Kiddie Robot Small Amusement Rides

Small Amusement Rides for Sale

Looking for small amusement park rides? Here we will present you lots of amusement park rides with smaller size which is suitable for kids. With the flourishing of amusement parks, there appears many kinds of amusement park rides, large or small, simple or grand, single layer or double decker, trackless trains or track trains, kids or adults, thrill or gentle. Here we just talking something about the small amusement rides for sale.

Kiddie Robot Small Amusement Rides
BNR-2A Kiddie Robot Small Amusement Rides


Model: BNR-2A New Kiddie Robot
Capacity: 2
Battery: 45AH*2
Loading Weight: 250kg

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As the name suggests, small amusement rides refers to the rides are small, these rides are cheap and suitable for kids. They are popular in different occasions, for example, kiddie parks, shopping malls, stores, squares, playground and some other places.

Beston Small Amusement Rides for Sale You Can Buy:

  • Small carousel must be ranked 1st in the small amusement park rides, it goes smoothly and safe to kids.
  • Mini pirate ship rides with 8-12 seats gets more and more popular these days in our factory, we have manufactured several sets of mini pirate ship rides with different decorations for our customers.
  • A new tourist train ride with track has been exported to America, it is our American customer who are prepared for their Christmas day. It is cheap and quality which is perfect for Christmas theme festival. We can decorate Santa Claus, Christmas trees and some other decorations for Christmas use. It is attractive to kids.
  • As plane is the favorite toy for kids, especially boys, small self-control plane rides also attractive to kids. Kids on these plane rides will have a feeling that they are driving a real plane, but these rides are small in size and safe for kids.
  • We have many kinds of small amusement rides for sale in our factory, if you need, just browsing our website, we will reply you as soon as possible.

Features of Small Amusement Rides:

  1. Low investment risk for amusement parks.
  2. Easy to use, install, operate and maintain.
  3. Low power drive which is energy saving.
  4. Small amusement rides has many models.
  5. They are popular use in different places.

Types of Small Kiddie Rides for Sale In Our Factory

There are so many different types of kiddie rides for sale in our factory. Most of these rides for kids are all with a small size, size, and color of these small kiddie rides can be customized. We have different models of small kiddie rides, we can also customized one set for you. Our smaller rides for kids are optional. If you need these rides, contact us Now!

Comparison Between Large and Small Amusement Rides for Sale In Beston:

  • Large amusement rides are thrill and large in size, amusement park owners should leave out more space for installing the rides, for example, roller coasters, large ferris wheels, double deck carousels, pirate ship rides, disco rides and so on. But small amusement rides, like mini carousels, battery bumper cars, bumper boats, le bar cars, paddle boats need little space.
  • Large amusement rides are thrill, they are suitable for adults for are seeking for thrill feelings. Small amusement rides are suitable for kids and adults, they are family rides. Small amusement rides become more popular than large amusement rides in the common places.
  • Large amusement rides cost a lot, only large amusement parks, theme parks could afford one set of these rides. Anyone who want to invest in large amusement rides should be attention, these rides make their money back slowly. While small amusement rides are cheap, even small stores could afford one for their business. Small amusement rides will make their money back soon.

Small Amusement Park Rides for Sale in Beston Amusement:

Beston, as a professional amusement park rides manufacturer, has exported many sets of rides to the world, we have the most professional designers, experienced worker and material importing source. We had produced sets of small amusement rides, our rides has got lots of praises from our customer. There are also has a variety of amusement rides in stock in our factory for the customers who need the rides in urgent and we also provide customized rides. Small amusement rides from Beston Factory has been exported to many different countries, such as Australia, Pakistan, Nigeria, Russia, South Africa and etc. Welcome to buy small amusement rides from Beston Amusement Equipment.

Leave your requirements about the amusement rides you want. We will reply you within 24 hours. :