Installation Methods for Bumper Cars

The installation of bumper cars primarily focuses on the installation of the flooring. Upon shipment, we provide customers with detailed installation instructions accompanied by graphical materials, as well as installation videos. Additionally, during the customer’s installation process, our dedicated after-sales team is available to offer video installation guidance and, if needed, on-site installation services. The installation of bumper cars involves several steps to ensure safety, functionality, and longevity of the ride. Here is a general guide on how to install bumper cars:
Ceiling grid bumper cars installation

1. Site Preparation

Choose a suitable location for the bumper car attraction within your amusement park or facility. Ensure that the chosen area meets safety regulations and has adequate space for the bumper car arena.

2. Flooring

Install a smooth and flat flooring surface for the bumper car arena. Common options include concrete or wooden floors. Ensure that the flooring material provides enough traction for the bumper cars to move smoothly.

3. Power Supply

Establish a reliable power supply system to support the bumper car motors and other electrical components. Work with a qualified electrician to ensure that the electrical system meets safety standards and regulations.

4. System Installation

Assemble the bumper car ride structure according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Install the electric motors and other mechanical components that drive the bumper cars. Connect the necessary wiring for power and control systems.

5. Safety Features

Install safety features, such as emergency shut-off switches and barriers, to ensure the well-being of riders And then conduct thorough testing of safety systems of bumper car rides to identify and address any potential issues.

6. Maintenance Plan

Develop a regular maintenance plan to ensure the ongoing functionality and safety of the bumper car ride, and then schedule routine inspections for floor grid bumper cars and address any wear and tear promptly to ensure the safety of passengers.

For customers who bought bumper cars from Beston Rides, always consult with the Beston’s installation manual and guidelines specific to the bumper car model you are installing. Additionally, comply with local and national safety regulations and seek the assistance of professionals, such as engineers and electricians, to ensure a safe and successful installation. Any question for bumper cars? Welcome to contact Beston Rides for details! Our team will on your side in 24 hours!


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