Pirate Ship Rides for Sale

Pirate ship rides for sale in Beston Amusement comes with different shapes and capacity and can be customized according to the customer’s requirement. It is a type of amusement ride which consisting of an open, seated gondola and several support pillars. The pirate ship ride was named after traditional pirate ships. It has been a mystery culture. Pirate ship ride for sale is a new design of observation wheel machine which could swing around the horizontal axis. Want to get a pirate ship ride for amusement park project? Welcome to contact Beston Rides for quotation right now!

Beston Pirate Ship Rides for Sale

24 seater pirate ship rides for sale

Classification of Pirate Ship Rides

There are many kinds of pirates ship rides which could be divided into large pirate ship rides, mini pirate ships, grand pirate ships, simple pirate ship rides, sea dragon pirate ship ride and other novel theme pirate ship rides which are attractive to kids. Among all of these pirate boat rides, mini pirate ship rides comes in different appearances. These mini pirate ship amusement park rides mainly designed for kids. Generally speaking, each set of pirate ship ride could seat 8-12 kids or adults, they could be decorated with different decorations, like Christmas trees, coconut trees and so on. We also accept customized order about all kinds of pirate boat rides in our factory.

Big Pirate Ship Rides

Big pirate ship rides for sale from Beston
Experience the thrill of the high seas with Beston Rides’ Big Pirate Ship collection, available in 24, 36, and 40-seat variants. These colossal rides feature dynamic swings, captivating designs, and spacious seating. Ideal for amusement parks, their prices vary based on capacity and customization. Contact Beston Rides for detailed pricing, providing a safe and exhilarating maritime adventure for all.

Small Pirate Ship Rides

Small pirate ship rides for kids from Beston Rides
Beston Rides presents the charm of maritime excitement with our Small Pirate Ship Rides, available in 8 and 12-seat configurations. Designed for versatility and family-friendly fun, these rides feature compact dimensions and the same dynamic swinging motion as their larger counterparts. Ideal for venues with limited space, promise an enchanting adventure for younger audiences, making them a delightful addition to any amusement facility.

Parameters of Beston Pirate Ship Rides

Item Height Area Angle Power Voltage
8 Seat 3.5m 5*3m ±43° 3.5kw 380V/220V
12 Seat 5m 6.5x4m ±30° 3.5kw 380V/220V
24 Seat 9.7m 16m×8m ±65° 50kw 380V/220V
36-seat 11m 14×7.5m ±45° 22kw 380V/220V
40 Seat 14.5m 21*11m ±45° 15kw 380V/220V

Application of Pirate Ship Rides

Pirate ship ride in Beston Rides, as a traditional amusement ride in this industry are popular used in amusement parks, carnivals, fairs, theme parks, large funfairs, squares, playground and other public places. Because of its “pirate ship” appearance, pirate ship rides has become one of the enduring ride in amusement rides industry.

Carousels for sale for Amusement Park

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Videos of Beston Pirate Ship Rides for Sale

Dive into the thrilling world of Beston Rides with our captivating videos showcasing our Pirate Ship Rides for Sale. Witness the dynamic swings, intricate designs, and diverse seating capacities, including 24, 36, and 40 seats. Experience the excitement and quality craftsmanship that make Beston Rides a leader in amusement park attractions. Want to get more about our pirate ship rides? Let’s get more information from these videos now!

Installation Cases of Beston Pirate Ship Rides

Beston Rides, a renowned amusement ride manufacturer, showcases a diverse portfolio of successful installations for their pirate ship rides. From vibrant theme parks to dynamic entertainment venues, these installations reflect Beston’s commitment to delivering quality, thrilling experiences globally. For specific details and references, contacting Beston Rides directly is recommended.

Pirate Ship Ride to Algeria

Pirate Ship Ride to Algeria
Recently, all equipment for an outdoor comprehensive project in Algeria went operational. Apart from a customized 24-seater pirate ship, the client sourced bumper cars, swings, and other equipment from our company. Currently, all equipment is running smoothly.

Pirate Ship Ride to Indonesia

Pirate Ship Ride to Indonesia
This dragon-themed pirate ship, custom-designed for Indonesian clients, stands as one of Beston Rides’ classic outdoor amusement park projects. Alongside the pirate ship, over 10 meticulously selected rides, including swings, carousels, disco, and pendulum swings, enhance the park’s diverse offerings.

