Small Trains for Parks

To provide the best small trains with electric and battery engine. Customizable with size and shapes. Beston Amusement manufactures different kinds of trackless & track small trains which can be used for shopping malls and parks. We have vintage and modern theme trains for choose. Welcome to our factory.

Small Smile Trains for Amusement Park
BBM-A Small Smile Train

Technical Parameters:

Model: BBM-A
Parameters: One locomotive, four coaches
Locomotive: 1 person
One coach: 4 persons: 
1 person
One coach: 4 persons
Total capacity: 17 persons
Coach quantity can be customized

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    Electric track trains for parks
    CIT-ET006 Track Train for Park

    Technical Parameters:

    Model: CIT-ET004
    Parameters: One locomotive, three coaches
    Locomotive: 2 person
    One coach: 2 persons
    Total capacity: 8 persons
    Coach quantity can be customized
    Track: 8 meter

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      Classification of Beston Small Trains for Parks

      • Trackless trains which means these trains could run along with the cement road, asphalt road in the scenic sites. By the pneumatic tires and kilometers’ corporation, trackless train run faster and freely than the track trains. On the shape, trackless train rides are made according to the real train. Compare with the track trains, trackless trains has its own characters, low manufacturing cost and short manufacturing time.
      • Track trains run along with the specific rails, usually in the park, we should laying rails along both sides of the mountain. Through the train wheel and steel rail, track trains will run on the fixed rail and never off the rail. Compare with the trackless trains, track trains should be placed in a fixed site and meters of tracks will be paved for these trains. There are many kinds of track trains in our factory, some of them are decorated with cartoon animals and some of them are made for special festivals. Any models you want, you will find these trains in Beston.

      Advantages of Small Trains for Parks from Beston

      • Small trains, as one of the most popular transport tool could transport passengers in the one hand. On the other hand, it is also a kind of amusement rides attraction in the amusement parks which is similar with the carousel, ferris wheel, pirate ships, bumper cars, etc.
      • Small amusement park trains could integrate a number of scenic sports, especially for the large scale amusement park, small trains can be taken as the effective tools to enhance the accessibility between different kinds of attractions.
      • Small trains in the parks could cooperate with other transport tools and made up of a complete traffic system to provide convenience for tourists. Tourists could choose their preferable tools to their next destination.
      • Beston small trains for parks will present you different choices when you are opening a new business on amusement trains. We try our best to design the best feature trains for your business.

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