16 Seats New Amusement Park Rides

Meteor Hammer Rides

Meteor hammer rides, also called “double dragon out of the sea”. It is a kind of new design outdoor amusement park rides. It looks like two pirate ship rides that could rotate within 360 degree, the two pirate ship ride combined together with each other and then become the “double dragon out of the sea amusement rides”. As these two pirate ship shaped like an “X” So we also called “X Chariot” and two-sides swing clock.

16 Seats New Amusement Park Rides
BNMH-16A Meteor Hammer Rides for Sale

Technical Parameters:

Model: BNMH-16A
Height: 14 M
Voltage: 380V
Power: 30KW
Capacity: 16 persons
Area: 14*10 M

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Ride Experience on the “Meteor Hammer Rides” Amusement Ride for Passengers

When riding on the double dragon out of the sea rides, they will feel thrill and a little afraid and amazing. When the rides running to the top, passengers will stand upside down, the two cabins will parallel to the ground. Screams will be shut out by these passengers.

Details of Meteor Hammer Rides for Sale
Details of Meteor Hammer Rides
Details of Meteor Hammer Rides With Lights for Sale in Beston
Details of Meteor Hammer Rides With Lights

How to Boarding On the Rides?

Ssangyong sea is a large amusement equipment, it is like a double-sided clock, the cockpit is in the clock section, 6 o’clock when you can ride, you can rotate clockwise rotation, and then counterclockwise rotation, Height of ten meters, the speed of normal, very exciting to play, suitable for young people to play, is a very fun play equipment.

Double dragon out of the sea is a kind of large and thrill amusement park rides which is similar with the windmill rides, swing tower rides, roller coaster, space travel rides. This is a new rides which has been designed recently. It looks like a double-sided clock, the cockpit for passengers is placed in the clock section. When it is 6 o’clock, you boarding on the amusement rides. When it begin to working, it rotate clockwise, after that, it will rotate counterclockwise. The highest point stays more than ten meters. The speed is normal which has no danger to passengers is but it is thrill which is perfect for the youth.

Specifications of the “X Chariot” – New Thrill Amusement Rides from Beston Amusement

Name “X Chariot” /Meteor Hammer Rides/ Double Dragon Out of the Sea
Height 14 Meters
Cover Area 14*10 Meter
Capacity 16 Person/32 Person
Power 30 KW
Voltage 380 V
Color Can be Customized
Decorations Paints and LED lights

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Please Note:

Large amusement rides like double dragon out of the sea is a special amusement park equipment. It is the national statutory supervision amusement rides. Large amusement park rides manufacturer should get the special production license and then they can manufacture these rides. Some of small amusement rides manufacturer have not the certification, when you need to buy quality and safety ride, choose a reliable and professional one! You can click Beston Homepage for more amusement park rides!

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