Quality pendulum rides with 16 seater

Pendulum Amusement Park Rides for Sale

The best pendulum amusement park rides for sale from Beston Amusement. Welcome to buy pendulum amusement park rides! Do you know what a pendulum is? Yeah, it is a weight suspended from a pivot so that it can swing freely. But here we will introduce the pendulum rides. Do you know what it is? You can guess, first it is an amusement park ride, it looks like a pendulum, that’s the reason why we call it the pendulum rides. Here we will make a brief introduction about the amusement park pendulum rides.

Quality pendulum rides with 16 seater
BNBP-16A 16 Seater Pendulum Rides


Model: BNBP-16A
Diameter: 6×5.5m
Power:  30KW
Voltage: 380V
Capacity: 16 persons

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Pendulum amusement park rides are amusement rides that based on the motion of a fixed pendulum, each set of pendulum rides are made up of gondola, arm and axle. On the end of the arm, there is a gondola which is prepared for passengers. There are many seats around the gondola. Passengers should sit and fasten their seatbelt before the ride. There are many kinds of pendulum rides in our factory, 6 seat mini pendulum rides with different decorations, 16 seat, 24 seat and 40 seats large pendulum rides.

Mini 6 seat pendulum rides for sale
BNBP-6A 6 Seat Mini Pendulum Rides


Model: BNBP-6A
Diameter: 3×2.5m
Power:  15KW
Voltage: 380V
Capacity: 6 persons

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Large pendulum rides for sale with 24 seat
BNBP-24A  24 Seater Large Pendulum Rides


Model: BNBP-24A
Diameter: 8×6.5m
Power:  35 KW
Voltage: 380V
Capacity: 24 persons

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6 seat mini pendulum rides are made for kids, it is an attractive kiddie rides, each set of pendulum rides will be equipped with colorful led lights and they could be decorated with different decorations. They are safe and attractive to kids. Large pendulum rides are popular used in amusement parks, theme parks, funfairs, carnivals and other playgrounds.

led lights for pendulum rides


Mini pendulum rides

12 seater pendulum rides

Name Pendulum Amusement Park Rides
Capacity 6,16,24,30, 40 passengers
Area 4*4m-15*15m
Height 3-20m
Power 6-25kw
Voltage 380v
Max Speed 1.8m/s-6m/s

We have exported sets of pendulum rides with 6 seat, 16 seat, 24 seat, 30 seat pendulum rides to the world. Our sales manager Lina has exported a set of 6 seat mini pendulum rides to Russia. Sales manager Cathy has exported a set of 30 seats pendulum rides to Nigeria. Our rides are highly praise in these countries by their passengers. If you want to get more amusement park rides, just contact us by email or text your message on our website. We will contact you as soon as possible.

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