Indoor Playground On-site Installation In Qatar Airport

Basic Information About The Installation Case

Airport In Qatar
Two Indoor Playground
Space Theme
Delivery Time:
August 2022
Installation Time:
August 2022
Installation Methods:
On-site Installation

Video of Whole Indoor Project In Qatar

Cooperation Process With Qatar Customer

Introduction of the Indoor Playground Project

This project involves an indoor project that a client has invested in at two airports in Qatar. The project is located at Hamad International Airport in Qatar and has been operational for some time now. The client’s investment in this project is aimed at preparing for the Qatar World Cup, and they wanted to construct two indoor amusement parks at two airports in Doha, Qatar. The client ultimately purchased two sets of indoor playground equipment and five sets of interactive projection equipment from our company, covering a total area of approximately 700 square meters. Below is an overview of the process of collaboration with the client.

Qatar indoor playground site
Indoor playground site in Qatar
Project Progress and 3D Design

Following project customization confirmation, our immediate focus is on providing the customer with the optimal solution promptly. The 2D layout was confirmed between the 5th and 14th days through effective communication. Subsequently, from the 15th to the 29th, we received the customer’s deposit and completed the 3D design, finalizing the project plan after 6 rounds of revisions on the 29th. The order was then signed, and production preparations are underway.

Space theme indoor playground equipment for Qatar
Indoor playground equipment design for Qatar
Indoor Playground Production and Delivery

Equipment production commenced promptly on August 2 after order confirmation. We closely monitored production progress, ensuring a seamless process. Within approximately 20 days, two sets of indoor playground equipment and five sets of electric games equipment were ready. On August 23, we arranged delivery, taking around a month in total. On September 25, the customer received and confirmed the equipment. Next, discussions will focus on on-site installation.

Production and delivery of indoor playground equipment to Qatar
Delivery of indoor playground equipment to Qatar
On-site Installation Details In Qatar

On-site installation at Qatar Airport commenced in early October, with our installation engineers working diligently. By around the 10th of October, the installation of the first indoor playground equipment and video games at the airport was successfully completed. On October 20, our installation engineers provided project guidance and had completed over half of the installation for the old airport. The overall installation of Qatar’s indoor playground equipment is nearing completion, with an estimated 10 days to finish the entire project.

Trampoline area installation in Qatar
Installation of indoor playground in Qatar
Installation details of indoor playground in Qatar
Indoor playground installation in Qatar airport
Customer Reviews About Beston

Currently, our sales manager maintains regular communication with the customer to monitor project progress. The Qatar customer expresses high satisfaction with our indoor playground equipment design, production quality, and timely delivery.

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