracting them even during extreme weather conditions, such as hot summers or cold winters.

ROI Analysis of Indoor Playground (1276㎡)

Park Operating Budget Analysis Form (for reference only)
Project Name1276㎡ Ocean Themed Indoor Playground Equipment for Saudi Arabia
This is a new indoor project with 1276 square meters that is installed in Saudi Arabia. The total style of this indoor playground is ocean theme.
Charging ModelSingle chargeExpected Operating Life3
Project Overview
*Basic data needs to be filled in according to site conditions and design plan
Site OverviewSite Area
Venue rental
Effective operation throughout the year (days)Average daily operating hours
average fare
Facility OverviewFacility capacity
Maximum capacity
Average play time
total power consumption
electricity bill
Passenger flow analysisweekday traffic
weekends day traffic
Average daily passenger flow
number of employees
average salary
operating costTotal investment in equipment
payroll expenses
Electricity expenses
publicity expenses
Decoration cost
Total project revenue964285.71total
fixed cost
operating cost
Theoretical limit value
*For reference only, no calculation basis
Maximum passenger capacity during peak hours
3402.67Maximum single-day revenue (yuan)51040
Revenue AnalysisAverage monthly net income67246.03Average annual
net income
806952.38Expected return
time (month)
First year
net income

Indoor Playground Equipment Manufacturer- Beston Rides

Beston Amusement Rides is a large indoor and outdoor amusement park rides group. Beston is a company that integrate manufacturing, designing with exporting together. We have professional designers and engineers for new indoor playground planing and building. If you are confused on new indoor playground park building, Beston Group will be your best partner. We are specialized in new amusement park and indoor park building. We have success project in Pakistan, Nigeria, South Africa, Indonesia, Russia, and many other countries. Welcome to Choose Beston Group for your indoor playground build partner!

Kids Indoor Playground Equipment for Sale

Provide customers with one-stop indoor park solutions, including project design and planning, equipment production, delivery, localized installation, operation and after-sales, etc. Check the video to see more about our factory:

Video Play

Feature Service for Indoor Playground

Designer Team for Indoor Playground


We specialize in tailoring solutions to meet the unique needs and preferences of our clients. Our customization services ensure that the amusement park equipment and indoor playground designs align perfectly with your vision and requirements.

On-site Installation Team

On-site Installation Service

Our experienced on-site installation team is dedicated to ensuring a seamless and efficient setup of the amusement park equipment. We prioritize the convenience of our clients by providing a skilled team that manages the installation process directly at the location.

After-sales team

Maintenance Team

Beston Rides understands the importance of ongoing maintenance to ensure the longevity and optimal functioning of amusement park equipment. We have a professional maintenance team committed to regular inspections, repairs, and upkeep to guarantee a safe and enjoyable experience for park visitors.

FAQs for Indoor Playground Equipment

Safety features for Indoor Playground Equipment?

Customers often prioritize safety when it comes to indoor playground equipment. Provide information on safety features such as non-toxic materials, rounded edges, sturdy construction, and compliance with safety standards.

Can you customize indoor playgrounds to fit specific spaces and themes?

Many customers may have unique requirements for their indoor spaces or specific themes they want to maintain. Explain whether Beston offers customization options in terms of design, size, and theme to meet individual needs.

Recommended age group for Indoor Playground Equipment?

It’s important for customers to know if the equipment is suitable for the age group they are targeting. Provide details on the recommended age range for the indoor playground equipment to help customers make informed decisions based on the intended users.

How do I maintain and clean Indoor Playground Equipment?

Maintenance is a key aspect of ensuring the longevity of indoor playground equipment. Offer guidance on how to clean and maintain the equipment, including any specific cleaning agents or procedures that Beston recommends.

What is the warranty and after-sales support provided by Beston?

Customers often inquire about warranties and after-sales support. Provide information on the warranty period for the equipment and the type of after-sales services Beston offers, such as replacement parts, technical support, or maintenance services.


Planing to invest in indoor playground business in the shopping mall or other indoor and outdoor places ? Welcome to contact Beston Rides
for whole indoor project solution!

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