Magic Gyroscope Rides

Magic Gyroscope Rides for Sale

Magic gyro ride, also called lover coaster, is a kind of new amusement ride which is designed according to the gyroscope. It is a kind of large capacity amusement park ride. In the middle of the Magic gyro amusement park rides, there is a cask and some clowns, they could bring more tourists at one time for the amusement parks. Cabin of the magic gyroscope rides are designed according to the real gyro.

Magic Gyroscope Rides
BNBM-A Magic Gyroscope Rides


Model: BNBM-A
Diameter: 9*9m
Capacity: 16
Height: 4.2m
Power: 11kw
Voltage: 380v

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They could rotate with 360 degree and staggered with each other. Riders in the cabin could play with each other. This will add more pleasure when riding on the amusement rides. At the same time, each of the cabin are decorated with numbers of colorful led lights. It makes riders have a feeling that they are exposure in a ballroom or a great skating rink. Magic gyroscope rides are suitable for kids and adults.

There are three models of magic gyro ride in our factory, 18 seat magic gyroscope ride, 24 seats magic gyro and the 30 seats magic gyro. It is a kind of ride which is attractive to kids, the old at the same time. They are safe enough. But anyone who afraid of spinning should avoid this ride in the amusement park. For amusement park owners, this new ride is a high return ride, for its grand, novel design, attractive appearance and large capacity. It is an interesting ride in the amusement park.

Features of Our Magic Gyro Amusement Park Rides:

  1. Large capacity which could be seated with 18 to 30 passengers at one time.
  2. Led lights and beautiful decoration makes the ride more attractive to riders.
  3. Three model are available in our companies.
  4. A large rotating degree with 360 degree.
  5. Suitable for kids and adults, novel in the amusement parks.

All Parameters of Our Rides

Model BNMG-18A BNMG-24A BNMG-30A
Capacity(seat) 18 24 30
Size(m) 10*10 12*12 13*13
Area(m²) 12*12 14*14 15*15
Height(m) 4.5 4.5 4.5
Power(kw) 16.5 19.5 22.5
Voltage(v) 380 380 380
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