Beston Roller Coaster Rides for Sale
Suitable Roller Coaster Rides for Amusement Parks

Roller Coaster Rides for Sale

Buy roller coaster rides for sale for your amusement park? Here in Beston Amusement, you will find more models of new design roller coaster rides for sale in Beston website. It is a type of motorized and thrill amusement park rides which is commonly found at the large amusement park and theme parks. Although roller coaster rides are horror, but basically these rides are very safe, even safer than other kiddie rides. Contact us for price quotation of these roller coasters now!

Types of Beston Roller Coaster Rides

There are many types of large and small roller coaster for sale. We manufacture large thrill roller coasters but the safest roller coaster. Beston is one of the largest roller coaster rides and other amusement park rides group. We provide cheap roller coaster rides but with reasonable price. Here is our new roller coaster rides lists:

Big Roller Coaster Rides for Sale

Mainly refers to the roller coaster with a long track and 3, 4 or even 6 rings. These roller coaster gives passengers more interesting experiences than the smaller roller coaster rides, they are thrill but safe enough. They also expensive than the small roller coaster. They cover more areas than the small roller coaster. They popular found at the large amusement parks and theme parks.

3 Ring Roller Coaster

3 Ring Roller Coaster Amusement Rides for Sale

Roller Coaster Rides for Sale

The triple-loop roller coaster is an exhilarating amusement ride typically featuring three vertical loops, providing riders with intense experiences of high speed, rotation, and changes in gravity. This type of roller coaster is designed to deliver extreme excitement, incorporating multiple loops and rapid descents to offer riders thrilling experiences. In the design of roller coasters, engineers prioritize the safety of riders, employing advanced engineering and technological methods to ensure the reliability and safety of the equipment. Triple-loop roller coasters often attract thrill-seekers and adventure enthusiasts and are among the popular attractions in theme parks.

4 Ring Roller Coaster

4 rings roller coaster rides for sale

Roller Coaster Rides for Sale

The Four-loop Roller Coaster is an exhilarating amusement ride renowned for its unique design and thrilling elements. Featuring four vertical loops, this roller coaster provides passengers with a captivating experience of high-speed rotations and gravitational shifts. Designed for maximum excitement, it incorporates multiple loops, rapid descents, and other thrilling elements to create an unforgettable ride. Engineers prioritize passenger safety, employing advanced technology to ensure the reliability and safety of the equipment. The Four-loop Roller Coaster is a standout attraction in theme parks, attracting thrill-seekers in search of an adrenaline-pumping adventure.

6 Ring Roller Coaster Rides

6 ring roller coaster rides for sale

Roller Coaster Rides for Sale

6 Ring Roller Coaster for sale is made according to the national standards in Beston factory which is one of the most popular large roller coaster sale in our factory. Six ring roller coaster is made up of sliding rails, columns, 6 trains, traction systems, brake systems, electrical systems and other components. With high-speed subduction down section, high-multitude flip of vertical section, spiral segment, horizontal ring and other sections, then a length of 720 meter huge roller coaster is produced – A 6 ring roller coaster! In addition, we also produce roller coaster rides with 3, 4 and 5 rings, and other roller coaster rides for backyard and limited space use.

Magic-loop Roller Coaster

Magic ring roller coaster rides for sale from Beston

Roller Coasster Rides for Sale

The Magic Loop Roller Coaster is an exhilarating amusement ride known for its unique design and thrilling elements. Featuring special looped tracks and captivating spins, it provides riders with a magical and exciting experience. Engineers prioritize safety through advanced technology, ensuring a reliable and secure ride. Popular in theme parks, the Magic Loop Roller Coaster attracts thrill-seekers seeking an unforgettable and unique adventure.

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Small Roller Coaster Rides for Sale

Small roller coaster runs on a shorter track than the large roller coaster rides. They had a wide range of applications. They are smaller and suitable for kids in the amusement parks and other squares, funfairs, backyard.

Dragon Roller Coaster

Dragon roller coaster for kids

Roller Coasters for Sale

Dragon roller coaster amusement park rides, a novel new design rides for kids and adults. The whole equipment is powered by two transmission and then travelling along one or two Spiral track. Low maintenance ride, with few operational hours. There are red dragon roller coaster and yellow dragon roller coasters in our factory.

