Storefront Kiddie Rides

Many kinds of storefront kiddie rides for sale from large amusement rides factory – Beston Amusement. Some of these storefront rides are coin operated, while other are electric powered. People who own a store always need one or more kiddie rides to entertainment them small customers. Here is Beston, you will find the perfect one for your store use.

KIds Coin Operated Excavator Ride
BNKE-1A One Person Kids Excavator Ride


Model: BNKE-1A
Rotation degree: 60°, 90°, 360°
Power: 1.58kw
Max. Digging depth: 0.8m
Application: Indoor/outdoor

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    Kiddie New Lion Rides
    BL-01 Kiddie New Lion Rides

    Technical Parameters

    Static Height: 1.9m
    Fluctuation Height: 2.3m
    Diameter: 1.2m
    Passengers: 1~2 person
    Power: 0.75kw
    Voltage: 220V
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      Mini carousel with 3 kids
      BNBC-3N 3 Kids Carousel


      Model: BNBC-3N
      Diameter: 1.4m
      Power:  1.5-3KW
      Voltage: 380V
      Capacity: 3 kids

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        Coin operated kiddie rides often used in the storefront, these kiddie rides was designed by Beston Amusement, mainly refers to the amusement rides with small size for kids that should be inserted in more than one coins, after kids has inserted in some coins, the machine will swing up and down, left and right. Most of storefront kiddie rides for sale are equipped with music box. Kids could select the song they prefers. The operating time is set by the owner. When one coin is operated in, it will run 1 or several minutes. Additionally, most of the coin operated kids rides from Beston are made of a system than could identify fake money. This is safe and convenient for amusement rides owners.

        Features of Beston Storefront Kiddie Rides

        • Different kinds of small coin operated amusement rides are manufactured in our factory。
        • Fast delivery after we received your deposit.
        • Payment and shipping means could be selected.
        • These coin rides are cheap which with low investment and high returns.
        • Made of fiberglass which is environmentally, safe, durable and stable.
        • These rides are easy to control, so coin rides owners doesn’t need to look after these rides, once insert coins, they will start with press the start button, this is easy for kids.

        Applications of Beston Storefront Kiddie Rides

        Because of the coin rides covers less, easy to operate, these kiddie size toys are popular used in stores, shopping centers, malls, pharmacy, marketplace, little stores in the community, toy store, theme parks, small funfairs, kindergarten , station and other places. Welcome to buy storefront kiddie rides from Beston Amusement.

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