68 Seater Customized Double Decker Carousel Ride Installed In Russia

Basic Information About The Installation Case

Amusement Park In Russia
68 Seater Double Decker Carousel
Classic Theme
Delivery Time:
December 2022
Installation Time:
March 2023
Installation Methods:
Online Installation Guidance

Video of Whole Installation Case

Cooperation Process With Russia Customer

Customer Requirements

In October 2022, our company received an inquiry from the customer. We engaged in communication to gather more information and initially understood that the customer intended to place a double-decker wedding-themed carousel in a park in Russia.

Double Decker Carousel Ride Design With Horses
Final Design

After comprehending the specific requirements of the customer, our sales manager provided professional recommendations. The customer ultimately chose a 68-seat double-decker carousel but requested some upgrades to the carousel’s canopy. Our design team provided various upgraded canopy options based on the customer’s needs.

Carousel Ride Design for Russia Customer
Final Design of 68 Seater Double Decker Carousel Ride
Equipment Production and Delivery

Upon signing the production contract with the customer, we promptly initiate the manufacturing process at our factory. We ensure that the production and delivery of the equipment are completed within the agreed-upon timeframe specified in the contract. Throughout the entire production process, we maintain rigorous quality control, utilizing the highest quality materials to produce a double-decker carousel that fully satisfies our customers.

Production details of carousel ride
Delivery of double decker carousel ride to Russia
3 Reasons for Customers to Choose Beston Rides

Our sales manager is dedicated to promptly addressing customer inquiries and assisting them in swiftly resolving any concerns they might encounter.
We not only assure the superior quality of our equipment, but we also offer customers competitive pricing that delivers exceptional value.
When customers are making equipment selections, our sales manager goes the extra mile by offering them expert recommendations and professional advice to ensure their choices are well-informed.

Installation Methonds

Regarding the installation of the double-decker carousel equipment, the customer has already arranged a local installation team in advance. Therefore, our post-sales engineers will promptly provide online installation guidance to the customer, ensuring the smooth progress of the installation process.

Installation Details of the Double Decker Carousel Ride
Carousel Ride Installation In Russia
Customer Feedback

After the installation was completed, this double-decker carousel attracted a significant number of visitors, contributing to an increase in the park’s attendance due to its unique design and novel appearance. The customer is highly satisfied with our product and service.

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On-site Installation Team

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