Slide Worm Roller Coaster

Slide worm roller coaster rides for sale

Slide Worm
Roller Coaster for Sale

Slide worm roller coaster is one kind of new amusement track ride which is designed according to the special request of the market. Its body is a huge green worm which is more attractive to kids. This cute slide worm roller coaster is made of quality fiberglass which with the characters of environmental, corrosion resistance and high stability. We have green slide worm roller coaster and fruit worm roller coaster in stock for sale.

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Application of Roller Coaster Rides for Sale

Roller coaster rides for sale from Beston Rides has many models for sale, they are popular used in amusement parks, theme parks, entertainment complexes, malls, carnivals, resorts, and tourist destinations, enhancing visitor experiences. Safety, reliability, and marketing the unique thrills are crucial for successful sales in this dynamic industry. There are various potential applications and markets where these thrilling attractions can be in demand. Here are some potential avenues for your referfance:

Amusement Park


Theme Park

Running and Production Videos of Beston Roller Coaster Rides

Beston Rides is a renowned provider of high-quality roller coaster rides, and our running and production videos showcase the thrilling and innovative designs we offer. From small kiddie roller coaster coasters to modern big steel structures, Beston’s rides are engineered for safety and excitement. Here are some videos that shows Beston roller coaster rides. These videos not only highlight the smooth operation of the rides that made by Beston Rides but also provide insight into the meticulous production process, emphasizing Beston company’s commitment to delivering top-notch amusement experiences for parks and entertainment venues worldwide.

4 Ring Roller Coaster
Spinning Roller Coaster Ride
Suspended Roller Coaster Ride

Materials Selection of Roller Coaster Rides

The materials selection for roller coaster rides is a crucial aspect of the design process, considering the structural integrity, safety, and durability of the ride. Various materials are used to ensure the reliability and performance of roller coasters. The materials selection process involves a careful balance between strength, weight, durability, and cost. Our engineers consider the specific requirements of the roller coaster design, including factors like ride intensity, environmental conditions, and maintenance needs, to choose the most suitable materials for each component.

Steel for roller coaster rides

Material Selection

The primary material selection mainly utilizes Q235B Chinese standard seamless steel pipes, known for their excellent welding performance, good plasticity, and formability.

Column for roller coasters


All column sections are subject to sealed welding to guarantee protection against internal corrosion, thereby prolonging the operational lifespan of the equipment.

Painting for roller coaster rides


Painted steel frames use epoxy resin paint, which has excellent adhesion, heat resistance, and weather resistance. It exhibits high brightness and color retention.

Cutting for roller coaster rides


Cutting techniques exclusively employ CNC methods, with a primary focus on utilizing laser cutting to ensure precision in fabricating components.

Welding for roller coaster amusement rides


Skilled welders execute welding techniques at crucial and load-bearing areas, with the aim of preventing welding flaws such as cracks and porosity.

Roller coaster rides flaw detection

Non-destructive Testing

Non-destructive testing is utilized for critical weld seams and axle joints to promptly detect cracks or defects, ensuring seamless integrity at the welding points.

6 Features of Beston Roller Coasters

Novel Design

With a gorgeous and beautiful appearance, the ride features a unique and novel design, serving as a landmark attraction for the park and attracting visitor traffic.

Patent Protection

The roller coaster has obtained a patent for low noise and design certificates for various types of roller coasters.

Safety Assurance

The roller coaster equipment, cabins, and track are designed with reasonability, mature technology, and an exceptionally strong experiential quality.

Experiential Appeal

The roller coaster track includes curves and undulations, and passengers’ sightlines change with the rotating cabins, enhancing the overall experience.

Safety Features

Double protection with seat belts and safety bars, along with anti-rollback and anti-derailment devices, greatly ensure the safety of visitors.

High Return on Investment

With high ridership, a dynamic personality, strong draw power, it can serve as one of the central products in the amusement park, offering a high return on investment.

