Kiddie Mall Rides for Sale

Find Amusement Rides for Your Mall Business? Choose Beston Amusement! We Provide Different Kinds of Mall Rides for Kids! For Example, Coin Operated Rides, Mall Train Rides, Mall Kiddie Horse Rides, Mall Bumper Cars, Mall Battery Car Rides, Playground Equipment With Slide for Kids, Water Slides, Bounce Houses, Inflatable Swimming Pool With Aqua Boats and Other Small Rides for Kids!

Kiddie Mall Track Train Rides
CIT-ET009 Kiddie Mall Track Train Rides


Model: CIT-ET009
Locomotive: 2 person
One coach: 2 persons
Total capacity: 12 persons
Coach quantity can be customized
Track: 1160*530cm

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    Kiddie Coin Operated Rides
    BNLB-2D Kiddie Coin Operated Rides


    Model: BNLB-2D
    Size: 158*140*140cm
    Loading Weight: 250KG
    Power: less than 10W
    Speed: 1m/s
    Working Time: 6-8h

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      Kiddie Mall Train Rides for Sale
      BMT-8A Kiddie Mall Train Rides


      Model: BMT-8A
      Locomotive: 2 person
      One coach: 2 persons
      Total capacity: 12 persons
      Coach quantity can be customized
      Track: 1160*530cm

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        As its name shows us, mall rides mainly refers to the amusement rides which is popular used in the shopping mall, they are small, beautiful and attractive to kids. Adults usually want to go shopping to the mall, but they should take their kids along with them. The mall with amusement park inside type’s shopping mall will gets more attention from kids. They add this project to kids, this projects will get them more buyers.

        Outdoor amusement rides comes in different sizes and types, so do mall rides. These rides mainly designed for kids. Most of the mall rides are small and suitable for kids. These mall kiddie rides are safe and attractive to kids and mall rides really add more attractions to the shopping centers. There are many kinds of kiddie rides for mall in Beston Amusement:

        Mall Train for Sale

        Train as one of the popular rides in the mall are popular used in different places. Apart from the shopping mall, we can also see them in the large squares, amusement parks, funfair and other places. Train rides in the mall usually use the trackless train rides, because we will take it as a tool for visit. As for a large mall, a trackless train ride could take passengers from one place to another. In the small mall, kids could enjoy the pleasure with their parents. Mall train business become more and popular. Except the trackless mall train, we could also customize track train rides for our customer. Different models and sizes of mall train rides are available.

        Mall Coin Operated Rides for Sale

        Most of coin operated rides are small and easy to carry, they are fun to kids and comes in different shapes and colors. Once insert a coin, these coin operated will start moving on, shaking or spinning. At the same time, these machine will play some pieces of music which are customize for kids. There are many kinds of coin operated rides for mall, mall horse rides, mall duck, bird rides and other animal mall rides, mall train rides, coin operated car rides, boat and car rides and so on. Generally speaking, coin operated kids rides could be sat by 1 to 3 kids. They could driving these rides by themselves after insert coin. They easy to operate for small children.

        Festival Mall Rides Sell

        We can also customize mall rides for special festival, take Christmas as an example, in order to prepare for the Christmas, lots of mall will open their business in Christmas theme, they decorate their counter, their doors, and they also purchase some Christmas rides. As one of the large amusement rides manufacturer, Beston will provide you lots of Festival mall rides. Christmas mall train, Christmas bounce house and other rides.

        Features of Mall Rides for Children

        • Small size which is easy to move and carry.
        • Simple structure, easy to operate for kids.
        • Different kinds of mall rides are available, easy to be produced.
        • Colorful and novel which is attractive to kids.
        • Cheap rides you can afford which need a low investment.

        Beston, the professional kiddie mall rides manufacturer in China, has a wide range of kiddie rides that suitable for mall use. Like mall trains, coin operated kiddie rides for mall, other smaller rides for mall. We had exported to many different kinds of countries, such as Australia, South Africa, Pakistan, Nigeria, Kenya and etc.

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