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Welcome to Buy New Amusement Rides for Sale from Beston – A Professional Amusement Park Rides Manufacturer – The Newest Rides For Sale You Can Buy With Cheap Prices! Many Types Rides Available, Some Equipment In Stock! Contact Us If You Need for Your Business!

Golden Bumper Cars from Beston Group

Bumper Cars for Sale

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Beston Amusement Park Carousle Rides

Amusememt Park Carousel Rides for Sale

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Samba Baloon Rides

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Backyard Train Rides for Sale

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Big eye plane for kids for sale

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Robot Amusement Ride for Sale

Kiddie Robot Ride for Sale

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Beston Electric Track Trains for Sale

Kids Electric Track Trains for Sale

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Kiddie ocean theme rides for sale

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Cheap Trackless Train for Sale

Trackless Trains for Sale Cheap

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Amusement park spiral jet rides for sale

Spiral Jet Rides

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Small Smile Trains for Amusement Park

Small Trains for Parks

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Amusement park miami ride for sale with 16 seats

Miami Ride for Sale

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New amusement rides not only refers to the rides are made for the first time, they are not second hand, and they also refer to the rides that have be invented for the first time. As a manufacturer, we produce first-hand amusement park rides, we also invent new rides during our development in this industry. Here are our new rides for sale:

New Amusement Carousel Rides for Sale

Carousel, bumper car and train are the most popular and hot-sale rides in our factory. We often got lots of orders at the same time. We have new rides in STOCK. There are many types of new carousel rides. Our new carousels contain kiddie mini carousels with 3 to 6 horses, larger carousel merry-go-round with 9–24 seats, grand carousel rides with 36 seats and beautiful decorations, double-decker carousels and inflatable carousels. All of our carousels are new with attractive appearances and color. We use new paint and paint new colorful carousel rides for our customer, we also paint vintage carousels. These all depending on our customer’s requirement.

New Bumper Car Rides

We are a large manufacturer with our own factory and workshop. We produce several types of new bumper cars, for example, inflatable bumper cars, water bumper cars, kids bumper cars, adults bumper cars, ceiling grid and ground grid bumper cars, battery and other electric bumper cars. We made new bumper car bodies and tires. All parts of our equipment use the new materials.

Advantages of Beston’s New Amusement Rides

  • Attractive to kids and adults.
  • Fresh painting to our products.
  • All-round post-services will be to provide.
  • We offer consultancy service for our new rides and parks.
  • We have our own engineers and experienced workers.

New Rides Manufacturer – Beston Ltd.

For Beston, we are a manufacturer, we are a trader, and we offer different new amusement park rides, kiddie rides, carnival rides, theme park rides, coin operated rides, thrill rides. We are a large professional manufacturer who has involved in this industry for more 20 years. Our business has been extended to many countries, such as, South Africa, Brazil, Russia, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Nigeria, Australia, etc. We exported new rides to these countries, we also provide free amusement park or funfair design about rides, we will give you a plan on amusement rides purchasing.


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