Installation Cases of Roller Coaster Rides In the World

As a professional roller coaster rides manufacturer and supplier, Beston Rides has installed more than 10 sets of roller coasters in the world. There are countless roller coaster installations globally, and they vary in terms of size, speed, and unique features. Here are a few notable roller coaster installation cases from Beston Rides:

3 Safety Standards of Beston Roller Coaster Rides

Our large roller coaster strictly adheres to national amusement equipment safety design standards and complies with both national and export standards. The design features smooth lines and is equipped with multiple safety measures, including an emergency stop button. There are triple protections between the train cars, including a connecting shaft, chain, and steel wire rope. Additionally, various safety devices are integrated into the seats, track, and top pulley:

Triple Seat Protection

Which mainly include Hydraulic pressure barManua,lock Safety and belt.

The Track

The track’s lift section is equipped with a anti-reverse device. In the event of a power failure, the train will stop and not roll backward. Passengers can safely descend using maintenance stairs or wait for rescue.

Top Pulley

The top pulley utilizes UPS technology, employing super-smooth and wear-resistant polyurethane material. It firmly secures the car and track, demonstrating extremely high load-bearing capacity. Even with the presence of two elephants on board, the coaster will not derail.

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Big Roller Coaster?

Profit Analysis - Small Roller Coaster
NameDragon Roller CoasterCost200200¥Years of operation8
Basic ParametersRated capacityPower(km/h)Cover Area(㎡)Running TimeAverage daily passengersEffective operating hours
2213.545010 hours110 person/day8h/ day
Operation overviewTicketNumber of operating days per yearVenue rentalElectricity billStaff Number
Average Wage
Monthly incomeYearly incomeElectricity bill (one year)Salary (per year)Maintenance costsOther cost
Revenue analysisMonthly net income34198¥Yearly net income410370¥Payback cycle1.97 month
Net Revenue of First Year

Roller Coaster for Sale Manufacturer & Supplier– Beston Rides

Beston Amusement, as one of the most professional amusement park rides manufacturer, has been involved in this industry for more than 20 years. We produce kiddie rides like mini carousels, bumper cars, self-control plane rides, robot rides. We produce coin operated rides like coin operated helicopters, coin operated horses, coin operated carousels, coin operated trains, and coin operated kids excavators. We produce track rides like dragon roller coaster, slide worm roller coaster and mini track trains for kids. We produce spinning rides like samba balloon rides, swing rides, octopus rides, techno jump rides and carousel rides. We do also produce thrill rides like swing tower rides, sky samba balloon rides, windmill rides and roller coasters. We has received several roller coaster orders this year.

Roller coaster rides for sale manufacturer

Check the video to see more about our factory:

video play

Featured Service for Roller Coaster Rides


Our professional design team possesses the capability to craft Ferris wheel rides with distinctive appearances, themes, colors, and cabin designs. Whether it’s the size, theme, color, or seating, we can customize Ferris wheels according to your specific preferences.

On-site Installation

Regarding installation, we offer comprehensive instructions, videos, manuals, and online guidance to assist you. Additionally, in certain countries, we have overseas branches for on-site installation. If required, we can dispatch expert engineers to provide assistance during the installation process.

After-sales Service

We provide a one-year complimentary warranty for the products you acquire. To guarantee seamless operation, we are dedicated to supplying free spare parts and accessories throughout the warranty period. Our commitment to delivering satisfactory service extends across every stage—from pre-sale to during the sale and post-sale.

FAQs for Amusement Park Roller Coasters

What factors influence the design of a roller coaster?

Design considerations include available space, budget, target audience, and the desired thrill level. Factors like speed, height, and the number of inversions are also taken into account.

How long does it take to manufacture and install a roller coaster?

The time frame varies based on the complexity and size of the coaster. Generally, it can take several months to design, manufacture, and install a roller coaster.

What kind of maintenance is required for roller coasters?

Roller coasters require regular inspections, lubrication, and routine maintenance to ensure smooth operation and safety. Manufacturers often provide maintenance guidelines for their products.

Can roller coasters be customized for specific themes or branding?

Yes, roller coasters can be customized to fit specific themes or branding. This includes color schemes, signage, and themed elements incorporated into the ride experience.

What is the lifespan of a typical roller coaster?

The lifespan depends on factors such as maintenance, usage, and environmental conditions. With proper care, a well-maintained roller coaster can last several decades.

How do you ensure the safety of roller coasters?

Safety is our top priority. Roller coasters undergo rigorous testing, engineering analysis, and adhere to industry standards and regulations. Regular maintenance and inspections are also conducted.


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