Octopus Amusement Park Rides for Sale

As the name shows us, octopus amusement park rides are invented according to the sea animals “octopus”. There is a large octopus model on the equipment. Generally speaking, each set of octopus amusement park rides has five arms, each arms will attached with 3 cabins. So there are 15 cabins for each octopus rides, each cabins could seat 2 passengers. These cabins are made of small fishes, kids ride in the cabin feels like they are riding on the back of a fish, this is very interesting to kids.

Amusement park octopus rides for sale
BNOR-30B 15 Cabin Octopus Ride


Model: BNOR-30B
Area: 13*13m²
Power:  32KW
Voltage: 380V
Capacity: 30 persons

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    Octopus Rides for Sale in Beston

    Most of our octopus rides are made of steel, but decorations and cabins are made of fiberglass. We have experienced workers and professional designers. Once sit in the cabin, Parents should help their kids to fasten the seat belt to prevent them from falling. Octopus amusement park rides on our factory could be customized include the color, size and materials. The whole set of octopus amusement rides mainly include octopus rides body, fence and the control room.

    Application of Octopus Rides

    Octopus rides, as a popular and novel design amusement park rides for kids, are popular in the amusement parks, funfairs, indoor amusement parks, large carnivals, squares and other outdoor activities. It is attractive to kids.

    Parameters of Our Octopus Fairground Rides:

    Name Octopus Amusement Ride
    Arms 5 or Customized
    Cabins 15 cabins
    Capacity 30 passengers
    Height 5 meter
    Raising height 2.5m
    Cover Area 13*13m
    Power 32kw
    Voltage 380v

    We have exported several sets of octopus rides to the world. Our sale manager has exported a set of octopus ride to Palestine. Our sales manager Tina has exported a set of 30 seats octopus amusement ride to Nigeria several weeks ago. Anyone who need more information about these octopus rides could contact us by phone or Email. We will reply you as soon as possible.


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