Grand Type Snookball Table for Sale

Snookball Table for Sale

Welcome to the buy snookballs and snookball tables from Beston Amusement. For one snookball set, here include a snookball table, some snookball balls and a snookball triangle. These three parts made a whole snookball play rides for players. There are three types snookball tables for sale in our factory. Grand types snookball tables, popular types snookball tables and the inflatable types snookball tables. Colors of these snookball tables can be customized according to you special request.

Grand Type Snookball Table for Sale
ADS-G1 Popular Type Snookball Table


Diameter: 6.6*3.6*0.45м
Type: Popular Type

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Grand Type - White Snookball Table for Sale
ADS-G2 Popular Type – White Snookball Table

Diameter: 6.6*3.6*0.45м
Type: Popular Type

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Amusement rides- popular type snookball table for sale
ADS-W1 Popular Type Snookball Table

Diameter: 6.6*3.6*0.2м
Type: Popular Type

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Snookball, also called kick-type billiards, it is a kind of new amusement rides which was produced by Beston Amusement. As its name shows us, snookball is a kind of billiards which was kicked by foot, this is different from the billiards we have seen in our daily life. Snookball is a new activity or rides which combines football with billiard ball. People in all age group has a special feeling to this new movement.

Popular Type Snookball Tables for Sale
ADS-W2 Grand Type Snookball Table

Diameter: 6.6*3.6*0.2м
Type: Grand Type

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Red- Inflatable Snookball Table for Sale
ADS-C1 Red- Inflatable Snookball Table

Diameter: 6.6*3.6*0.45м
Type: Inflatable Type

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 Blue - Inflatable Snookball Table for Sale
ADS-C2 Blue – Inflatable Snookball Table

Diameter: 6.6*3.6*0.45м
Type: Inflatable Type

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There are three types of Snookballs in our Factory You can buy:

Popular Type – Snookball and Snookball Tables for Sale:

Size of popular type snookball table is 6.6m *3.6m* 0.2m. It is one of the best selling type, it is cheaper than the grand type snookball tables.

Grand Type –Snookball and Snookball Tables for Sale:

Size of grande type snookball tables is 6.6m *3.6m* 0.4m. Grand snookball table is higher than the popular type, grand snookball give players more real playing experiences. It is more interesting than the popular type snookballs.

Inflatable Type – Snookball and Snookball Tables for Sale:

As the name shows us, inflatable snookball tables are made of inflatables. Grand and popular snookball table are made of quality woods. Inflatable snookball are cheaper and portable to carry for people than the grand and popular type snookballs.

Features of Beston Snookball Tables for Sale:

  • 3 types snookball tables for customers to choose.
  • We have 5 patents on these snookball set.
  • Cheap but with high experience degree.
  • Small volume provide more convenience for people.
  • Size and color of the ball and tables could be customized.
  • Suitable for commercial and home (backyard) use.
  • We offer wholesale prices for our old and new customers.
  • We recruit agents in different countries.
  • We provide free playing videos for our customers.

Price of Snookball Tables and Snookball Balls

When we talking about the snookball table and snookball balls price, we can say that these rides get the cheapest price among most of the mechanical rides, such as ferris wheel rides, roller coasters, pirate ship rides and carousels. The price of these snookball tables also varies, because there are three types of snookballs in our factory. The inflatable type is cheaper than the other two types. But price of these snookball tables are ranges from 1000 dollars to 7000 dollars. If you need details, you can send us a quote.

Beston Snookball Set for Sale with Reason Price

We are manufacturer, we have our factory, so we do not just provide snookball tables, and we also have snookball balls for sale and also other tools for sale. This means you can buy the whole snookball sets for sale from our factory with a more reasonable price.

Snookball Table Dimensions/Size from Beston Group

There are mainly two different sizes of snookball tables from Beston Group. One is 6.6*3.6*0.45м, and the other one is 6.6*3.6*0.2м which shows us the length and width is same, but only heights varies. Size can be customized with different types. You can contact us for customized service.

As snookball has been more and more popular in the amusement rides industry, they are suitable and popular used in different places. Difference between these three types of snookball is the size of the snookball table and material and also the price.

Difference Between Snooker and Snookball Tables

Unlike the snooker, people on the snookball table will actually stand on the snookball tables. In snooker, players use cue sticks to hit the balls around the table, much like they would if they were playing a game of pool. With snookballs, the players actually stand on the table of snookball, in this way players will kicked the snookball balls into the holes directly with their foot.During the process, the feet of the players are act as the cue sticks. The snooker balls are replaced by a soccer like ball that is similar with the snooker balls, the only difference is that snookball balls are much bigger than the snooker balls.

If you are interested in buying a new amusement ride, considering snookball, you can shop these snookballs online. There are many amusement rides manufacturers website that post new snookball tables. Because find manufacturers local is hard, online shopping will be easier, for example, Beston Amusement Rides.


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