Kamikaze Amusement Rides Manufacturer

Kamikaze carnival rides also called the – tank amusement rides, double dragon rides and meteor hammer rides in our factory. Kamikaze is a new type of outdoor play equipment which could rotate like the combination of two sets of pirate ship rides. It is a kind of thrill amusement rides which is popular used in the amusement park. It also looks like a double sized clock. When it is 6 o’clock, passengers could step on the equipment. Buy your kamikaze amusement rides now from Beston Amusement.

Kamikaze Amusement Rides for Sale from Beston
Kamikaze Amusement Rides

Technical Parameters:

Model: BNMH-16A
Height: 14 M
Voltage: 380V
Power: 30KW
Capacity: 16 persons
Area: 14*10 M

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    Working Principle of Kamikaze Rides

    Kamikaze ride, as one of the largest amusement park equipment, could rotate with clockwise and also counterclockwise. The height can be reached to ten meters high. With a normal speed, the kamikaze rides is very exciting and thrilling which is suitable for young people who loves to go to amusement parks, funfairs and theme parks. This kamikaze fair rides could rotate with 360 degree. It is one of the most popular thrill rides at the fair, amusement park and funfairs.

    Height of Kamikaze Ride

    The height of the kamikaze rides is not very high. Most of these kamikaze rides can be reached 14 meters high. But in our workshop, we can customized the height and color for you.

    Combination of Kamikaze Carnival Rides

    The kamikaze rides consists of a single stationary tower which could supporting two gondolas on its rotating arms. Each of the arm could carry 16 passengers which means the whole capacity of this equipment is 32 person. Passengers who want to ride this equipment will be arranged in two rows. During the ride, passengers will swung backwards and forwards to build up momentum. The two sets of gondolas will be connected to the motor so that these kamikaze rides will swing simultaneously.

    Kamikaze Rides Manufacturer

    Beston is the manufacturer of large and small amusement park rides. We manufacturing many different kinds of  amusement rides for different countries. Our Kamikaze rides has been exported to many different countries. We are experienced and professional Kamikaze rides manufacturer. Welcome to buy Kamikaze amusement rides from Beston.


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