Pirate Ship to Turkmenistan

Kiddie Pirate Ship Ride to Turkmenistan
Purchased by clients in Turkmenistan, this 12-seater children’s ice-themed pirate ship is a featured attraction in one of Turkmenistan’s parks. Catering primarily to children and families, the project includes six bumper cars, a mini carousel ride, and other 6 kiddie amusement rides.

Working Principle of Pirate Boat Rides

At the beginning, pirate ship rides will swing slowly, but gradually it will swing rapidly. During the middle of the process, it will swing fast and then speed of pirate ship ride will slow down until stop. The process usually last for 3–5 minutes. Passengers during this process will enjoy a “rolling era”. It is thrill but really fun for anyone who want to seek thrill feelings and never afraid of anything.
Working Principle of Pirate Ship Amusement Rides

Features of Pirate Ship Rides from Beston Rides

Beston Rides is known for offering top-quality amusement park rides, including pirate ship rides with different types. Here are some potential features that could be highlighted for our pirate ship rides:

Innovative Design

Our pirate ship boasts a stunning and elaborate exterior, adorned with captivating cabin murals, vibrant coloured lights, and pirate figures. The decor is exceptionally beautiful, featuring an Eastern mystique-themed figurehead.

Robust Structure

We prioritize quality by exclusively using materials from renowned domestic first-tier brands for our pirate ship. Adhering strictly to both domestic and international standards, our materials meet the specifications set by the amusement industry.

High Safety Standards

The pirate ships manufactured by our company are equipped with dual protection features—safety bars and seat belts. Additionally, side enclosures on the seats prevent feet from protruding, ensuring heightened safety.

Customized Lighting

Our company offers customizable options for the pirate ship, allowing clients to tailor the body, framework, base lighting, colors, and more. This enhances the overall experience for passengers, making it more personalized.

Easy Installation

Our pirate ship equipment is designed for easy installation, boasting a low failure rate. With the drive unit located at the bottom, maintenance costs are minimized, providing clients with a cost-effective solution.

Diverse Range

Our company produces pirate ships in various specifications, including 8-seater, 12-seater, 24-seater, 36-seater, 40-seater, catering to the diverse needs of clients for different occasions.

Production and Manufacturing Process for Pirate Ship Ride


Quality Columns for pirate ship rides
The pillars of the pirate ship are crafted from steel with a diameter of 21.9 centimeters and a thickness of 6 millimeters. All raw materials are sourced from reputable manufacturers and carry traceable markings to ensure top-notch quality.

Ship Body

Quality of the Hull for pirate ship ride
The hull of our manufactured pirate ships is meticulously crafted using high-quality materials with a thickness of 5 millimeters. Internally embedded with iron components, the hull reaches dimensions of nearly 10 meters.


Welding for pirate ship ride
Utilizing CNC cutting in the production of pirate ships ensures precise and uniform welding. Certified personnel conduct magnetic particle inspections on welded sections to guarantee welding strength during the production process.

Pirate Ship Rides Prices

Prices for pirate ship rides, can vary widely based on factors such as the ride’s size, capacity, features, customization options, and the manufacturer’s pricing strategy. For the most accurate and up-to-date information on Beston Rides’ pirate ship ride prices, Welcome to contact Beston Rides about these pirate ship rides with customization or shipping. We will send quotation as soon as possible!

Model Price Range Quantity
12 Seater Pirate Ship Rides $10000-20000 1 Set
24 Seater Pirate Ship Rides $25000-40000 1 Set
36 Seater Pirate Ship Rides $35000-60000 1 Set
40 Seater Pirate Ship Rides $55000-100000 1 Set

Beston Rides – Pirate Ship Rides Manufacturer

As the amusement rides supplier, we have own factory, workshop, designers and experienced workers. Beston Amusement has exported many sets of pirate ship rides to the world, for example, 12-seat mini pirate ship to Korea, 24 seat pirate boat ride to Nigeria, 40 seat pirate ship to Uzbekistan, etc. Our pirate ship amusement park rides are popular in the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Korea, Nigeria, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Vietnam, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominica, Guyana, Haiti, Panama and other Caribbean Area. Except pirate ship rides, we also produce other different kinds of amusement park rides, such as ferris wheel rides, roller coasters, carousels, bumper cars and other kiddie rides. Welcome to Contact Beston Rides to get new amusement rides and one-stop park project solution!


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