Kids Carousel Rides

Kids Amusement Rides for Sale

Types of new kiddie rides, kids rides or children’s rides for sale you can buy from Beston! Welcome to Buy Small Amusement Park Rides for Kids. Attractive Kiddie Rides With Different Models Are Available In Our Factory! Kids rides is a kind of amusement park rides which is designed for kiddie. They are smaller in size, novel in appearance and shapes. Kiddie amusement rides comes in different shapes and sizes, for example, kiddie trackless trains, kiddie airplane rides, kiddie bumper cars, kiddie carousels or other coin operated rides. Kiddie rides are popular applied in the shopping centers, supermarket and other public places.

Kids Carousel Rides
BNBC-04 Kids Carousel Rides

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 Kiddie Carousel Rides
BNBC-01 Kiddie Carousel Rides

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Features of Kiddie Amusement Park Rides for Sale

Amusement park rides for kids mainly operating with spinning or rolling, sometimes they are inflatables, playground equipment. All of these rides are safe enough for kiddy, because adding some creative games to the small volume and indoor rides will exercise and entrainment kids.

Kiddie Go Karts
BGK-1M Kiddie Go Karts

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Kiddie Bumper Cars
BBN-B Kiddie Bumper Cars

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Classification of Amusement Park Rides for Kids from Beston:

We have many kinds of amusement park rides in the amusement rides industry, like ferris wheels, roller coasters, pirate ship rides, tagada amusement park rides, disco rides and other rides. But which kind of rides are suitable for kids? Here we will tell you something about the children amusement rides for sale. Hope you can benefit from the following article and know more about the kids amusement rides.

Beston Trackless Train for Kids
BHJ-GHC02 Beston Trackless Train for Kids

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Kiddie Trackless Trains
BHJ-GHC05 Kiddie Trackless Trains

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Kids Amusement Rides – Carousel Rides for Sale

Generally speaking, carousel rides with different model are suitable for kids, not matter it is double decker or single deck, grand or simple. Speed of carousel amusement park rides are slow which is safe enough for kids. So carousel is a kind of kiddie rides, especially the mini carousel rides which powered by coins.

Kids Bounce Houses and Other Inflatables

As the cheapest toys, bounce houses and other inflatables are perfect rides for kids, not matter it is an inflatable obstacle course, inflatable maze, inflatable pool, inflatable water slide or inflatable climber, these inflatables are suitable for kids.

Kids Rides – Plastic Slide for Sale

As of the popular rides for kids, playground equipment comes in different shapes, sizes and colors. They are popular use in amusement parks, funfair, especially the playgrounds and shopping malls. Price will be change according to the size of the plastic slides.

Robot Amusement Ride for Sale

Kiddie Robot Ride for Sale

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Kiddie ocean theme rides for sale

Ocean Walk Rides for Sale

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Kiddie Self-control Plane Ride

Kiddie Self-control Plane Rides for Sale

Self-control plane ride also called “UFO chasing” in the amusement rides factory. Self-control plane rides in the amusement park are ...
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Rotary apache rides for sale

Rotary Apache Rides for Sale

Rotary apache ride is a mini ride for kids in the amusement park which designed by kiddie amusement park rides ...
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Big eye plane for kids for sale

Big Eye Plane Rides for Sale

Big eye plane ride is a kind of new kiddie rides which is perfect and attractive in kiddie parks. Why ...
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Amusement Park Christmas Track Train For Sale

Tourist train has been more and more popular among the amusement park and theme parks. Amusement park owners usually pave ...
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6 Seat Mini Carousel for Sale

Mini Carousel Rides for Sale

Mini carousel rides for sale are popular among kids, they are small in size, they have 3, 4 or 6 ...
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Amusement park trackless train rides for sale

Ocean Theme Trackless Train Rides for Sale

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Golden Bumper Cars from Beston Group

Amusement Park Bumper Cars for Sale

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Amsuement park carp rides for kids

Amusement Park Big Splash Rides for Sale

Big splash ride also called carp jump over the gantry, is a kind of small amusement ride which is suitable ...
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Drift Racing Cars for Sale

Drift Racing Car for Sale

Drift racing car which is different from the common bumper car rides. Drift racing car doesn’t need special places, flat ...
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Samba Baloon Rides

Amusement Park Samba Balloon Rides for Sale

As the name shows us, samba balloon rides is designed according to the samba balloon. It is a kind of ...
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kiddie rides snail rides for sale

Kiddie Snail Agents Amusement Park Rides for Sale

Kiddie snail agents rides is a new outdoor amusement rides which is designed by our designers. It is a kind ...
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Beston Amusement Park Carousle Rides

Amusement Park Carousel Rides for Sale

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Kids Coin Operated Rides for Sale

Most of coin operated rides for amusement industry use are belong to the kiddie use rides which including the coin operated carousels, coin operated trains, coin operated car rides, coin operated horse rides and so on. These rides are small and attractive to kids in its appearance.

Kiddie Mini Ferris Wheel Rides for Sale

Mini Ferris Wheel Rides also belong to kiddie amusement rides, different from large Ferris wheel, mini Ferris wheel rides are small and usually with a height under 5 meters. Kids could sit in the cabin and enjoy the ride with pleasure.

Kiddie Smaller Car Amusement Rides for Sale

Kids interested in novel things, they admire when parents driving a real car, but they cannot, the only thing they can do is driving some kiddie car rides, like bumper cars, electric cars, or some racing cars, these cars comes in different sizes and appearance, they are attractive to kids and easy to control and operate by kids.

Kiddie Self-control Rides You Can Buy

These rides are special design for kids, when press the start button, people sit in the cabin which looks like planes, cars or other animals will rotate along with the middle axis, some rides even can go up and down when circling around the axis. We have kids self-control planes rides, self-control bee rides, Apache rides, Self-control UFO, Swing rides and so on. These rides are small and lower in height, kids will never be afraid when sitting on the ride.

Tips When Purchasing Kids Amusement Park Rides

  • Thickness of steel depending the quality of kids amusement rides, when you purchasing these rides, please checking the materials.
  • Painting of kiddie amusement rides are important, because kids love bright, colorful rides, if the painting is fadeless they will lose interest on these rides. Check quality of the kiddie rides that you choose from amusement park rides manufacturer. Paint should be the best.
  • Appearance of kiddie rides are important, kids love animals, cars or even boats, if cabins of these rides are made of different animals, racing cars, kids will love you rides very much.

Why to Choose Beston Kiddie Rides Manufacturer

Beston is a professional amusement park rides manufacturer in China who are specializing in making kiddie rides,we have involved in this in this industry for more than 10 years.Since founded, Beston Amusement Ltd. has exported many sets of amusement park rides to more than 30 countries, for example, we has exported many sets of bumper cars for a funfair in Australia, we has exported mini shuttle rides to Jordan, we have exported 8 arms self-control bee rides, 12 seat mini pirate ship rides, 6 seat carousel horse rides to Korea, we has exported  many sets of bumper boats to Vietnam, we has exported 24 seat carousel, 16 seat swing rides, 16 seat plane rides, 30 seat octopus rides, large disco rides, le bar car rides and several fences to a large amusement park in Nigeria, we has exported two sets of diesel fuel trackless train to Kuwait, we has exported green slide roller coaster with small size and happy car ride to Madagascar. Our customers from these countries always make additional orders to us when they need to get fresh amusement rides after the first order.


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