Kids Party Train for Sale

Looking for party rides for kids? Beston kids party trains here will help you! Train rides for birthday parties in our factory are widely used in different occasions, especially parties. There are many types of train for party, trackless and track trains are all available in Beston’s workshop! Different themes and various sizes trains which are popular used for party are hot-selling in our factory. Welcome to buy quality party rides for your business! It is also a kind of perfect rental ride.

Kids Party Train for Sale
BNPT-01 Kids Party Train

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Beston Kids Party Train Rides
BNPT-02 Beston Kids Party Train Rides

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New Kids Party Train Rides
BNPT-03 New Kids Party Train Rides

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Brief Introduction of Kids Party Train

Most of train could hold up 4-6 persons, but we also design some smaller locomotive for kiddie use. These small model trains usually hold 1 kids, and the maximum capacity is 2. They usually designed with animals shape, for example ducks, rabbit and so on. These trains usually trapped by a track, because most of parties are hold in a small venue. More places should be reversed for other decorations and toys. In this way, kids will enjoy a diversity party.

Kids Party Train for Sale
BNPT-04 Kids Party Train

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Small Kids Party Trains
BNPT-05 Small Kids Party Trains

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Kids Party Train With Cheap Price
BNPT-06 Kids Party Train

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But if the site is big enough, we will recommend you a trackless train, because trackless trains are more energy saving and playful for kids. They can be taken around the party or circle in the middle of the party or anywhere they want in the playground.

Parameter of Party Train Rides

Name Track Trains Trackless Trains Electric Tourist Train
Coach 2-5 or more 3-6 or more 3-6 or more
Capacity 2 kids for one coach 4-6 person 4-6 person
Track 4-10 meter none none
Voltage 380V 80v 80v
Size 10/20/30m 52m×18.8m×22mm 48.45m×14.80m×21m
Power 8kw 12kw 12kw

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Advantages of Party Train Rides

  • Track and trackless trains gives business owners more choices.
  • Animals type track train rides are best sell in our factory for kid’s party use.
  • Track length and locomotives of our rides could be customized.
  • We also accept OEM orders with different rides.
  • We provide installation videos and driving tips.
  • Wooden case for FRP parts promise you an intact equipment.
  • Free new trains design are provided by our factory.
  • More extra services should be Negotiation with our sales manager.
  • Decorations on our trains could be changed and designed according to our customer’s requirement.

Beston Trains for Kids Party

Beston is specialized in designing and producing all kinds of trains that is suitable for kids party. They can be track trains, they can also be trackless trains. If  you are looking for kids party trains for outdoor. You can choose some larger trackless trains with different themes. If you are looking for kids party trains for indoor. You can choose some smaller track and trackless trains. Trains are attractive to kids.

Applications of Kids Party Trains

Beston kids party trains mainly used for different parties, like birthday party, classmates party and other parties. They can also be used for squares, amusement parks, theme parks and etc. The trackless and track party train is our most popular rental trains. All these trains for kids birthday party or family event are hot sale in Beston Amusement. The train usually has an engine and 2 coaches for passengers to ride.

Exporting Cases of Kids Party Trains

More and more party trains has been exported to overseas. Some for party organizer, some for pirate use. Some of them even bought by the people who want to hold a rental business about different kinds of parties. These businessman purchased several sets of trains and rent this equipment for different people, they also earned a lot.

As a kiddie train rides manufacturer, Beston Amusement has involved in this industry for more than 20 years. We have exported many sets of trains to different countries,a set of Christmas train has been exported to Malaysia, normal trackless train has been delivered to Australia and a vintage theme trackless train has been sold to New Zealand. We are a reliable and leading manufacturer in the amusement rides industry. If you are interested in our rides, contact us.


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