Kiddie Rides for Sale in South Africa

Beston kiddie rides for sale are popular in South Africa. We are manufacturer of different types of kiddie rides. Most of kiddie rides in our factory include sounds and music and some of them feature flashing lights, pedals and buttons which is suitable for kiddie to use. Most of them are used for commercial while other are used for home/private use. Welcome to buy kiddie rides for South Africa. We had exported many sets of kiddie rides to South Africa.

6 Seat Mini Carousel for Sale

Mini Carousel Rides for Sale

Mini carousel rides for sale are popular among kids, they are small in size, they have 3, 4 or 6 ...
Big eye plane for kids for sale

Big Eye Plane Rides for Sale

Big eye plane ride is a kind of new kiddie rides which is perfect and attractive in kiddie parks. Why ...
Golden Bumper Cars from Beston Group

Bumper Cars for Sale

Welcome to buy bumper cars for sale with reasonable prices from Beston Amusement Rides! Bumper cars, as the most popular ...
Beston Electric Track Trains for Sale

Kids Electric Track Trains for Sale

Kiddie Electric Track trains for sale in Beston Factory also called kids train, children's train, electric train rides. It is ...
Rotary apache rides for sale

Rotary Apache Rides for Sale

Rotary apache ride is a mini ride for kids in the amusement park which designed by kiddie amusement park rides ...

Types of Kiddie Rides

As a large amusement rides manufacturer, Beston produce all kinds of kiddie rides, such as coin operated kiddie rides, kiddie carousels, kiddie train rides, bumper cars. We also produced other large thrill amusement rides, water park rides. Here are different types of kiddie rides with many themes.

  • Mini Carousel Rides in South Africa

Carousel is one of the most popular rides for kids. In our factory, we produced kiddie carousel rides with 3-6 horses. They are cheap and small and can be used for lots of places, stores, shopping markets and even backyard. We also have different themes of kiddie carousels, Disney theme, animal theme and etc. Our kiddie carousel rides are hot-sale in South Africa.

  • Coin Operated Kiddie Rides in South Africa

Coin operated kiddie rides refers to the rides that operated by some coins. They are small and usually has one seat. They can be an electric car, a horse, a pig, a train or even a post-office. There are so many coin operated kiddie rides models in our factory. We had just exported more than 10 sets of coin operated kiddie rides to South Africa.

  • Kiddie Rides Bumper Cars in South Africa

Bumper car, another small rides for kids, there are different types of bumper cars for sale, battery bumper cars, electric bumper cars, inflatable bumper cars and other different cartoon bumper cars, there are hundreds of bumper cars that are purchased in South Africa

  • Track Train Rides in South Africa

We also sell track trains for amusement park in South Africa. They can be one locomotive with one coach, one locomotive with two coaches, one locomotive with three coaches and even more. This can be customized by our customer.

  • Self-control Kiddie Rides in South Africa

Most of self-control kiddie rides are equipped with 4-8 arms. Each arms will attached with 1-4 cabins. Each cabin could contains 2-4 kids at the same time. In Beston Factory, we have kiddie apache, kiddie self-control plane rides, big eye plane rides and other small rides for kids. They are hot-sale in South Africa.


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