32 seat chair swing rides for sale

Spinning Amusement Park Rides for Sale

Spinning amusement rides which refers to the rides that could move around in the same place. We also called them rotary rides, swing amusement park rides. It is a large group of amusement park rides in the amusement rides industry. We all know ferris wheels, roller coaster rides, pirate ship rides, pendulum rides, bumper cars, battery cars, we also know that carousel rides, swing rides, jellyfish rides, octopus rides, samba balloon rides, kiddie apache rides and other rides that could spinning. We call these rides “spinning amusement park rides”. Lots of amusement park owners need a great range of amusement park rides for their business, large thrill amusement park rides, small amusement rides, kiddie amusement rides, coin operated rides or spinning amusement rides.

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Most spinning rides are made of a central support and several seats around the support. These seats will rotary around the support. These rides are safe enough for kids, they are easy to control. Most of spinning rides are designed for kids, that’s the reason why they comes in different sizes, colors and appearances. They are more attractive to kids than the ferris wheels, roller coasters.

Classification of Beston Spinning Rides:

As a professional amusement rides manufacturer in China, Beston is specialized in designing and producing different kinds of spinning rides for our customer. Here we will introduce you some of these rides.

Carousel Rides:

As the most traditional rides in the amusement park, carousel rides comes in different sizes, mini carousel rides with 3 or 6 horses, small carousel rides with 12,16,24 seats, double decker carousel rides with 36 or 48 horses. Carousel rides comes in different appearances, princess carousels, ocean theme carousel rides and vintage carousels. Most of carousel rides are made of horses and carriages, they are safe for kids. Beston produces these kinds of carousel rides, we also accept customized order if you give us your specific requirement.

Swing Rides:

Swing rides, also called chair swing rides, also comes in different sizes in our factory. 12, 16, 24, 32 seats swing rides are available in our factory, along with carousel rides, these two rides has been the most popular rides in our workshop. We had exported many sets of swing chair rides these days.

Samba Balloon Rides:

A popular amusement ride which is designed according to the hot-air balloon, common samba balloon rides has 8 cabins, each cabin could sit 4 people, we have one model samba balloon ride in our factory now, but this model comes in different appearances, it can be painted with different colors and decorated with different decorations. Passengers in the cabin will rotating with the balloon slowly.

Self-control Plane Rides:

As one of the popular spinning rides, self-control plane rides in our workshop has been exported to many countries, for example, several weeks ago, our sales manager Gaby has exported one set of self-control plane ride to Palestine. This month, Uzbekistan customer has taken one set of plane ride from our factory. Our plane cabins are life-like and attractive to kids.

Other Spinning Rides:

We have some small spinning rides with 6 cabins, for example, kiddie apache rides, big eye plane rides and so on. More and more spinning rides are producing in our factory. Welcome for visiting.

Tips for Choosing Spinning Rides:

As most of spinning rides are designed for kids, we take clients first as our obligation. With great paintings, novel design and colorful appearance, our rides really got a lot of praises from the customer. As kids love colorful things, so when you choosing rides for your park, pay attention to the painting.

Beston has Exported Many Sets of Spinning Rides to the World:

Since it has been established more than 15 years ago, Beston has exported many sets of amusement rides to Brazil, Pakistan, Palestine, Nigeria, South Africa, Uzbekistan, Russia, Thailand and so on.

Our Service:

  • If you are new to amusement rides business, we provide free amusement park design.
  • If you are an experienced businessman in this industry, we will provide you the high quality products, all around services and free installation video or send our experienced workers to your country for installation, but you should pay the installation fees for these worker.

Contact Us:

Welcome to our factory, there are several sets of amusement rides available in our workshop. If you are interested in our rides, just feel free to contact us now. Our sales manager will contact you as soon as possible.

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